Man in picture. The sun also rises.

Seven days a week. I know all of their faces if not their names. Some look at me with questions, a few with some concern. Long story, my hand up every time I say it. I take my iced venti drip, dump a little, glug half & half into it, stir it with the straw and leave.


I sweat in the car and the air conditioner feels like a hose on my face.

At work I stop to put my briefcase and coffee in my office and head down the hall to greet the boss.

I’m self conscious. I begin to sweat and my face throbs. I own that I look like a pile of shit.

You wanna shut the door? He says. He’s alarmed, his eyebrows are up, friendly and neutral.

Nope. I actually fell down the goddamn stairs, I say. I was hammered, I say. I look at him embarrassed because I am. The stairs to my parking garage, I say.

My nose feels like a sliced plum as he stairs at it. I try to breathe quietly through my mouth. It’s not really working.

Sweet Jesus, he says. That’s gotta hurt like a bastard.

It does, I tell him. I tell him if I tear up it’s because it smarts and it’s not because my vagina hurts. He laughs but he’s still looking at me.

His nose barely wrinkles and I understand he knows I’m bullshitting him. It sucks.

I drop with care in my chair, it squeaks like a riot of cats in a sack, turn the computer on, grab the reciever and realize that even the phone against my face is fucking killing me.

They all do the double take when they pass my office.

Mattie’s office is across from mine and he can’t stand it. By lunch he’ll have his angle. He’s six four with a fauxhawk but today I will kill him. I feel fucking mean. Nothing to lose. I will beat him to death with the goddamn fax machine. I picture it and crack a smile. My face hurts so bad tears well up.

The morning is pain and humiliation. No one has really liked me for awhile. They’re all confused and afraid. I can’t blame them. I’ve been confrontational and antisocial for months. Today I show up with my face split open. Like that works.

Put yourself in my shoes. How do you even begin the conversation? We’re pretty close, all of us. But I don’t even hope to tell any of them the truth. This shit is crazy and that’s all they’ll get from me if I open my mouth. They’ll come away thinking I’ve lost my shit. I hate it, but it’s true.

Lunch is cool. Mattie has decided to forego the canyon in my face as a topic. After the first few minutes, I understand this and I’m grateful.

Not cool though. Everyone uncomfortable. Best friends and coworkers are beside themselves because of me. They try to include me in conversation, but look at me with cloudy revulsion and confusion. They have no idea what to make of me and there’s nothing I can say that will put them at ease.

I’m a fucking mess that keeps getting worse in all eyes.

I don’t think I’ve ever felt like this.

I want to scream that you people have layed awake worrying about how to pay a vendor, while I’ve been fistfighting a fucking demon every night. His eyes bleed and he drools. Fuck me, that’s not the half of it.

Then I go home.

To sleep.

To dream.

I get drunk first. On good gin.

I realize that my flat plasma throws heat because I feel it on my nose.

I go to bed.

I reach to turn off the lamp and on the nightstand, a white plastic pawn.

I’m so tired.

7 Responses to “Man in picture. The sun also rises.”

  • Trueblooded:

    Oh yeah I almost forgot, in viewing this latest vane attempt at communication you are also an apparent pitiful and complete narcissist too.
    Wow, who’d of not seen that one coming down the perverbial pipeline of ignorance that is you.

  • Trueblooded:

    Instead of your “Drinks for my friends, you should say, “My friends and I are dinks” and if that makes you uncomfortable might I suggest the pigeon version, “My friends and me are dinks” which would possibly boad better with the level of intellectual scarcity that you and the rest of the magic negro worshipers exibit in copius amounts.

  • admin:


    I think you may just be bright enough to recognize literary prowess when you glimpse it. Now I understand why you’re so angry. Insecurity begets jealousy. Thanks fer playin’ 🙂

  • Rai Rae:

    “the sun also rises”, the plastic pawn, thats as good as any roc’n roll road trip! I’ll still read if you change the name to manspank; though as a private eye, um..I have a few inquirys.
    I’d like the Koi Princess to post a picture or two, of first the plumed out nose,in color por favor, and I need to see the stairs exactly where you took the tumble down. A google site map would be appreciated also, where did all this take place. The vendor; hello, how difficult is it to pay for pyrex glass dildos?
    Seriously, I need more info. I’m still trying to post your banner on myspace, It will happen,I think.

  • Great

    Best wishes,
    Alex – my favourite pharma shop

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