Cats are the shit

Tonight on TV:

First time I’ve watched in weeks it seems.

Stewart owns another analysis of candidates particularly
when making fun of ABC for focusing on Kucinich’s
wife. It was odd, He focused on her hotness, with the
subtle implication that America is not ready for a
woman like this as first lady.

I’ve said the same thing.

Doesn’t she have a tongue ring?

Are we starting to take my little paste eater seriously?

Before that, Katie Couric talked about Leona Helmsley.
I understand that she was a cunt and that she was
very philanthropic. Obviously I never met her but she
just looked and acted like a miserable ugly woman.

Leona Helmsley was the epitome of what money can do to ugly. Amplify it. Her grin was a collagen softened rictus. She was the fucking Grinch. She was Cruella DeVille. Who honestly gives a mad fuck that she took the dirt nap. Fools and family.

Moving on. Then I saw a movie trailer and apparently Kevin Bacon is revisiting De Niro circa Taxi Driver. Looks cool though.

And the Halloween movie has a pretty cool trailer. The first one was a classic.

A few minutes into the Colbert Report and even though he’s funny, I’m annoyed.


I’m a ram’blin guy.
Apostrophe, blin.

So one day a few months back I’m in the piss trailer
out in the warehouse taking my afteroon
constitutional. No air conditioning. I finish, wash
my hands and wipe the sweat off the my
neckhead and forehead.

I hear the unmistakable whelp of infant kitties.

Rick, our fearless leader, discovered four when taking
out the lunch trash. Found a box and carried them in.

He’s good like that.

I emerge to discover Timmy washing filthy week old
lumps of feline varmint in the sink of the piss trailer next to the
one I just came out of. Everyone else stands around
talking about what should be done.

I was kinda damaged by their appearance. They were in a bad way.

Today she is a silky sleek black medium sized kitten
with a spiderweb trailing from her left ear past her
shoulder like a stringy snot. She’s simultaneously
cautious and fearless. Adventurous but respectful.
She has the longest tail I’ve ever seen on a domestic

She’s the epitome of adorable and I do adore her.

Her eyes are almost orange and she’s figuring me and the Gurry out pretty fast while living the ultra care free lifestyle of a pampered kitten.

Without a doubt the Gurry rocks the alpha female.
Hissing and growling with plenty of ears flat stinkeye.

On that day her eyes weren’t even open and she looked
like she’d bathed in used motor oil. She appeared the weakest.

I was most worried most about her, but The Fish bottle fed them and
massaged their special bits to get them to pee. One of the four failed, thankfully not her.

They were then named Sumo, Spider and Bedhead by the Fish.

As of tonight, Bedhead resides with me and The Gurry.
Much to the consternation of the Gurry.

Bedhead’s eyes are like precious stones sparkling on a jewelers

All good kitties strut. This one spent the day in the
Gurry’s super secret hiding place deep inside the walk
in closet. I think this is a pretty awesome move on
the part of Madame Bed Head.

The Gurry spent the day on the stove.

She’s getting tons of love. Both of them.

On my right, Bedhead plays and dances. On my left The
Gurry watches while she softens. Methinks it will be

Cats are the shit.

Drinks for my friends.

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