Human stain part deux

Forgive the metaphor, I apoligize for beating a dead horse.

Michael Vick, quarterback for the Falcons agreed to cop a plea today. I’m honestly not paying much attention because I’m almost positive he won’t get what he has coming.

I think this worthless piece of human shit should have to fight everyday in prison for his life and then be strangled or executed when he loses.

I hate when public sentiment reaches a fever pitch and the self righteous opportunists rise to the top and show up in the media.

I am somewhat loathe to find myself in their company. Nonetheless, I stake my position on this. I have less than zero sympathy for this man.

Animal abuse is a common thread among serial killers and a clear red hallmark of sociopathy.

Any man who even tolerates a fight to the death between innocent animals for entertainment is one damaged and evolutionarily obsolete crumb of human detritus. Any man or woman that views it as sport and finds it entertaining should be lobotomized.

Fuck him and his friends. I’m done.

Drinks for mine.

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