Yesterday Shrillary accused Obama of getting all Karl Rove on her ass. Oh really?

Did he set up a campaign funded phone bank to ask the people of Texas and Ohio if they’d still vote for her, despite giving birth to an illegitimate black child?


Rove did that to McCain in two thousand

Did he sit back and allow the swiftboating of spurious lies about her public service?


Rove did that to Kerry in two thousand four.

What he did, was say a few things in a mailer that he’s said to her face. I know, I saw it. In the very last debate. She just seems unable to avoid rising to the occasion as nothing but offensive and shrill. She couldn’t help attempting to land a glove on him by reaching too far beneath herself for a handul of shit on the idea he’s a blatant plagiarist. She was booed for her efforts.

Methinks she doth protest too much.

The Obama campaign answered back:

“But Obama’s campaign isn’t backing down. “Everything in those mailers is completely accurate,” says spokesman Bill Burton. “The facts are that Senator Clinton was a supporter of NAFTA and the China permanent trade treaties until this campaign began. And she herself has said that under the Clinton health care plan, she would consider “going after the wages” of Americans who don’t purchase heath insurance, whether they can afford it or not.” -Fox News

The truth is they are congruent on policy at least ninety percent of the time. Obama comes out on top in the remaining ten percent. He’s more charismatic and a far better orator.

She’s about to lose and she knows it. It is time focus on the dignity and grace you brought at end of the last debate my dear. The high road is your only choice, because you’ll still have a career.

Drinks for my friends.

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  • I found your site on google blog search and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. Just added your RSS feed to my feed reader. Look forward to reading more from you.

    – Randy Nichols.

  • Aaron:

    Good Job Brian. I like your blog, but it sure ain’t as convienent as when you posted them on MySpace.

  • Linda:

    Well I agree 100% I think Hillary is going down!! I am very glad to see things going this way. Good blog.
    By the way I didn’t know your name was Brian? but i agree myspace was easier to see your stuff!

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