The Disconnect

I’m delivering this one to you in a suit and tie.

Nixon had an approximate approval rating of 25 percent
when he was forced onto the plank. That quarter of
America is forever lost to ignorance and the politics of manipulation by fear.

Different faces. Different generation. Identical mindset. Count on
the stupid. They will always show up.

There is another quarter that are inclined to willfull
ignorance. Deliberate stupidity. This quarter is intellectually
lazy enough to pay less than requisite attention to
make up their own goddamn minds. They have the
capacity, but are too distracted and self involved to
think for themselves.

When challenged or confronted, they tend to embrace jingoistic sentiment and lash out at those of us who laugh at them by accusing of us hating America and undermining our troops. Dickheads.

It’s just how they roll.

Most people aren’t stupid, they just don’t pay attention.

The aware, and they that know their own minds, are thus required to
begin every contest with a deficit of at least one fourth of the potential pie.

The opposing rangers toxic, enjoy the whole pie as potential, due to chronic lack of intellectual curiosity and a morbid desire on behalf of the populace, to have the shit scared out of them.

This is what we are up against. The last two presidential elections were stolen. It’s no wonder that fact hasn’t been allowed to prevent such an egregious level of fuckery to seep into the periphery of mainstream consciousness.

Stolen. They fucking took them. Doesn’t that scare you? If it doesn’t you are an idiot.

Notwithstanding how predictable and obvious our attitude for such criminality is, the whole thing still makes me want to puke spicy Asian cuisine on the shoes of runway models and amazonian transexuals.

The Dude does not abide. A paradigm shift is essential.

Sometimes, simple isn’t beyond common sense. Sometimes it’s the specific poultice for a general malaise.

Fight fire with fire they say. I just might agree.

The words “World War Three” jettisoned G. Dumbya’s lips the other day.

It occurs to me that if they go there, then so should we. If they want to trot out mushroom clouds, perhaps we ought to as well.

I would never foment such for spite. See, what they shake in our faces as inevitable consequences of liberals somehow prevailing, are the exact consequences to be visited on all of us if they prevail.

Yep. World War and mushroom clouds. They think Iraq is a party.

So, I think we might just want to start fucking talking about that.

See what I’m saying?

“I told her Never in hell, no special reason
Musta lied ’cause I ain’t leavin’
We’re in for a very long night
Heard a vicious rumor from your mama’s tongue
You a desperate woman, need a man with a gun
High crime zone, in the city o’ lights

Baby please, can’t take it anymore
Ah! Baby please, can’t take it anymore- Van Halen “Romeo’s Delight”

Drinks for my friends.

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