Am I gonna have to choke a bitch or a tale of parenthetical Senators

The Democrats deliver us from evil again.



Diane Feinstein and Chuck Schumer have indicated they will give the nod to Michael Mukasey. Mukasey being Dick-in-Bush’s choice to replace that absent minded and/or blatant liar Gonzales for the US Attorney General gig.

Yep, Feinstein, a Democrat from here on the left coast and Schumer, a Democrat from over there on the right coast have decided that this asshat Mukasey is acceptable to them despite his unwillingness to define “waterboarding” as torture.

This means it will leave committee for a confirmation vote on the Senate floor where it will sail like a frisbee over an entire gallery of a hundred men and women, who work for us, yet refuse to acknowledge that we’ve stopped asking and started demanding some very specific things. Some of us are screaming.

Waterboarding, by the way, is an interrogation technique whereby the individual being questioned is strapped to a board and nearly drowned over and over and over. They may lose consciousness. They may need to be resuscitated. Don’t know about you, but I might opt to have electrodes attached to my ball sack.


While defending him, Dumbya said, “He doesn’t know whether we use that technique or not”. And then, “The American people must know that whatever techniques we use are within the law.” Hee Haw, and then he said, “I’m not going to talk about techniques. There’s an enemy out there.”

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Bush: No Attorney General if Not Mukasey
By Laurie Kellman
The Associated Press and

I see Alfred E. Newman in my minds eye. This is one empty suit out of his element motherfucker.

More disturbing and perhaps more ominous, Mukasey has left the door ajar on executive power to bypass the statutes and precedents that should be the sole jurisdiction of the FISA court.

He’s perfect! What more could this administration ask for but to have immunity from prosecution for torture and a pass to do-si-do around FISA? Schumer and Feinstein are willing. Oh joy. God love their obsequious hearts.

You have got to be fucking kidding me.

Kind of ironic that it was Schumer who was so vociferous with Gonzales when he was on the stand. Chuck was a house a fire, tore little Gertie apart. Showed him his liberal cock. Must be detachable. Probably in a jar next to the preserves in the back of the fridge this week.

Dick-in-Bush are chum in the open ocean without a complicit judiciary. The best chance so far to knee cap these pricks just may be squandered tommorrow by our friends Schumer and Feinstein.

How does that happen? How the fuck do they do that?

The future’s so bright, I’m gonna need me some blast proof goggles.

On a warm and fuzzy note…….

Our man Kucinich takes the floor of the House of Representatives tommorrow to openly call bullshit on Darth Cheney. He’ll be imlporing his fellow congresspeople to join him in impeaching The Darth Cheney.

Mr. Kucinich pursues this because of crimes committed against our republic’s most hallowed document on the rule of law. Our Constitution. He understands very well that he doesn’t have a root beer float’s chance in a blast furnace of succeeding.

Perhaps he has posterity in mind. I wouldn’t be suprised. I think though, he does it because it’s the right thing to do. It’s simple to him.

He can’t not. now coming VERY soon.

Drinks for my friends

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