Rove takes a walk

I’m shooting from the hip on this one.

I saw a headline. No TV, no print media and no internet.

The sum total of what I know is that one of the biggest three dingleberries ever to dangle in the asshair of America has acquiesced to being troweled off.

Bush’s Brain takes a powder.

Now that’s compelling.

I’m guessing he couldn’t take the heat. His kitchen had become a furnace for felonious neocons. That’s my bet. No way a man of his ilk would abandon his post if his demise wasn’t otherwise imminent. He’s been with Dumbya since the 70’s I think.

Unlike Dumbya, not a stupid man by any means. An egghead though. Without a doubt. A sulfer stench. He emerges and disappears with a fetor of decay; a cloud that’s accompanied him with violent pungence for the last few decades. Since ’06 his stink has become greasy and palpable.

His nickname is “turdblossom” you know.

What I’m saying here is that this man has sucked forever. Maybe from birth. He’s the architect of this wasteland left of America. His ideas and his execution.

Well, he and Darth.

And he gets to just leave it all behind.

I imagine he has plenty of money. Rest assured he’ll suck his last breath from underneath sheets of a very high threadcount.

There is no self respecting historian that could possibly paint this prick favorably. At least he has to endure his legacy until the Earth claims him for worm food.

Poor sightless primitive snakes.

The good news. This means Dick-in-Bush are now wandering the landscape of this once great nation sackless. There is still a phallic protuberance; that would be Cheney. There is still a gimp in some submissive leather harness; that would be Bush.

Ha! They are bagless. No testosterone drip.

What was once an impenetrable steel fortress is now a decaying wooden fence around a windblown shack in need of more than paint and plumbing.

They are done.

Within the next six months, the roof will fail from rot. Elvis fans will trespass looking for souvenirs.

But they will leave a legacy of death, injustice, arrogance, stupidity and a vacuum of compassion that will dwarf that of any previous administration of this once great country.

Ruin and waste is their wake. Whether Cheney and Bush manage to weather the next 18 months remains to be seen. Regardless of that outcome, their legacy of devastation will not change.

Rove exits stage left not a moment too soon. We remain however, fucked.

Drinks for my friends.

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