Oh, Geraldine!

Fuck me. The sheer indignance for her to suggest she’s being persecuted for her remarks because she’s white is astounding.

“Racism works in two different directions. I really think they’re attacking me because I’m white. How’s that?” -Geraldine Ferraro

You have got be fucking kidding me.

They’re attacking you because you’re a stupid bitch.

Geraldine Ferraro has without reservation or mitigation stepped into a flaming pile of shit. World Class Stupid. To not apologize or even attempt to show remorse for the way her words have even been percieved, is really fucking dumb. Barack Obama is “lucky” to be black, and that he would not be where he is today “if he were a white man” or “a woman.” These words coming from the first ever female candidate for Vice President of the United States.

Irresponsibly incincendiary and egregiously thoughtless. It wasn’t but a few weeks ago that Shrillary attempted to make meat and potatos of Louis Farrakhan’s endorsement of our man Obama. An event that he handled gracefully and with aplomb on live television.

Shame on you Hillary, for allowing this brand of aspersion to glimpse another news cycle without anything but resounding denouncement. After you, without hesitation, condemn tactics by your opponent as being out of the dirty politics of Karl Rove’s playbook not long ago, over criticism of your health care plan.

Baby, you’re starting to really suck. As much as your husband embarrassed you, you have become a desperate humiliation to his legacy. Keep reaching down instead of up and you will find both hands empty as a result of your tragic willingness to squander.

I used to like you. You have become as transparent as a cellophane wrapper over the head of an asphyxiated toddler. That’s pretty rough, I know. What I’m trying to say here is that the blue toddler is a metaphor for hope. Yeah, that smacks of pollyanna. Fucking sue me.

We as a nation are actually responding to hope. It’s gorgeous.

On the other hand, I can’t stand what’s going on here.

We all, regardless of race or gender, have our own issues with race and gender. I’m no fool. I believe the idea is to recognize them and endeavor to change them. Being accountable for your own sets of bias or prejudice should be the beginning of humility.

I guess that doesn’t happen to everybody.

Geraldine Ferraro should go blow Elliot Spitzer.

Drinks for my friends.

17 Responses to “Oh, Geraldine!”

  • Trueblooded:

    You siad:
    We as a nation are actually responding to hope. It’s gorgeous.
    No, nothing could be further from the truth.
    What you and your scant 25% of the reasoning challenged, population are responding to are vacuous and baseless platitudes given by a crack smoking, no good anti-American charlatan.
    Ferraro only states the truth. If it were not for the fact that Obamma-nation is somewhat black, he’s be nowhere. Obamma is a racist no good fucking Maoist pig.
    Should he ever become president, he will polarize this nation way beyond anything we are currently seeing. He is complete scum.
    He represents the worst of the USA.
    Obamma is just an empty suit dressed around a very calculating and evil no good bastard who parades around this country saying nothing but bullshit line after bullshit line. You who support him would drink his piss if you could just get him to piss directly on your collective faces which is metaphorically what he’s doing when he pompously spews his vacuous evocations of “Change” and “Hope”.
    What a fucking Joke!!!
    He despises this country and is a Maoist, United nations shill.
    What Ferreo said is the only thing she’s ever said save when she admitted her no good ass-wipe of a son is a coke head, that was truthful. And guess what?? All of you liberal nit-wits voted for her and Mondale way back when!! I guess the beat goes on. Your side is one disaster for this nation after another. Obamma-nation is your side’s current example.
    You are right Mr. Administrator, as you stated in the top of your post, I agree, yes, Fuck you.
    You are a no good, pee-brained bolshevik loving America hating prick.

  • Rai:

    Exactly, I don’t need true blood, I’d like this nation to get the opportunity to drink, new blood. New, is always fresher, than the original, thats what I say.,call me whatever or just call me sunrays!

  • greta mcdaniel:

    You WILL remember this video the next time you go through airport security! very funny!


  • Trueblooded:

    Well, I guess you told me. Whew!!!
    I should know better than to mess with such a superior intellect as yours.
    Keep on eschewing that ol’ obfuscation.

  • admin:

    Hey Shitsmear, I mean Trueblood,

    Did you get beat up a lot on the playground? What are you so afraid of? Why are you so angry?

    Bear in mind that addressing you point by point is an exercise in futility, but I’m happy you’re here. A little vitriol and dipshitedness is always good for attracting readers and I think people need to know there are people out there like you.

  • Trueblooded:

    Dear Mr. Admin:
    You are incapable of dealing with the likes of me on an honest intellectual level and guess what, I’m a light weight. HAHAHHAHHA.
    If you ever were to debate me point for point you would lose. Plain and simple.
    But the difference between people like you and I is I am not afraid of facts. I do not “Echew” facts as to not delineate my idea of what reality is as you do. I am not a coward who makes theats to strangers over the internet like you.
    Your blog is a very laudable attempt though at communication but your opinions and beliefs are based in a genuine hate of the USA and a real and genuine ignorance of the United States Constitution. You and all of your fellow comrades who are planning on voting for Uncle Barry, Magic Negro should read it and see that what your boy is proposing is not just unconstitutional but will also bankrupt the USA.
    For example, I’ll bet none of you geniuses here know that if should this country go down the road of despair, hatred and darkness and actually elect the Manchurian Negro, he would not be able to pull out of Iraq.
    Here’s a clue for y’all, evey president that gets elected is bound by the agreements made with previous governments with the president that preceded them.
    In other words, being that Saddam Hussein is not in power anymore and there is a completely new and functioning government in Iraq complete with elected leaders and Bush has made treaties with the new Iraq government, we are bound to have to militarily stay there and deal with the situation there much as we did and continue to do in places like Germany, Japan and South Korea in honoring those agreements made by Truman and Eisenhower.
    Got it???
    You know “Eschew Obfuscation” ????
    Reality is reality. Period.
    Your latest post “ Man in the Picture, The sun also rises” is your best yet. At least you’ve read Hemingway and by your latest post’s beat style, you’ve read Keroake too. That makes you just a normal mess just like the rest of us.
    You are no better of smarter than me or anyone else. Difference between you and I is, I am not a coward like you. I’m not afraid of my shortcomings like you and I’m not at all uncomfortable admitting them to you or anyone else. I’m not anything but just a regular, normal person. I am awake though unlike you.
    I also am not a bolshevik like you.
    You are a pitiful mess like you. I’m just human.
    You are a typical, liberal, foul mouthed pitiful mess.
    I understand your vitrol towards me. It is after all, all that’s left when those of your unfortunate intellectual repose have no other ability to comunicate.
    How unfortunate indeed.

  • Tony:

    Is he a Bolshevik or a liberal, Trueblooded? Make up your mind, considerable a task as that may be for you. We all assuredly bow in the presence of such a great a mind as yours.

    And please, grab a dictionary. This isn’t Redstate or freerepublic.com.

    At the very least, utilize your spellchecker next time you post a rant that sounds like you’ve spent too much time listening to David Duke debate Alex Jones.

  • Trueblooded:

    Please tell me oh wise and wondrous Tony, why (in your mind of steel), do I need to have a dictionary?
    Are you really so stupid and vapid that you cannot understand commonly used parenthetical thought? Is it that you are a spelling fanatic? If so, please be so kind to tell me where I have mispelled and I will take down one less Obamma dart target from my wall.
    Or do you need it all broken down into some form of Ebonics?
    Or more precisely, Is yo. Bein’ done needs you t’be habin dem says whut you’s be needin’ tuh hear?
    Watermelon and grape soda for you and the Admin too.
    You are such intellectual giants

  • Tony:

    First of all, the correct spelling of the name of the black man running for the Presidency of the United States is “Obama.” I believe you spelled it “Obamma.” Strike one.

    Who the hell is “Ferreo”? I assume you are speaking of one of the subjects of this blog, Geraldine Ferraro. Then again, I wouldn’t expect that you’d be able to spell an Italian’s last name any better than you would a black person’s. Moving on, and if you’re keeping score, that was strike two.

    The beat poet you mention, his last name is spelled “Kerouac.” As in Jack Kerouac. Not that spell-checker can be used for names, but I’m assuming that if you mention something like beat poetry, you’d at the very least be able to spell the name of one of its progenitors. Foul tip.

    “He’s be nowhere” You can’t be serious. Deceased English teachers everywhere rolled over in their graves when you typed that turn of phrase. Foul down the first base line.

    “Echew” How can you get this one wrong? It is prominently featured in the banner. Keep swinging, you’ll hit one fair eventually.

    “Theats” Try again.

    “Vitrol” Strike three.

    The dictionary you’ll need is for distinguishing between “bolshevik” and “liberal.” You apparently think they mean the same thing. They do not.

    I certainly don’t consider myself a spelling Nazi, but you have to admit, it is hard to take somebody seriously when they throw out words like “vacuous” and “evocations” (and spell them correctly) but make their readers stumble over such horrors of grammar as I had to stumble over above. It is as though I’m reading a split personality. It is distracting and it does disservice to your argument. Firefox has a spell-checker, and it even works when someone is spewing deluded, John Bircher-type commentary.

    Not that your argument has much merit in the first place, overloaded as it is with overtly racist terminology and paranoid rants about Maoist fifth columnists. Take the tinfoil hat off of your head and come join us here in reality.

    As for my intellectual prowess, you need not concern yourself with that. It is highly doubtful you could best me in honest debate, and in any case, I refuse to engage in a battle of wits with an unarmed man. How does the old saying go, “if you can’t run with the big dogs, it is best to stay on the porch?” Please scamper back up those steps now.

  • Trueblooded:

    Oh wise and amazing Tony:
    My usage of the word “He’s” is a deliberate usage of the language you should learn more and fall in love with more because it is
    “Ebonics” which is the language of your leader The magic Negro, Black Boy wonder Obamma. I refuse to give your motherfucking no good leader any respect. That motherfucker will never be my president. Ever. Fuck Obamma, he’s a no good racist carpet bagging bastard.
    He is no good. No good no good, fuck him and fuck you and everyone else who is in love with the Magic Negro cock sucking fag crack head bastard. Obamma
    Liberals and why they are indeed Bolsheviks like to call themselves “Progressives”, which is a term that was coined by the modern communist party back in the days just after world war II to allow them a better standing in the minds of the weak minded minions like you who lap the balls of no good bastards like the Maoist Obamma-nation all in the name of “Change” and “Hope”.
    The only “Change” you’ll see with Obamma-nation the magic negro is the change that you will have in your pockets instead of dollars.
    You are a spelling Nazi fool too.
    You get the raiment of my posts and instead of dealing with it and actually saying SOMETHING, ANYTHING, that even has a remote smack of intellectual honesty that could even begin to refute anything I have said, you choose to be critical of grammar and spelling. HHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHA, you cannot refute anything I’ve said with any kind of substance. All you have is innuendo and a pseudo-mastery of the language based in an apparent narcissism enlivened by your most recent sycophantic and perverse desire to elect and no good bastard like OBAMMA-NATION, THE MAGIC NEGRO so that you can be a part of this nation’s demise all while feeling good about the fact that you have indeed shown finally, the evil white America, the door.
    I may not be a big dog in your view. That’s totally fine with me. By the weight of your post and it’s points of argument, I most certainly don’t take you or your pitilly attempts at insults towards me or any other thinking American, seriously at all.
    You are a fucking joke like the rest of the Maoist scum progressive, sub-human scum of whom you are a part of.
    Like I’ve said before, if this nation tries to be the “Obamma-Nation”, there is going to be an all out war and people are going to get hurt.
    I’m not at all planning to hurt anyone. But I will defend myself from the ignorant coming hoards of progressives who wish to do me and my family harm by any means that will be effective.
    FYI the term “The Magic negro” was coined by the New York Times. Not me.
    Now go back to sleep you idiot.
    You are nothing but just another of Obamma-nation’s little bitches.
    Go lap his balls.

  • admin:

    “The Magic Negro”. I kinda like that. “he’s a no
    good racist carpet bagging bastard.” I don’t like
    that nearly as much.

    Then you say, “No good no good, fuck him and fuck you
    and everyone else who is in love with the Magic Negro
    cock sucking fag crack head bastard.” I don’t like
    that at all. It leaves me wondering where it came

    You my friend, have yet to make a cogent or relevant
    or even salient point. Were you to do that, I promise
    to engage you with logic and not a little vigor.
    Until you can do that, as opposed to your consistent
    straw man insults and baseless vitriol, I refuse to
    take you seriously.

    Forgive me, but as it stands, you’re just not worth my

    I will say this, Mr. Obama is clearly far more
    interested in healing this divide thus far than
    individuals like you, who are only capable of spewing
    insults and hurling racial epithets in the stead of logic and

    If it is a debate you seek, then talk to me like a
    reasonable man and I will engage you. Continue to
    vomit ugly nonsense, and I will treat you like the
    shit on my shoe that you appear to be.

    In this very blog, I said, “We all, regardless of race or gender, have our own issues with race and gender. I’m no fool. I believe the idea is to recognize them and endeavor to change them. Being accountable for your own sets of bias or prejudice should be the beginning of humility.”

    Take a look in the mirror my friend. You’re welcome to get back to me once you’ve done that with some degree of honesty.

    Until then, you are shit on my shoe and I’m far more interested in those that would confront such issues with common sense and an honest intent to solve them.

    You seem to merely endeavor to piss fuel on a fire that needs none. I have no patience for that.

    Don’t forget, if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.

  • Trueblooded:

    Dear Mr. Admin:
    I thank you for the civility of your most recent post.
    It is most appreciated. I will respond in kind.
    On the subject of Obamma. His whole being is a rife with hatred and latent racism.
    He is a racist. He goes to a church that preaches hate and racism and gave a liftime achievment award to Louie-Louie Farakhan.
    He has an ongoing relationship with Louie-Louie Farakhan who is may I remind you, a complete and total racist. His mentor and a man who is by Obamma’s own admission “Someone who’s been like an uncle to me” is a total flaming racist and seen as such by anyone who is a thinking person. His wife, the venerable Aunt Jammia herself, Miss-shell, say’s that she is “Proud of her country for the first time in her adult life”. One only needs to do a little research to see her vile intentions. I suggest you read through her Princton thesis intitled, “Princeton-Educated Blacks and the Black Community.” which has been pulled from the shelfs of the Princton library, hmmmmm????We’ll what’s next, reparations perhaps? And I ask, reparations for what? I suggest to anyone who questions about the reparations issue, make a pilgrimage to the Gettysburg battle field. Then I suggest you seek out places like Cold Harbor Virginia, Chickamauga Georgia and other well know battlefields and when you get done with that I suggest seeking out lesser known battlefields and finally registered skirmish points which are all places where men gave there lives for the cause of freedom not just for black slaves but for the hearts of all mankind to understand through the great emancipation, that all men are created equal. It was at this moment that something happened that had never happened in the history of mankind’s existence on the planet. That ideal is that all men are created equal in the eyes and creation of God. Obamma is an Obamma-nation of this noble and holy factiod.
    No man can give another freedom. It is endowed by the creator, and is an inseparable part of our human make-up and not at all, by the hand of any man. The US constitution is a written explanation of this and spells out very real and purposeful laws that allow such God given freedoms to be self evident. Man cannot give another freedom. Man can however give another Liberties. There is a huge difference between Freedom and Liberty The very idea that we as citizens of the USA have “Civil Liberties” is in and of itself, an abomination of the ideals of freedom itself. Obamma-Nation, the Magic Negro is all about “Liberty” and reparations for his “People” and all about the US constitution being a “Living document” which is preposterous and wishes to take this country down the road of socialist revolution which will ultimately leads towards communist revolution which is one of the primary edicts of Maoism.
    That my friend is only a part of what these devious people like Hitlery and Obamma-Nation are up to.
    You told me in quite a smug way to go read some “books”. I love it when folks suggest the word “Books” alone as if it is a salient suggestion. Such a statement indeed shows how one’s mind works and I thank you for the insight into your’s. For in just saying to “Go read some books” without any suggestions as to specifics as I gave to you in reply to which you said nothing, one can only conclude that by your engaging in such rectorial buffoonery, you have either not considered this or are just using such statements as a defective tactic to hide your ignorance. That being said, I suggest you read the texts I suggested to you before and read as well, “The little red book” which was written by Mao Tse-tung as well as the Comunist Manifesto by Carl Marx. (No he’s not Harpo’s twin FYI). Also I suggest you read through this link:
    Both Hitliary and Obamma-Nation are Maoists. Obamma-nations political mentor is Frank Marshall Davis who is a dedicated Maoist/Marxist. Look it up. Hitliary’s Mentor is none other than Saul Alinsky who is also held in high regard by Americia’s latest Most favored house boy, Uncle Barry himself.
    You say that Obamma-Nation is the only one who can “Heal the wounds” of this nation??? I beg to differ
    Read anything by Gore Vidal, Norm Chomski, Howard Zinn, all lions of the academic left wing Maoist/Marxist anti- USA scum. All of the above authors are heros of Hitlairy’s, Obamma-Nation as well as the whole disgusting spew that is the Democratic party which has been overtaken by these scum brained malevolent people.
    The supreme court of the United states will be ruling on perhaps the most important issue it’s ever ruled on and today and will determine whether or not we indeed are free men or men entitled only to certain “Liberties as seen appropriate by the proper “Authorities. No matter what, you all better wake the fuck up. Obamma, Hitlairy, or McPain are all bad choices. You don’t have a clue how fucked you are until you start to pay attention. If this ruling today on the Second Amendment goes against individual freedom and in favor of collective liberty, that my fellow citizens is the first real shot that will be fired in the all-out war that will ensue. I dearly hope I am wrong but I fear it will not be a good outcome for the individual right as stated in the term “People”. To be clear, if the the word “People” refered to in the first, forth, ninth and tenth amendments are seen and have been seen as “Individual” rights, then the “People mentioned in the second amendment are most certainly individuals as well. You cannot cherry-pick to suit you ideaoligy and opinions. What I’m speaking of is original intent rather than interpretive postulation.
    Obamma-Nation and Hitlairy are all about interpretive postulation when it comes to the US Constitution and are all about using twisted logic to perpetrate there malevolent intentions of Maoist/Marxist totalitarianism through it.
    You ask me to look in the mirror. Well my friend, I look in the mirror every damn day.

  • I was getting pretty edgy reading this. If I say I’m disagreeing with your post I would say nothing. Reading this is meaningless waste of time.

  • It is one of things I can never understand … how people can think that way. It’s so illogical that it can only be based upon moronity.

  • Dion:

    I’m sure it’s not true! If it was, nothing lake that would have been posted! It sounds so weird! I doubt that anyone would ever believe it!

  • obtaitada:

    Hello my friends 🙂

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