Fer fuck’s sake.

They just refuse to release this limb of racism they’ve finally managed to sink their rotting canines into. The gaping, stinking maw of a vociferous and audacious media.

Here it is. Full frontal racism. They couldn’t wait to give us what they want. They warmed us up with Geraldine and Samantha Powers and Farrakhan. So now, with intrepid glee and gore, they serve it up. It’s disgusting.

I tend to favor CNN, at least over other mainstream news sources, and Anderson Cooper in particular. I imbibe because as a news network, it seems to attempt to not exclude the middle. After watching tonight however, I doubt I’d pass on an opportunity to deposit crap in Mr. Coopers mouth, if only to remind him that shit does come out of it on occassion.

This is so fucked up. I can find a racist friend or uncle in every white person’s circle despite the size of their hearts. I know them. I’ve spent time with them. They have broken bread with us. With my family. It’s no less ugly because they are loved and otherwise good people. Often they are an unfortunate product of indoctrination. My point is, you’re a goddamn fool if you think such disfigured dogma is exclusive to any race or skin pigmentation.

Allow this point; who among us cannot forgive any black man or woman, they having been on the recieving end of evil for centuries, to embrace a similiar set of beliefs and convictions? Victimisation to one degree or another is part of the culture. They didn’t make it that way. There is tons of horrifying ugliness there. Lynchings, burnings and profound humiliation.

The cliche about walking in a man’s shoes definitely applies.

For the better part of modern history, it has sucked to be black. The Rev. Jeremiah Wright is older than most of us and I’m sure has had a far more brutal experience with events than most of us.

I said this in a previous blog on this subject:

“We all, regardless of race or gender, have our own issues with race and gender. I’m no fool. I believe the idea is to recognize them and endeavor to change them. Being accountable for your own sets of bias or prejudice should be the beginning of humility.”

How long will it be, what will it take, for us as Americans to rise above this archaic nonsense? I’m starting to wonder and it’s pissing me off.

You know what I think? I think church and organized religion is as stupid and at least as dangerous as racism. Yet, as an agnostic, I suffer these dipshits in every aspect of my life everygoddamnday. Still, I have genuine affection for a great many of them.

Of course, like the foolish Americans we are, we cannot reisist the comingling of religion and politics. Church and State. It is here that we tumble head first down the stairs. So many of us play along but then we all fall down. It’s always embarrassing.

Issues kids. Stick to the issues. Hint. These are not issues. Work with me here. Issues are about policy and ethics, all the rest is an attempt to moralize and that’s not where this campaign belongs and neither do we.

Don’t get distracted by this shiny shallow thing.

Drinks for my friends.

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  • admin:

    By the way, this one’s for you Shitsmear.

  • Trueblooded:

    Well well well.
    The Magic Negro has yet again, denied, denied, denied,
    Let’s review shall we children?

    First, had a former homo lover comes forward and tell his story of crack and cock exploration with the Manchurian Negro.
    Then we learn of our very own darling house boy’s exploits and adventures with his close friend, Calypso Louie, Louie-Louie Farakhan as they go on a hookah mission to Kadafee’s little wonderland called Lybia.
    Now comes the spiritual leader, mentor and “Someone who’s been like an uncle to me” (for over 20 years) of America’s favorite house boy, the Boy Black Wonder Obamma-nation, spewing for all to see and hear, just exactly how he, Obamma-nation and the majority of “Black” America feel about this country and who they feel non-blacks are and deserve.
    Fourtunatly we still have second amendment rights to protect us from the throbing angry mobs that are massing to kill white America at the behest of people like the Magic Negro, Obamma-nation.

    All of you nit-wits cannot wait to have the Magic Negro, Uncle Barry, put it up your collective rear-ends and then have the opportunity to lap his balls.
    He pisses on your leg and you all say, HEY EVERYBODY!!! IT’S RAIN SUGER FROM THE SKY, LET’S DRINK DEEPLY!!!!!
    This Black bastard Uncle Barry does not and never has fooled me AND EVERY OTHER THINKING PERSON IN AMERICA, one bit.
    This is just the beginning for this clean and well spoken house boy.
    Massa Hillry’ got a few mo’ rows fo’ him to plow. This is getting good. I love it when Liberals try to masquerade as if they are principled people.
    I love seeing Boy Black Wonder, Uncle Barry the Magic Negro, squirm and lie his way out of truth after truth outing his racist agenda for America.

  • Trueblooded:

    Mr. Admin;
    You said above:
    “By the way, this one’s for you Shitsmear.”

    I’m glad I am able to get inside your head so much and rent some space. HAHAHAHAHA
    I love it!!
    Now your writing blogs just so you can call me stupid names HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA what a joke you are. Is that all you have boy? What a flaming asshole you are. Damn you are one stupid coward. How bout’ one of them there bass-ass threats you’ve posted to kick my ass??? Come on killer, I know you got some more of that special cowardice you are so, so good at.

    It’s no wonder you are just another dumb bastard for Obamma-nation the Magic Negro.
    Yours truly,
    Shitsmear,,, I mean, thats Mr. Shitsmear to you
    Got it sparky?

  • One thing is for sure…very colorful commentary here. My first visit, but not my last.

    Cosmic Rabbit

  • I saw similar post three month ago. Topicality of this post sucks. Dude, you have to keep up to date.

  • Greg:

    I would like to come here again. It sounds god to me, and there’s a lot of interesting information here

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