Broken fever and broken field running…….

I found this guy who seems to be a pretty swell guy in the News & Politics top ten and I just couldn’t help it. I hope you all understand. I’m not picking on him but rather taking exception to an underinformed mindset. That and, I just couldn’t help it. My response to him on his blog follows.

You seem nice enough, a reasonably intelligent and well adjusted guy. But I have to take some exceptions here. I hope you understand. Also, if I’m blunt, understand it’s in the interest of brevity.

Here we go, you say:

“Iran, just as Iraq was, is engaged in supporting and training terrorists that seek our destruction.”

*Bullshit. At the very least, Iraq was a secular country and terrorists are anything but secular. Saddam was an evil bastard but he shunned religion in his politics and for good reason. As for Iran: If this chaos was taking place in Canada or Mexico, you can bet your ass we’d be in that fight for the sole reason of influencing it’s outcome in our favor. It’s intellectually dishonest to pretend Iran has no dog and therefore no interest in this fight.*

“Iran, just as Iraq was, is engaged in the production and procurement of WMDs. While Iraq was likely seeking nuclear weapons, it is most likely that Iran already has them (or is within days from having them), along with the ballistic missile capabilities required to deliver them to a very broad theatre.”

*Bullshit! What are you smoking? If the IAEA says Iran is compliant, just how the hell do you figure Iran either has nukes or is “within days”? Come on! That is conjecture overdrive.

And seriously, we didn’t find a damn thing in Iraq. Nothing. No shred. No indications. Nothing. We walked through that country like it was a grassy field. They had NOTHING!*

“Iran, just as Iraq had, has violated numerous U.N. demands for weapons inspections.”

*I can’t comment on the latter because I don’t feel like looking it up. But you’re first point can be proven to be bullshit by anecdote. Hans Blix, formerly of the UN inspection team and the IAEA said in an interview on BBC TV on 8 February 2004, Dr. Blix accused the U.S. and British governments of dramatising the threat of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, in order to strengthen the case for the 2003 war against the regime of Saddam Hussein. Also, for what it’s worth, Saddam never expelled inspectors, they were pulled out.*

“Iran, just as Iraq had, poses a direct threat to the United State’s security interests.”

*You just can’t make a statement like that without supporting somehow. How? Why? You’re stupid because I say so. C’mon!*

“Iran, just as Iraq was, is governed by leaders that seek the destruction of Israel and her allies.”

*Yer killing me here man. SEE ABOVE! News flash: Ahmadinejad’s alleged call for Israel’s destruction is subject to interpretation via translation and he said the opposite on American Network Television. 60 Minutes? CBS?

And when exactly was Iraq ever a threat to us? Throw out all Kool-Aid in the house!*

“In short, we are justified in engaging in military actions against Iran. If they do not have fully operational nuclear weapons now, they will very shortly. It is my belief that we need to engage them now, rather than later. I honestly don’t believe that we can afford to wait any longer.”

*No. We are not. Bullshit. The only thing they have done that is remotely provocative is have weapons made in their country show up next door. Our weapons are in virtually every fucking country on earth and we’ve never had this kind of chaos on either of our borders. Just what is your point? Like I said, they have a dog in this fight and we didn’t.*

Then you go on to endorse the merits of surgical strikes as opposed to invasion. You rightly point out that we lack the capacity and resources for an invasion and that it could very well devolve into a third world war. Good job. I agree.

But what makes you so sure that an Iranian nationalistic tsunami wouldn’t be the obvious reaction to our bombing the shit out of them? And if we use even tactical nukes? It’s all over but the shouting. It WILL be WWIII and those won’t end up being the last nukes used by about five different countries.

Your Entire platform is made of straw. Your points are straw and so are your arguments. I respect you for thinking this hard about it but you’ve just thrown an airball here. You got nuthin. You’re a good guy, so stop watching TV and read something.

We’re in big trouble here and we need those with functioning hearts and minds like you, to pay attention.

Thanks for indulging me.

Drinks for my friends.

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