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I sometimes wonder how close the human species is to
a precipice of absolute demise.

How lucky am I to live at the end of days?

Is this a good thing, reaping all the rewards of
technology/media and really good readily available yet
nutritionless food?

Am I, are we, being swept along in a foolish
march towards the end of humanity?

I really can’t say for sure, but it appears none too

Our government is relentlessly aggressive in fomenting
violence against countries that pose no threat to us.

We’ve killed about a million so far in this

Tens of thousands of our own either dead or perhaps
worse, barely surviving, after coming within a
candle’s flicker of having their own lives ripped from
them and not until after their limbs have been torn

Wading any further into these waters will likely end
with whole countries, swaths of continents even,
turned to glass.

The crackle of glass underfoot only to be
experienced by those properly equipped for the furnace
of radiation left behind. They will be there to
extract the only commodity left from entire global

Texas Tea baby.

An obsolete fuel with nothing but
archaic means to render into energy. At a cost now
hovering around one hundred dollars a barrel.

A hundred dollars for a mere barrel of ancient
dinosaur liquid.

Can you imagine the cost when only fools in special
suits can fetch that juice for us? Four syllables.

Clinton oversaw crude prices under thirty dollars a
barrel. I’m just sayin’.

The surface of the sun is some eighteen thousand
degrees farenheit. Her energy speeds towards us
relentlessly at over one hundred eighty thousand miles
a second.

This one female causes tides and the wind. We have
yet to harness the sun in any meaningful way.

We’re up to our necks in these waters and still very
few humans seem cognizant at all. Another few steps
and either our lungs adapt to turn shit and toxic
waste into oxygen, or we drown.

I hate to be “The sky is falling guy”, but I need to
tell you, we’re probably closer than you think.

Our economy is a giant sucking chest wound. Poverty,
unemployment, budget & trade deficits as well as the
uninsured, all way up.

Median income down but way more billionaires!

The middle class is being hunted. Successfully.
Niether a Democracy nor a Republic can sustain
without a vigorous middle class.

Welcome, to the machine.

Housing, once a a bubble, is now a crater. Millions
losing or about to lose the roof overhead. Record
foreclosures point to a citizenry in as far over their
heads as their assfaced government.

We owe China while China bends us over and makes toxic
food for our pets and toxic toys for our kids.


The Chinese killed the poor bastard in charge of pet
food. Executed him. We stood around and wrung our
hands because we’re their economic bitch.

Have you seen the goddamn dollar? Against the
Canadian dollar or the Euro?

A giant, empty eyed, lumbering, pasty, corpse of an economy.

The American Zombie now spends about a half a million
a minute in Iraq. A MINUTE!

It really does go on and on.

We are standing before an unprecedented level of
financial fuckedness.

Then, we take stock of the planet itself. I don’t
know if Mother Earth is sick or pissed or both. It
matters not.

What she is, is sick and tired of us.

I’m sure she liked it better a few hundred years ago
when their weren’t so goddamn many of us. I don’t
doubt she’s in the throes of solving some, if not all,
of the conundrum that humans are for her.

As long as we continue to burn and pillage her forests
and vomit pollution into her air and water, she will
starve our droughts of moisture and dump waterfalls
and tsunamis on already drowning populations.

The ice will cease to be.

This is Mother Nature we’re talking about here. Look
what she does every spring just to thin the herd of
Coulter and Limbaugh disciples in the midwest and
dirty south.

Her arsenal includes fire, volcanoes and earthquakes.
Hurricanes, tornados and don’t forget precision

She may just decide to piss rain on your town for a

What are we doing?

We walk around like none of it is happening.

I really like electricity and TV, computers, the
internet!, running water and a clean place to crap.

I love that as I wrote this I communicated with
others, hundreds, even thousands of miles away on a
hand held wireless device and at the same time
researched every fact I’ve foisted upon you while writing and that it will be read across oceans and continents.

Ironic that the power of an individual has never been
greater yet, we can’t seem to get the bastards to
march the other way.

There is no water where they go.

It’s the other direction.

They are either too lazy or too stupid to pay a mind.


“Don’t want no class reunion, the circus just left
town Why behave in public if you’re living on a
playground?” -Van Halen “Fools”

Literally, another few steps and we will begin to
drown. It is asinine.

This may read a little gratuitous and probably even
cheesy, but it’s the truth. I like to write. I like
to pontificate. I like to rant and rave. I’ve a
predilection for distillation.

I’d also like to illuminate and clarify.

I tend to eschew obfuscation.

I believe my perspective to be be valid or I wouldn’t
be here at all.

I’m not just here to beat my chest. It is my hope
that you listen to me and then think.

I swear I’m not here to fuck around.

Thank you very much for reading this far.

Welcome to brainspank.org

Drinks for my friends.

8 Responses to “Welcome to brainspank.org, please bear to the left and have a nice day.”

  • I’ll stick to the coffee…getting used to the sleep-replacement therapy, actually.

    Thing is; with the soft *tick* of keys being struck and the soft *click* of a button, all the world is on either the laptop, desktop, or there in the comforting glow in the living room – more so now than ever before…

    Yet, the top two searches on a popular search engine, as my sister observed today, are “Britney” and “Vagina”.

    I have no idea how to add any more to what I’ve already written, all things Considered…

    I’ll take a 4-shot medium ‘ccino,topped and chilled.

  • kmart:

    Nice one brother. My brain has been thoroughly spanked. Your site looks really nice. Fantastic job! Cant wait for more brain spankin’ goodness.

  • Max:

    Great stuff Michael. This looks like it could be good. Knowing your writing style this promises to get to the gritty end of more than a few key issues.

    Great job mate. Cheers

  • sue:

    good read michael. thanks for the link, have bookmarked, and will be back. damn good read!

  • David Lee 3:

    Teetering on the edge of the abyss you say? A photo finish I say. Only because the collective of humanity seems to be a drama queen.

    Let’s hope humanity awakens!

    Cheers Dr. Brainspank, I’ll have some good bourbon thanks & no – that does not mean Jack Daniels.


  • Nan:

    My good man, this is Excellent!
    Thank you for letting me join 🙂
    *IMHO* Disclaimer 😀
    This may not be the End of humanity, per say, but it is gonna be one hell of a culling.
    Mama Earth has just cause to toss us like fleas, imho.

    Yea, the dinojuice is as obsolete as the dinos from whence it sprang, but the dino handlers have yet to let go their greed..they know it, but aint gonna miss one penny.

    For those whom survive i hope they have the common sense to harness the sun as the ancients did, and employ some Tesla whilst they are at it..then the lux of computers & indoor potties may continue on.

    Foodstuffs..may be a problem for some time to come..as she sheds her skin, the toxins will need to be cleansed and this is gonna take a while..and since they left no stone untoxicated, it’s a given.

    That ole seed bank they just locked up in Alaska (fed & groomed by bill gates hisself) is not gonna be used for a long while.
    So..bring on the turquoise GMO tangerines & the purple bananas..we won’t need no campfire to see by in this nuclear winter they are escallating, as we will all be glowing on our own .. anybody lay down a fair supply of hooch, btw? It’s gonna be a long thaw

    Brandy, please..on the rocks

  • Josh:

    Great post. You may be interested in this too: http://www.americansforisrael.com/

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