How to select the appropriate bra size.

Most of my regular myspace readers are aware that I’ve
been shamelessly teasing the pending debut of a
website called

At the behest of one regular reader/contributor, I’m
here to give a little backstory.

Let me just begin by telling you that I’m so goddamn
proud of this website that I weep openly at the drop
of an aircraft carrier.

It’s hubris I guess. Long before I passed forty
thousand blog reads on myspace, I decided it would be
a good idea to go indie. So I got myself a couple Pit Bulls and
leased a yard.

Thanks be to my friend and colleague Warren for
accepting a paltry remuneration for the cracking
design of

The image you see is an actual portrait of me by a guy
named Dave Lehman (sp?). All the rest, including
logo, fonts, graphic design, registering of domain name etc were rendered from the brain of my man Warren.

Warren has the soul of a geek but he’s one of the
coolest geeks I know. And, he can hold his liquor.

Thanks buddy. I got fifty bucks burning a hole in my
pocket to inspire you to figure out how to let people
subscribe or at least be alerted every time I choose
to piss and moan. Can we do that?

Anyway, I’ve discovered that I have a lot to say and
that despite how remarkably cool myspace has been in
granting me an audience and allowing me to find a
voice, I need to lose the training wheels and see what
I can accomplish on my own.

I want to be taken seriously.


Yes, this is my blog. It is MY box to elevate my MY

I wrote this at the end of my inaugural blog on

“This may read a little gratuitous and probably even
cheesy, but it’s the truth. I like to write. I like
to pontificate. I like to rant and rave. I’ve a
predilection for distillation.

I’d also like to illuminate and clarify.

I tend to eschew obfuscation.

I believe my perspective to be be valid or I wouldn’t
be here at all.

I’m not just here to beat my chest. It is my hope
that you listen to me and then think.

I swear I’m not here to fuck around.”

So now you know. Questions?

Drinks for my friends.

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