Do the math

Know something?

There is an entire buffet of
problems this war in Iraq has been forcing down our
gullets for years now.

All for obscenely avaricious corporate profit. All
one ever has to do in discovering the culpable in any
crime is follow the lucre.

America is just now waking up to the fat and calorie
dense hangover of a nutrient free feast catered by
corporate media and the plutocracy.

I’m talking about the damage done.

The hundreds of billions of dollars necessary to at
least attempt to provide the tens of thousands of
young men and women coming home with something
resembling a
normal life who’ve had their heads and bodies blown

Then there is PTSD, homelessness and a woefully
underfunded VA.

Until now we’ve only ever talked about the dead and
not the nightmare being lived by the survivors. Kudos
to CNN and 60 Minutes for shining a light this last

The damage to America’s reputation and standing in the
community of the world will take decades to mitigate.

An alarming number of Americans are
unapologetic dipshits. Willfully ignorant. They
can’t be helped.

Just the other night I flamed some asshole on his blog
asking the stupidest question these dickheads can
muster, something about why do all liberals hate

This kind of simple one dimensional thinking makes me
want to smash melons with a fucking bat. Melons and
people. People’s melons.

What follows is the comment I left on the
aforementioned asshole’s blog:

“Let me begin by saying for someone who cannot
construct a proper sentence, spell worth a damn or
cojugate a verb, you have a lot of courage asking such
an inspid question.

Then again, there’s a fine line between courage and

I will answer your question with my own.

Why do so many ignorant “conservatives” like youreself
cling so desperately to the notion that “liberals”
hate America? Newsflash asswipe; liberals love their
country and our troops just as much as you do.

Since when is patriotism the exclusive provenance of
retarded inarticulate conservatives?”

This brand of stupid fuck is not even thinikng about
consequences and costs beyond today. War is hell and
it’s a hell that keeps on giving.

I’ll be blunt. We’re spending over
seven hundred million a day. Over a half a million a
minute. Ain’t very many talking about the over six
hundred billion that will surely morph into a
trillion that will be needed to simply provide for the
disabled as of today.


Two words. Embarrassing and Tragic.

The lives lost, people displaced and shattered bodies
is beyond
horrific for something that began for not a single
reason. Something that begat a house of cards so
embarrassing, and the didsaster it manifested
so thoroughly devastating, it is beyond those of us
who actually care, to understand.

It’s fucking sick.

Now, let me take you another step down this woeful
road. Dick-in-Bush pine and covet visiting the same
vivisection on Iran. Thus, more than doubling the
size of it’s cancer on America and the world.

The crimson tide devolves into a tsunami of human
viscera and an economic slide turns into a world wide

The price will take a century to pay.

So, forgive me for taking just one more step down this
wretched road.

Imagine that the good old US of A pops the cork on the
bottle with the nuclear genie inside.

Our last world war was some sixty years ago. It was
fought with conventional weapons until the the end.
Estimated deaths are 70 million.

Think about it. Do the math.

Drinks for my friends.

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