Behind the bitter curve.

I was reluctant to even address it. I was naive enough to think it was a dead or dying story. So overtly silly. I was wrong about it’s legs, but not about it being an incredibly stupid issue.

Our man Obama suggesting the downtrodden are bitter. Here’s the dumb part: They say he’s an elitist because of that rather benign, yet truthful observation.

Shrillary ran an ad today exploiting said concept. That woman is shameless.

I honestly can’t believe this shit.

I wasn’t so amazed when Jon Stewart revealed we’re on the same page tonight. No call beforehand, he never does. I was gratified when Jeffrey Toobin from CNN pretty much called it like saw it. Cool.

Ever notice how CSI Miami is version 2.0 of Miami Vice on HGH, but stupider? I watch five minutes until Daltrey screams and move on.

Anyway. There was goddamn hours long analysis of of this disgusting lump of head cheese tonight on every network as well as cable news.

Somebody help me out here. Who’s making all this Kool Aid? Who’s distributing it? Why are they drinking it?

I’ll bet it’s grape or cherry. Shit, it’s both.

Is this in any way as serious as lying about being under sniper fire on a diplomatic visit in a foreign country?

I’ve been on the fence about Shrillary riding this horse until Denver. She’s a close second and therefore a viable candidate. Who are we to deny her a finish in this race?

I no longer think that way. Too many glimpses into her toy box. I am done. She needs to walk away. She didn’t slam that shot, she sipped it. Bad form.

That’s her new name. Shrillary Bad Form.

You know what I hate? It’s the naked desperation. They are pale and sweaty as they utter this crap about being one of us as opposed to a black man from Chicago who worked his way up. It’s hard to watch because it’s so simple and because it’s bullshit. Doubtfire is descended from admirals. The Billary sits atop hundreds of millions.

McCain and Clinton are mired so enthusiastically and pathetically in this impetuousness, it’s become compelling evidence our man Obama can and will beat both of them.

There is fear in their hearts and they can’t hide it.

They want our man by the side of the road so they can have cold passionless reptile sex.

I’ve gone too far.

In all seriousness, Senator Barack Obama is no longer the mere best of three, He is the only one that has proven he deserves to lead you. Us.

Watch the ball. Don’t be stupid.

Drinks for my friends.

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