Dumbya endorses Doubtfire

Absolutely nuts that the birth of this nation condoned the ownership, exploitation and abuse of men, women and children.

How do we explain that?

Ignorance among people unable to think for themselves?

Nope, not entirely. Economics. The filthy fucking lucre. Slaves were the economic engine that drove this country into the nineteeth century. Slaves. Slaves harvesting tobacco and cotton.

Revisionist history would have us believe that our nation was rent asunder over this practice a mere century later. Not entirely true.

Again, there were prevailing economic issues as well.

Slavery was the root and the rot but not the flag.

The enslavement of humans was the moral imperative. As long as one believed that those of a darker pigmentation were somehow inherently inferior and ought to be supine, well then, we had a difference seperating us worth killing for.

That, and all the jobs were going north.

There were a lot more stupid rednecks back then.

Crazy. We killed over a half a million of ourselves.

There were heros on both sides.

Even though right and wrong were as clear as black and white, pun, forcefully intended, that ridiculous fucking flag lives on. That, Confederate flag.

Then we commenced killing natives and every goddamn buffalo we saw. Another story, probably just as bad, but we killed most of them so you don’t hear much about it.

We give them casinos now.

Can I tell you what I think happened last night?

Texans figured they had more stomach for a white woman than a black man. I can’t help but believe the same happened in Ohio.

And there we are.

He took cities, she took counties. Forgive me, but it was the rednecks versus the um, informed.

I realize how thin the ice is underneath me.

I’ve always felt that catering to the rural vote is tactically arduous but strategically simple. That is where Billary went, because they had to. She saw her own hide start to smoke and she got on with it.

That is where our man Obama went too. Same idea, opposite direction. He went to the cities. Sights set too low, perhaps as a result of a campaign not used to being flush with cash. A mistake.

What they may have done here by accident, is begin down a path that is as much about a white woman against a black man as it is about anything else.

They have begun to divide.

Not yet guilty, both poised to make matters worse if they’re not careful.

I do think that’s what happened.

I think it sucks.

Drinks for my friends.

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  • Tony:

    I’m going to say what I’ve said on a dozen blogs since Tuesday night. Not all of the Ohio (or Texas) voters who voted for Clinton did so exclusively on the basis of her being white.

    The numbers do point to that trend, but do consider this, Ohio and Texas both allowed Republicans and independents to declare party affiliation and vote in the Democratic primary that day. I, for one, was an independent who declared Democratic to vote for Barack Obama.

    Are there closet (and overt) racists here in Ohio? Definitely. Are there some in the Democratic Party? Assuredly. To put this phenomenon exclusively on white Democratic voters is to ignore the fact that at least 10% of those voting in the Dem primary were registered Republicans, and that nearly one in four were independents, a good portion of which should lean right, statistically speaking.

    These voters had an altogether different purpose for voting for Clinton. They wanted to assure that the Democratic nominee (presumably still Barack Obama) is battered and bloodied when that person comes to face McCain in the general.

    Either way, it is a sad state of affairs. The good people of Ohio will get screwed once again, once the glaring lights of the national media fall away from my forlorn state, and the politicians resume their usual apathy towards the issues that affect the people of that state.

  • LA:

    I absolutely agree with Tony. To simplify this into a pureley black and white issue is exactly what the “old” America wants. If Americans truly are about Change, then it must be realized that color is NOT the only thing that exists. Many republicans are voting “stategically” to ensure their man is where they want him to be come November. We need to get PAST the color lines people. Not everything can be justified SOLELY due to the color of one’s skin. Think forward…think new, that is what this generation is trying to voice…a new day… a new attitude…can we get past the history and start anew? Geez!

  • admin:

    I have a friend who just happens to be a black Canadian woman. I asked her what she thought before I published and after. She encouraged me to say what I thought before and said after:

    “It was well written. Do I agree with you…NO. Do I think you took a risk, absolutely! I think that you took a stand and voiced your opinion…both VERY good things. What has been the feedback so far…what are your thoughts?”

    I said:

    “To begin with, I’m certainly not naive enough to believe that race or gender bias was the only catalyst at work here. I am confident it was a factor, however.

    I’m also trying to highlight that both candidates played into it and
    perhaps that is the most salient point I’m trying to make here.

    I’m curious why you disagree. Please explain when you have time.”

  • admin:

    Then she says:

    “Ummm…ok. that is not what I got from our conversation yesterday, nor from reading the blog today. If you were/are highlighting the fact that both candidates played into “it”, perhaps you should elobrate on that point more. The tone, I got at least, was about racial division…the educated city folk vs. the redneck uneducated trailer people.

    I read the comments and I’m not sure if the fact that both canidates playing into the “hype” was what was protrayed.

    Why I disagree with you….will take me some time to explain!

    However, overall, the blog was VERY compelling! Much enjoyed”

    And I said:

    “Maybe I didn’t shine enough light on that aspect. And you’re right that they may not be getting it. I’m using your feedback, anonymously of course, to try to point that out.

    Is that ok?

    Should have asked first, but your opinion is valuable to me and your identity is safe.”

  • Trueblooded:

    Obamma, Farakhan, Sharpton and the like, act in ways which fuel traditionally held racial stereotypical negative perceptions of minorities. I’m not at all surprised and am on some salient levels, relieved that race is indeed a factor in this upcoming election. It should be. Look at Alan Keys. He does not act in the stereotypical ways of NAACP/victim/gangsta mode of operation as does the aforementioned individuals. Same with Condeleza Rice. Both Rice and Keys and Powell who comes to mind, are great examples of Americans. Not African Americans but just plain Americans. Oh yeah, they happen to be black. But like King pleaded are known and judged by who they are, not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.
    Obamma could not be further from this. That he is even a candidate shows that anyone who supports him is suffers from a lack of reasoning. Obamma is nothing more than a typical silver tongue, carpet bagging nigger. He offers nothing but vacuas platitudes. He is a clear and present danger to this nation. But that he may be our next president might just be what this nation needs to get the citizens of the nation off it’s collective ass and start doing something more than looking for a handout.
    Hilary is similar but the only thing is in her case she is the very indemnification of the negative stereotypical view of a no good women. She’s a total cunt.
    McCain is no better. This nation is heading for the kind of shitstorm that will make the great depression of 1932 look like a pool side party at the Las Vegas Hilton.
    Buy as many firearms you can buy as much ammo you can, store as much food and water you can try to plan to be in a place where it will be difficult to herd you into an internment camp and keep yourself aware of from what direction the enemy is coming.
    Go Obamma, Go Hillery, Go McCain.
    It’s not going to matter. The only thing that will matter is how fast you can run and how straight you can shoot.

  • admin:

    This shit is crazy. I know Sharpton is whacky but I like him. Obama is spelled with just one ‘M’ and I don’t understand how he’s in the same context as the other two.

    Stereotypical ways of The NAACP? Can you help me out with that? Not sure what you mean.

    You said:
    “Obamma is nothing more than a typical silver tongue, carpet bagging nigger”.

    Were you to say that to me in person, I would probably swing hard at your mouth. It would end up being the wrong thing to do, but I imagine liking it.

    Then you say:
    “Hilary is similar but the only thing is in her case she is the very indemnification of the negative stereotypical view of a no good women. She’s a total cunt.”

    Please tell me you’re hospitalized or at least under constant supervision.

    A last thought for you. Think about how to help instead of how to hide.

  • Trueblooded:

    Last thought for you.
    I’ve had my ass kicked and I’ve kicked some ass in my time. One thing I know for sure, never make idle threats especially to someone you do not know.I do know one thing though, if you ever were to hit me, you’d better do it hard because while I’ve had my ass kicked plenty I will tell you that not one son of a bitch ever had any sort of fun doing it. Quite to the contrary.
    If you love Obamma, fine. It’s your right to love a no good son of a bitch like that.
    I hate Obamma. I hate Hillery.
    I hope they both die slow and painful deaths.

  • admin:

    You can’t even spell Hillary. And I stand by what I said, I’d hit you in the face as hard as I could. Your profound and obvious ignorance speaks volumes about you. Get a life. Read a book.

  • Trueblooded:

    I don’t care to even acknowledge Maoist scum like Hillary or fag assed racist Maoists like Obamma.
    You make threats towards me behind a computer screen. You are nothing more than a punk.
    You ask me to read a book. Thank you for the suggestion. Be it Zinn or Vidal, Marx or Mao, there is nothing I’ve read that will ever get me to believe that Obamma or Hillary are decent people who are going to make our nation stronger.
    You really want to take a swing at me?
    You are the one offering it. You said it not me. All I said is you very well might be able to kick my ass. But understand that I am not afraid of you.
    You are nothing more than a punk who makes idle threats while hidden behind a computer screen.
    What a joke you are.
    Go read another chapter of Zinn or Vidal dribble. Go herald yet another vacuous call for impeachment of the current administration.
    I am stockpiling ammo food and water so that my family and I will survive the coming shitstorm that is just on the horizion.
    I don’t make threats to anyone and I most certainly don’t need to threaten punk-assed little bitches like you.
    America that is a republic based in democratic principle. It is not a democracy. Go check it out in a book as you suggested to me. I suggest Bork’s “Slouching towards Gomorra” This nation, the USA, has a constitution. I suggest you read it and understand it is a total document not to be cherry picked to suite individual ideals.
    If you had any reasoning skills, you’d be surprised just how wrong on just about everything you are.
    All you are able to do is be critical of spelling and cherry pick through other’s statements, take things out of context and then write reactive and ill-conceived thinly reasoned threats to total strangers.
    Like I said you are a joke. I wonder if you’ve ever had an original thought. But being that I do not know you, all I can do is speculate and speculation is not a good action to take. It goes against “The Four agreements”. Ever heard of them or the book from which they come?
    May I suggest you read that one too. This book by don Miguel Ruiz, might help you get out of your rutted reasoning as well.
    You are presently part of the ignorant hoard who are ready to turn this nation over to Maoists.
    It’s a real shame you feel so left out. So left behind. So empty and feel Obamma or Hillary are the answers to your problems.
    Like I said, you are nothing but a joke at this point in time.

  • If this is what it means to be informed, I much rather stick to my ignorance. WTF just happened here and why did I keep reading this BS. I want the US to come out ahead no matter what, this means we must all unite and vote for was right not who we think suits us better personally. My vote is for Hillary, she’s got conviction and beliefs. I believe she’s proven that. As for Obama, good luck on the next run. I don’t think he has enough experience, after all Hillary already ran the white house.

    Sweet and better days to you all.

  • admin:


    Maoist scum? That’s new.

    I’m thinking you’ve told me all I need to know.

    Good luck with that military buildup. And those books.

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  • mike:

    I prefer reading this kind of information when I’m alone in the room, so no one would see an expression on my face. It’s disgusting! I don’t believe a single grose word about it!

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