Thinking out loud.

I weigh everything in the most empirical light I can
muster. It is then that I have a snack and six drinks
or so.

Somewhere in there I begin to write. If I
don’t, by the next morning, my neglect typically
forces a course of action upon me.

Either that or whatever it is, festers for at least another day.

Once in a bathroom at The Studio, an Asian gentleman
pronounced the word lobster as “robster” to me. He
was very excited.

Trust me, it was all I could do.

In the very same bathroom I witnessed Eddie Murphy
wash his hands like a man with a monkey on his back. Manic. I entered, pissed and washed thoroughly. He scrubbed away the whole time, barely looking at me.

I pissed next to everybody in there. I also scrubbed
it with a toothbrush when I fell out of favor.

One of my best friends had to crawl under a stall door
to get Joe Walsh off the throne. It’s an excellent

Someday I’ll share the tale of The Magic Booger. It was right there on the brass handle. For years.

Let me just say this. Ha!


I’m thinking it’s impossible to effectively break rules until you’re intimate with them. I believe it’s the responsibility of those who would violate the most mundane to the most sacrosanct , to first immerse themselves in the discipline that nurtured their buoyancy.

It is incumbent upon the rebel to understand what he
hopes to subvert.

All the best and brightest, at the very least, have colored outside the lines.

They know the inside of the box like the backs of
their hands. I imagine they all begin to grow bored with
it at one point or another.

It’s evident in every artform and occupation.

Here I began to make a list, and gave up. Way too many examples of genius. Musicians, scientists, writers and philosophers and the way they overlap.

The box matters because it divides the inside from the outside.

The essence of genius is creativity. It’s impetus is
inspiration. Along the way, the discipline of what
the box contains yields to the infinity outside of it.
It becomes an inculcation all it’s own.

Those outside the box must still reach inside, yet,
those inside have no imperative to reach, or even look

May the sun shine on those that bother to even look around.

Drinks for my friends.

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