Backward ass country fucks

Precisely what was needed to preserve the fight as is.

A ten point thumping by the She-Clinton.

The rednecks, the Great Unwashed of Pennsylvania have spoken. We are reminded of their collective ignorance. Frustrating at the very least. College grads barely went for our man. Those without, overwhelming support for Shrillary. White, blue collar, by seventy percent for Shrillary.

I am white, of blue collar, arguably white trash, and my people are pissing me off.

The goddamn Catholics go for her. What the hell? No pun intended.

All of the sudden, It is about race again in an agonizing way.

I am profoundly disappointed and very much of the opinion that this divide manifested along racial lines.

There doesn’t appear to be any other logical explanation.

Lest ye be inclined to disagree, study the demographics of rural-middle Pennsylvania.

Um, it ends in ‘sylvania’, like Transylvania. Vlad the Impaler? Just sayin’.

He moves on to Indiana without missing a beat or step. He packs a much larger venue in Evansville than she does in in Philly. The speech does not disappoint.

Still on track to prevail, it will now last until June and I hope no longer.

I’ll be honest with you. Either one will turn Doubtfire into a punching bag when the time comes. Without a doubt. He’s weak, he may have legs but his hands are down on the issues. He has no way to defend himself on the economy, the war and change. You will see him bleed.

The point is this, she can win, but he will bring change. The race is now. The time to bring the best candidate is now, the better of the two will prevail in November. It will surely be a Democratic Commander in Chief.

This is the future, not the general election in November. It is now.

The electorate in Pennsylvania provided proof that they are fools.

The math doesn’t work in her favor unless she bowls seven or eight more perfect games. She won’t. Despite all that’s occured tonight, Shrillary has not shown any quantity or quality to suggest she can do that. The math is still not there.

Super delegates will not oppose the will of the people if only to avoid the perception of disenfranchisement for a third consecutive Presidential election.

Stupid Americans are notoriously stubborn. Then again, so are smart ones.

Trust me, it’s now.

Drinks for my friends.

6 Responses to “Backward ass country fucks”

  • Trueblooded:

    Somebody hopefully will be going to give Obamma-Nation the old Bob Kennedy treatment.
    Look out boys and girls cause if Hiliary somehow is allowed to be his VP, the magic negro will be shot and killed in no time so she can then be president.
    How bout a McPain/Hitliary ticket?
    Now that would be interesting.
    McPain against the Most favored jiggaboo (MFJ).
    Mcpain would win hands down and then Hitlairy would give him the pill and have him put down like an old race horse so she could be president.
    Rememeber, McPain was going to run as a dem not too long agao.
    You Mr. Admin., have a very short sighted understanding of us real Americans who can see through the racist communist vail of Obamma-Narion.
    MFJ, is a utter coward, is an intellectual midget, is an overt racist and is an anti-American charlateen communist held up by the likes of you and your ilk’s no good piece of shit collective selfs.
    The white house might well be occupied by your racist, no good leader but he will never, ever, be president of whole the USA.
    And if he’s ever taken out, I will as well as many real americans, put the picture of that true patriot who does the deed right over the mantle of my fireplace, right along side John Wilkes Booth, Lee Harvey Oswald, James Earl Ray and Sirhan Sirhan.
    Fuck you and all who support the most favored jiggaboo, (MFJ).
    It’s getting towards crunch time children.

    Obfuscation eschewed!

  • NoPlayRgurl:

    I want the Bobbie Kennedy treatmeant myself,I’m ready to roll down, no play dead. Trueblood, As I stated, revelotion is on, chick; just don’t get caught by the man cause they will throw yo ass lock up with the rest of the rebels, mostly Black folks.Every ass on this planet has racist issues, its freaky babyish the way yo all nutzoids over a half Black man. Bitch this country is alredy owned by Asians, They’ll enslave yo dumb ass fo sure HO! I would never protest a war, cause yo dumb asses have it comming.

  • NoPlayRgurl:

    Does anybody fail to notice what these snot ass college grads, have delivered up to the American public already? Yale peeps like Shitlary, and Boy Bush suck, the life out of working Americans, and have boosted our mega dependence of fossil fuels.Boy Bush, is “like my daddy has mo money den yo’s” to Bin Forgotten Laden, his play mate. Not to mention, the ignoramus Catholics, and stupid, right wing Christians; of course they are looking for Shitlarys commie health care, fo mo babies, fo mo wars. I wish these fake, fucked red white and blu Christianots would ban together and go fight the supposed enemy. This would be great television, not to mention a great culling of the mentally paralyzed. I feel this n’ my blood repeat world war 3!

  • Topless waitress:

    cocktail hour; One, two, three’ o’clock Drop
    4, 5, 6, o’clock Glock
    Tic, toc, I’m about talking,and rhyming and flowing.., in circles with the clock.
    Enemy dancing to rhythms in der head, they step in my way and 2 drop they dead.

  • Tony:

    Time to break out the hip waders. Bullshit’s gettin’ pretty deep in here.

    Can you just imagine what it’ll be like come August? It’s gonna be a long summer.

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