Here it comes.

I crap you negative cowboy.

Florida and Michigan.

It was the Florida Republican leadership, executive and legislative branches, that advanced the polling date, rendering the Democratic primary a zero sum beauty contest.

Charlie Crist, Governor of Florida, is a pretty and pointy charismatic scumbag.

He pines on network TV that this is democracy in action and the way it should be, despite the rules of his own fucking party. He’s a frat boy Methodist. I don’t like this guy and he’s bucking for assistant manager under Doubtfire. He’s all grey too.

I will tell you this. Not a single delegate should have a chair in Denver unless there’s been a thorough and rigorous re-polling of every willing voter in both states.

This whole Super Delegate thing has got me spooked. Talk about a potential firewall against public opinion. It’s the mini-me of the electoral college.

No more unaccountable delegates, no more goddamn loose nukes.

Anybody see a pattern here? Again with fucking Florida.

Both states a compelling mix of crackers, bigots, rednecks, racists and I hope a significant ballast of good people, directed by common sense and not too susceptible to hysteria. I hope.

I’m shining a light on it. The fuckery has begun and it threatens the natives of both states with a pyroclastic flow. I’m kinda hoping since this isn’t their first rodeo, they can hold on a little better this time. A little longer. Maybe they’ll do more than breathe through their mouths and watch.

We’ll see. I refuse to hold my breath.

One thing is for sure.

Fuckery has commenced.

Drinks for my friends.

7 Responses to “Here it comes.”

  • Tony:

    I caught some of Crist’s comments yesterday. He’s really concerned that the Democratic delegates from Florida won’t be seated at the convention. If you truly believe that, I’ve got a bridge I’d like you to take a look at…

    He’s so worried about those unseated delegates that he wants the DNC to pony up for the do-over. That’s rich. It’s always about money with those guys. It’s probably good that the Florida Democratic Party (didn’t know there were all that many Democrats left there) can pay for the re-do itself, if need be.

    By the way, should the GOP pony up a bit as well. From what I’ve heard, not all of the Florida GOP delegates are going to be seated either, for the same reason the Dem delegates aren’t going to be seated. Florida tried to butt in line. Here’s hoping they fixed that whole issue with hanging chads and fraudulent elections.

  • admin:

    The guy Crist is the quintessential Republican reptile. There is only one way to solve this. A complete do over….

  • U ? Authority:

    A do-over, for whom ? Those that voted, or all registered elegible Voter’s ? This was considered a Beauty Contest for Mrs. Clinton, Obama did not even campaign there, and Mrs. Clinton at the time(early in the process) had name recognition to carry her to the great victory in Florida.
    So, how can the votes be counted? Unless all Registered voter’s at the time of the first primary, re-voted, all kinds of problems.

    Typical Ego self-destruction, “I” want it, and “I” don’t care if “I” have to screw them & them, and them, Oh, and them too, as long as “I” win.
    I want to be a Weiner too!

  • You MUST be from FL!! Absolutely agree, as if us hardworking citizens cared which tuesday we went to cast our ballot. Charlie “perma-tan” Christ decided what was best. Citizens opinions obviously not being what mattered! Funny thing, his state of the state speech was all about foretting politics and performing civic duty as elected officials by representing citizens interests… things that make you go hmmm…!

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