Of whores and journalism

Aug. 10, 2007
Ok seriously. What’s the deal with our media?
Am I wrong or was Cronkite not only an excellent journalist but a responsible one. Anyone remember Eric Sevareid? Murrow was clearly a tough act to follow but these two guys I remember.
By no means do I discount the others of that era.
Am I wrong, or were they all pretty respectable back in the day?
Ooooh! ABC science correspondent Jules Bergman? Anyone? I had relations with his daughter. Seriously. She was hot and sultry. And whip smart.
Certainly, anything I’m about to say about the sport of journalism has it’s exceptions. Every rule does. Mr. Olbermann is one of those exceptions. Randi Rhodes, Greg Palast, Tom Hartman, there’s far more than a handful.
They don’t piss me off. Therefore, I have little to say about them other than at least the complimentary, if not a slice of sheer idolatry.
We’re done here.
Onto the subject at hand:
Anybody else notice the sheer brilliance of Jon
Stewart’s assessment of the candidates from both
parties and his take on the ridiculous syrup of media coverage not
just poured generously but trumpeted by a chorus of
media vessels simultaneously glugging while emptying the other night?
That’s a goddamn sentence, yes it is.
He did it comprehensively, accurately and gin through
the nose funny in twelve minutes flat. An intellectually honest take on the state of the race and the irresponsible, open sore inducing mainstream coverage.
And his point was well taken. It’s fucking
ridiculous. His last look at the camera before
commercial is fierce and tells us that
he wasn’t fucking kidding.
He’s saying it’s been a loooong time since the media
took it’s responsibility seriously or took any
responsibility at all.
Television news in America is a giant and dangerous
fucking joke.
This week it seems to be about Nicole Richie. I’m a fan of her father, actually worked with him once. A sweet horsefaced man with a lot of talent.
Forgive me, I don’t give a mad fuck about his daughter.
While we’re on the subject of forgiveness; this bridge in Minnesota is a tragedy without question.
I’m over it. I didn’t know any of them and I’m not sure I care about the hundreds of bridges likely to toss us into a school of Great Whites within the next twenty seven years due to lack of oversight or overt fraud.
Am I gonna swim or hike across whatever the bridge spans?
In a pigs ass.
Yet we still lap at the sick sweet syrup. We love it.
We tolerate it socially and lick a
little up in private. It’s chronic, insidious and
Take Cheney on King a few nights ago.
Boilerplate Cheney.
The most outrageous and elaborate falsehoods. Really
a howler.
Honestly, I was entertained.
That man lies with more conviction than anyone I’ve
seen besides Dumbya, and I’m not sure Dumbya knows he’s lying most
of the time.
Darth called the Alberto Gonzales clusterfuck a partisan
witch hunt. Said Al is a good guy.
You have got be fucking kidding me. Half of his own
party wishes this asshole would disappear.
Al, is an arrogant pinhead.
Ha! He’s our attorney general.
You have got to be fucking kidding me.
I kinda like Larry King, he looks a little like Beavis to
me and Cheney makes a swell Butthead come to think of
Or is it the other way around?
Anyway. Larry does the best he can but he’s no
journalist. That’s not saying much. He’s the CNN
equivalent of people magazine.
Some of the most honest journalists on TV are comedians. That’s sad
but I’m grateful for them. They’ll end up folk heroes.
I don’t doubt that this dumbing down is
deliberate. For the sake of brevity, let me just share
that my conviction is primarily a result of my not being
a dipshit.
Yet, Americans are complicit. Despite the designs of the
evil empire, our acquiescence is the fusion that makes
a combustion almost inevitable.
It sickens me to watch the lazy minded imbibe the sanitized zeitgeist offered up by a mainstream media so infected with hubris and powerlust that they don’t even have time for what’s actually important and maybe even germane to the events of right fucking now.
They are far too busy emptying drool buckets and getting us to buy shit that’s either of no use, bad for us, or both.
What I’m saying here is that combustion is upon us.
It’s happening.
There is an unjust and virtually unexplainable war. There is real potential for much, much more. Half our damn navy is in or around the Gulf.
Kids. If this one starts, it’s gonna be huge.
Our economy is showing the first fractures in a series
of events that will end up being sustainable only by a
class of working poor and a class of impossibly
Highest foreclosure rate in decades. Banks and
lending institutions starting to panic over their
depth in the subprime lending market. Inflation is here. Unavoidable
after the surge in oil.
Then there’s the fact that as a country, we owe more
than we make.
Don’t forget that everyone loathes us. Don’t forget, the rest of the world factors in our meat puppet president when evaluating us.
Actually, remember that the rest of the world hates us.
By design the middle will implode. The now heavy Top
will collapse on the Bottom and the Middle will spray
out of all four sides.
As the the social and moral pendulum swings back to
the left, to the West, the yang to the yin continues
it’s long planned trajectory east, towards the twelfth
According to schedule, we’ll be completely powerless by the time we’re liberated.
Unless we’re careful.
Drinks for my friends.

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