An airless perch, I deign to glance beneath……..

The most watched debate yet.

Hillary says she’s not playing the gender card but
that she’s playing the “winning” card and she get’s

Edwards, whom I like, get’s booed for pointing out that
she is accepting bank from the plutocracy. Summarily handed her own ass over a decade ago over health care reform and now takes humongous quantities of the filthy lucre from big pharma et al.

The very same lobby that smeared her smiling cheekbones visage in shit so long ago.

Edwards was right, for this we deserve an explanation.

It makes me crazy. Even on CNN, the direction of the
post game analysis is so completely wrongheaded. Who
won? Did Hillary get the better of Obama as opposed
to last time?

Who won?

Why aren’t we talking more about what they were talking about? About what they had to say?

How about when Blitzer prefaced a question by pointing
out that Kucinich was the only guy on the stage that
voted against the Patriot Act and his response was,
“That’s because I read it” ?

I doubt our little paste eater’s wife was in the
audience last night because she would have inevitably
gotten more camera time than him. He looked a little
tired but there’s no less light in his eyes.

I always come away from these things pretty much
digging the field. Yeah, most of these Democrats who
would be king are gladhanding, insincerely populist, well, politicians.

Biden was smooth, although his hair was kinda purple whenever he looked down.

I gotta tell ya though, there’s miles between this circus and that of a Republican debate where all they do is compare dicks and level of devotion to their imaginary friend.

Except Mr. Paul, of course.

I didn’t watch the whole thing. Who has that kind of
time? I think I fucked up when I set the DVR.

I have to say I had way too much fun hitting pause the
second a candidate closed eyes before making a point
with a tsunami of syrupy conviction, merely to imagine
them pushing out the most dank and rotten fecal air
biscuit with great vengeance and furious anger.


Yep, I devoted too much time to freezing an image that made a candidate appear as if they were farting.

Blitzer had one of the best knots I’ve ever seen in a
tie. Kucinich’s tie sucked from hell to breakfast.

Then I thought to myself, I like these people.
A solid group. Well spoken, in possesion of subtlety and nuance and a comprehensive grasp of issues. Indeed, they make the Republicans
look like, well, like complete cunts.

You know, when I see this brain trust debate and
discuss, parry and thrust, they all glisten more than
a little. It occurs to me that most of these people
would be excellent cabinet members, diplomats or
otherwise executive appointees.

And yes, Hillary is quite impressive.

But our man Dennis speaks the truth.

The truth.

Is the surge working? No. It’s fueling the

Voted against the war and it’s funding 100 percent of
the time.

He also says the “Democrats in Congress have not done
the right thing for the American people. They should
tell President Bush, we’re not giving you another
dime, we’re not putting a bill on the floor, bring ’em
home now.”

And, “impeach Cheney”.

I do adore the little paste eater, the little engine that can and will.

And then this woman, I’ve no idea who she is, asks the
most inspid fucking question about the onset of
Christmas and Chinese toys. Work with me here. I
understand this is an issue and that steps must be
taken and things must be done.

What fucking ever.

Do we have a death toll?

I hate the idea of another American losing a few IQ
points because their favorite toy was painted with a
bright lead paint that was pretty but chipped easily.

My point being that although we’re already so goddamn stupid that we can’t afford another intelligence compromising contaminant, there are far more important fish to fry.

They indicted Barry Bonds today for lying about steroids to a Grand Jury. Why is this the government’s business and in the scheme of things, who gives a mad fuck?

Here I smoked some old tennis shoes.

Edwards was good too.

This is a brain trust. I’m not kidding.

Let’s see how smart these folks are.

Hillary will need a running mate. It is then that we’ll see just how
smart and progressive she is. This will be her test.
It will matter more than the selection of any Vice
Presidential running mate ever has.

Drinks for my friends.

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