Of cats and not women

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Of cats and not women……
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So the Senate passed a pissed on energy bill today.
No additional taxes on the fattest, richest
corporation in the history of man and maybe better,
some vague endorsement and funds for ethanol.

This is one helluva brain trust.

Who’s underestimating who here?

Ethanol is stupid. From every angle it is less
efficient and far more destructive than what makes the
wheel go round these days.

Look at my thumb. You’re dumb.

We’re so lucky to have this Democratically controlled
twig of a Congress. The Democrats should be proud of
their heroism in facing down a minority party that
implodes from the top down while erosion is rampant at
it’s base.

Pelosi, Reid, Feinstein, all proud Warrior Generals of
the Democratic party. Fearlessly, they face that wicked
witch while she melts helplessly.

Somebody keeps showing us closeups of a pimple while
saying it’s a volcano.

I fucking hate it when they’re so obtuse, they don’t
even care about overt.

I didn’t start this one with a point and I may not end
with one. Let me say these things though:

1) I care less about sports than most males I know
but I watched New England tear Pittsburgh apart on
Sunday and enjoyed it.

2) Take a look at Romney, Guiliani, Thompson and
Huckabee. Huckabee seems like a nice guy but what
we’ve got here is a field that shows up on my meter as
right between dipshit and complete asshole.

3) Oh God, imploding, eroding, dipshit and asshole
Britney missed her deposition today.

4) You gotta love that today we find out Major League
Baseball is on steroids. No shit. Can I get a

5) My new cat is the bearable lightness of being.
Whispy, clever and very funny. I’ll bet she tastes
like chicken.

6) There’s a certain point at which one must take
responsibility for the craziness in front of them.

7) I want to talk about the impact of a black woman
campaigning for a black man and the gravity of that.

Perhaps the most powerful woman in the history of
media has thrown her reputation and power behind a black
Presidential candidate.

She is not here to fuck around.

This is awesome if only for the gust of fresh oxygen
it breathes into the chase. We need this.

I’m not a huge fan of Obama but I’d be happier with
him than Hillary. She’s just a little too beholdin’.

Where was Kucinich?

Anybody esle want the super secret link to an unfinished blog on what will soon be brainspank.org?

Just ask niceley.

Drinks for my friends.

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