Open letter to Pennsylvania

I can barely bring myself to talk about it. I was both entertained and informed by the local CBS 2 news at eleven. I regret that I can’t exactly remember why.

I’m not yet prepared to say people in their forties shouldn’t smoke pot.

Laura Diaz still inspires lust but the whole team seems more vacuous than ever. Insipid. Ridiculous. She’s too skinny for me anyway.

Pennsylvania goes on the block tomorrow. Could be heaviosity.

I’m a little excited.


Can I be anticipatory?

Laura Diaz is banging Jimmy the sports guy. I can tell by the way she introduces his segment. Pretty cozy. She calls him Jimmy.

Jim Hill is almost bad enough to be as good as Fernell Chapman or the late Hal Fishman.

Guess the Lakers are doing well and Kobe is happy. Thank Sheezus and Jimmy.

I hear Dumbya was on Deal Or No Deal. I watched that show once, for forty eight seconds.

I hear the Pope was here.

Pennsylvania goes on the block tomorrow.

Could be the big one. Be all to end all.

Were our man Obama able to keep within say, five or six points, most pundits would see him as victorious. You already knew that.

The official Brainspank forecast is for our man to do at least that well.

People are tired. The ones that aren’t actually stupid are tired of being called that and are actually paying attention. For what’s it’s worth, he didn’t call them stupid. He called them pissed off with good reason, and he was right.

Nearly the entire mainstream media labeled deliberate nuance a watercolor rendered by fingers. Fools. Looks like the people got it.

He is smarter, more inspired and far less beholding than the other two.

I imagine there were swaths of our history where a combination of such virtues may not have matched so perfectly with what is so desperately needed as of yesterday.

No free lunch. He will inevitably disappoint us. No human could avoid that. But, he is our best bet. Young, full of piss, vinegar and what I hope is a sincere and realistic helping of idealism.

I’m completely willing to cast my vote for this man and his wife. I imagine that will be your choice come November Pennsylvania, work with me here.

It is REALLY important you don’t screw this up.

Make America proud, you backward ass country fucks.

Drinks for my friends.

3 Responses to “Open letter to Pennsylvania”

  • Trueblooded:

    Fuck Obamma-Nation and all who support his slimey no-good for nothing shitbag self.
    You Mr. Administrator are no different than the stupid bastards who follow any messianic type into hell. Your leader is a fraud. A racist fraud.
    Fuck you and your no-good communist politics.
    I hope Obamma-Nation has some sort of accident. The kind where his head comes into contact with sometime quite unforgiving.
    That no good motherfucker will never be my president.

  • NoPlayRgurl:

    Of boiz and blood; Don’t sweat this, they ain’t no hope.., When n Rome, do as the Romans do, we still in Rome, same people that delivered up the Bush and Clinton dynasties present a repeat t.v. drama! Obamas won’t be show, its a no go…, I need to blo this town, we already down. Yesterday, Shitlary stated we didnt know what to expect after the 2000 election; oh really? Not only did I expect Bush to win, i expected the fossil fuel war,and 911, hell the twin tower attack came from within. Reinstate, the military draft, then lets see how long this middle east war will last!

  • admin:


    You’re a profoundly disturbed and sick fuck. Glad you’re still reading but it wouldn’t bother me if you disappeared………….

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