Huffing and puffing.

Caught up on all matters media today.

Sometimes I just need to run and hide for a few days.
After the fires, I had to go. La Sabbatical De
Brevity Con Media De Anger. Whatever it was, it was
good while it lasted.

It’s true I’m having a splendid time watching the
Republicans implode. It’s spectacular. Not unlike
skulls melting in some action adventure horror flick.
Comedy too. They just can’t seem to keep their
reptilian dicks from getting caught underneath their
reptilian shod feet. I really can’t help but bray
like a jackass, whistle and spray gin at the screen.

I mean, Fred Thompson is a complete dipshit. Haggard, stupid and inarticulate.

All the kings horses and all the kings men have either
forgotten to dance a certain linedance lockstep or
have lost faith. They are alone. As individuals,
they wither from the storm’s wrath as rapidly as the
lonely Dick-in-Bush.

Vampires at dawn.

Meanwhile, Hills continues to run like she’s already
got the Democratic nod, courting the hawks and
rednecks and religious zealots who pine for the
apocolypse, by carressing them with tough talk on Iran
and otherwise whispering to the middle.

I gleefully waltz through her intestines with impunity
for her audacious voting record on the war and the
vast amounts of money she draws from the evil elite
like a succubus with a vacuum powered coke straw.
Sorry. I’ve been drinking.

She’s not as bright as Bill, but she doesn’t fall
asleep to dream of clearing brush and nursing a bottle
of Beam either. Very smart, this woman and I like
that. But it’s uncomfortable watching a woman pursue
the art of horseshit so adroitly.

I understand what she’s doing and she does it with raw
expertise and more than a modicum of grace. Yet, what
comes out of her mouth of late gives me fits of
consternation, panicked doubletakes and frequent
pause. Yep, all three.

Sometimes, it’s like a seizure.

Best case scenario is that she can’t show her cards
because she needs to get elected first. Where does
that leave all of us that used to like her? Do we
need faith?

Blind faith?

Us that used to like her have our man Bill. That’s
all she’s got. It’s not going to be enough for
our vote. We’re still a year and half out from the
General, not enough legs there to hold all of us
until then.

It’s time to talk to us because you’re gonna
need us.

And we really like Kucinich.

What if he goes third party?

Take a page out of the Dick-in-Bush playbook. They
actually lost both elections but managed to look so
good, nobody cared. They never forgot their base.

They dumped them just the other day cause they’re done. No longer necessary. Obsolete.

Kinda comical to see the faithful looking for a political party.

See what I’m saying?

A benefit of the doubt because of your significant
other will not carry what is still a very long day.

We’re not stupid. We understand that you have to
dance with devil in the pale moonlight. But you are
gonna need to reach out to us. Better to do it before
sundown, that’s when we start drinking.

A little less chit chat. A little more chop chop.
Somewhere between 10 and 20 percent of us really pay
attention and you’re gonna need us if it’s close. My
guess is it will be close. COMING SOON!!

Drinks for my friends.

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