Nader Needer Nader Needermeyer

What hubris. What a dick. He’s lost five fucking times. He managed to capture .03 percent of the vote last time. Not even enough for his party to qualify for federal campaign funds.

I admire Nader, but it’s getting more difficult to do so. If his intent is to raise the level of discourse, I must cast aspersion, that window has closed. He’s clearly not the right guy.

Many believe he cost Gore the race in two thousand. Indeed, he may have. As did Rovian fuckery and the general malaise of voter fraud in Florida. That was a contest so thick with corruption some voters had to swim through it just to get to the flawed ballot.

He’s older than Doubtfire. Think he wears a diaper?

He would have us believe that his efforts are purely magnanimous and altruistic. Maybe he really owns that. That would make him a delusional dotard in my eyes. He would have us believe there’s virtually no difference between the Republicans and Democrats. He’s a goddamn fool because there is one glaring and profound asymmetry between them. It’s the war, you disingenuous fucktard.

What do you do with a man like this? Tough call, there’s a chance he’s sincere. Just like another politician, but this one’s been elected. Dumbya is more popular, at least among the stupider, because he is stupider. Both men may have the courage of their convictions. Of course, one mostly right and the other almost completely wrong.

I can’t help but see a larger, older, smarter and generally dissimilar doppelganger here.

Both, at the very least, infected with Lead Singer Disease. Yep, narcissism and delusions of granduer.

At the end of the day, two goddamn fools that can’t help but be full of themselves at the expense of us all.

See what I’m saying?

Drinks for my friends.

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