Bitter Truth

“So it’s not surprising then that they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations,” he concluded.

Of course their bitter, I am.

Perhaps the only thing wrong with that sentiment is it’s being of maybe too broad a generalization. It is however, true in at least some contexts. Shrillary endeavors to use the remarks as an adhesive to affix a label of elitist to our man Obama.

Forgive me here, but that’s fucking absurd. Abandonded by his father at two years old, a mother who died young and eventually being raised by grandparents; in so many ways, Barack Obama is the epitome of the American ideal of a self made man. Whereas Shrillary and her husband sit atop a pile of filthy lucre so vast it would feed and clothe a third world country. Nothing wrong with that pile save for the component of hypocrisy Shrillary insists on injecting.

This is non-news on a slow news day as far as I’m concerned. I’m an agnostic and therefore not of a mind to give a shit about any of it. It’s transparently disingenuous. Silly season.

We can do better than this. The Little Bootlicker should be drawing this kind of fire for sponsoring the idea that those very people die for one more day, much less a hundred more years, in a pointless war based on lies and for aspiring to keep tax cuts to the rich permanent. If Shrillary is looking for an elitist, she need look no further than John McCain. Silly season indeed.

In light of that, this kind of rhetoric is destructive, irresponsible and smacks of desperation. It is more than likely that Obama will secure the nomination and Shrillary has just handed Doubtfire a box of bullets with our man’s name on them as well as emptying his piss bag for him. Way to go Hills. You continue to disgust.

Meanwhile, back at the conflagration, gas is four bucks a gallon, eighty thousand jobs lost last month, people are losing their homes right and left, a seven hundred thirty six million dollar “embassy” the size of the fucking Vatican opens in Iraq next month while our troops suffer more casualties and deaths last week than any other so far this year. How’s that “surge” working you pricks?

You’ve got be fucking kidding me.

Drinks for my friends.

9 Responses to “Bitter Truth”

  • Max:

    Hey Micheal,
    I’ve been away for awhile hoping this shit would have been soughted by the time I got back, evidently not.
    The surge is working, the surge is working, thesurge is working. They keep saying it without cessation effortlessly breaking the will of the corporate media communique, much to the publics despair.
    The covers are coming off the apathy building apparatus that is the coming US election, “on tenterhooks” is the phrase that comes to mind.
    I fear we could drop Hillary in a volcanoe and the bitch will still get the nomination.

    I needed that
    Cheers mate

  • Stravingus:

    I still can’t believe she had the balls to say that shit.

    “Elitist”. Wow…

    Hillary Clinton has managed to whittle away at whatever respect I may have had for her, which wasn’t exponential, but was there to some degree. All through the campaign, she’s been looking like this crazy ex-girlfriend who is starting to unravel.

    She wants the presidency TOO much.

    What a cock-melter.

  • Trueblooded:

    The MFJ continues to be outted for what he really is.
    A no good POS.
    Hitliary is doing nothing more than using truth only where it benefits her. Typical of her ilk.
    You Mr. Admin, as I said before would drink the Obamma-Nation’s Piss if the MFJ told you it was lemonade and you’d be willing to shoot anyone who questioned his “Authority” and the “Sweetness” of it’s savor.
    You make me laugh with your worship of this hedonist, no good piece of shit Obamma-Nation.
    You are one lost, down-right stupid, non-thinking and socially deranged “Typical” white boy.
    You must be afraid of black people. I am not at all. I am one of those white folks de’ collud fellas gran-pappies tolt’ to dhem about’s.
    For the record I’m not afraid of blacks. They bleed just like I do I’ve found.
    I enjoy watching the MFJ, Obamma-Nation fry.
    The party’s just gettin’ started children.
    Wait till the election comes and we get to the real war.
    By the time it’s over, no matter who wins, this country will be divided like it’s never been.
    Oh and BTW!??
    You want lower fuel costs?
    Try getting the enviro-mentalists out of the way, drill in Anwar AL, drill off of both coasts and anywhere inland, create a standard one formula refining standard for the whole nation build just 10 new modernized refineries and fuel will go down below a dollor a gallon.
    I’ll bet very few of you know that Gasoline is a by- product of the refining process. That’s right children. That’s why it was so cheap for so long.
    Right now there are different refinery blends for different parts of the country. Why not make the cleanest batch which is the Cailee-forny blend and apply it to the rest of the nation as a core refining standard?
    The reason is that would make too much sense.
    Too many fat rich people would not get they’re horsies to ride or they’re pools to swim in.
    In short, Greed. Corrup-rate and enviro-mental interests are equally guilty of it. As well as every stinking politician in Washington.
    Greed complicates and convelutes everything, from taking a stance to taking a crap.

    Obfuscation eschewed

  • X Rai:

    Trueblood, Why not make all gasoline the CA blend, cause you ass aren’t of us. No, there will be no drilling off the CA, coast we are a separate nation from the rest of you. In CA you don’t need money in the bank, just a good education,a profitable tribe, or a piece of real estate, will do. We are the rebellion, the power people know, not to muck the fuck around with us. Regarding fossil fuels, last week, I offed two Texans, in an attempt to entertain you, but your so scary, I was afraid to let you read it. I’m not big on teaching hate, but believe man, I do know how to eliminate. Bitch Hillary, copies, my colors, and they didnt even look good on her, that strange, parakeet Naranja jacket, she wore. My ears are still ringing, most likely scared from the screaming gunshots. I ask myself why I didnt just go, marry a republican, with a flag, or a car as their emblem. Why didn’t I go to school to become, a Occupational therapist, or move someplace inexpensive to live, like Portland, or Port Arthur, Texas. Trueblood, I understand your too polite, to just step up and mess with me, but if we were ever alone, you’d try to break my neck in private, then cover up your action, and try to blame a black man. You are most definitely afraid of blacks, all men are, and men are also, seriously afraid of one another. all the same, I’m glad some lib-tard threw a life, raft down to ya, I appreciate diversity, and you sir are very unique.

  • Neo-native American:

    I’m not of you Hillary,I apologize,I may look like a white person, or housewife, I try not too. I need authentic dignity,not availalable for purchase from Macys. I can’t have others looking down at me, and then pretend to feel American. They call me Boy with their eyes, all my people have self destructed, not on cheap sex, but from self loathing. The reality that we are the lower class, that has always been enticed to kill, and weaken your competitors, has destroyed my people. You and yours wish to divide, and destroy, us, you won’t last if that happens, I’m sure. I have no use for your policies.

  • Stephen:

    “Bitter?” Them’s fightin’ words! Why should the heart of America be bitter? We got a can-do attitude. When our politicians sell us to the highest corporate bidders, take away bankruptcy protection, and bail out Wall Street with our tax dollars, do we complain? No, because we’re patriotic. When we are snookered into a ruinous war, attack not the terrorists but Iraq so that the oil companies, Halliburton, and the weapons guys can profiteer – we soldier on to the mall and buy up a storm. Nothing stops our indomitable spirit. On my tombstone it will read, “Spent as much as I could.” May God take me to heaven and take the presidency away from that elitist truth teller guy, Obama.

    BTW take a look at this:

  • Tony:

    I think Senator Obama, if he hasn’t already, should take a trip to Gary, Indiana, which isn’t located all that far away from his home base of Chicago. Or perhaps take a trip to my hometown of Sandusky, Ohio. Then perhaps he’d see why people are grasping at guns, and religion. Grasping at whatever they can to get through the day.

    “Free trade” fucked us here in the Midwest but good, and I have to be honest, I’m starting to question exactly how “progressive” Obama is, if he feels that anybody who dares question the wonders of NAFTA is a deluded evangelical gun nut.

    I was offended. It is just another stab by his campaign at voters in states like Ohio, which he lost. He just doesn’t seem to understand what motivates us, or what makes us mad. And to a state of blue collar workers, yeah, his comments did smack of elitism.

    If he’s not careful, it could hurt him in the general. Those evangelical gun nuts could end up voting McCain. He might be able to sneeze at Ohio voters now, but trust me, he’ll be begging for those 20 electoral votes come November.

  • Neo-native American:

    Hillary swugs a shot, to present, herself as one with the peeps?
    Cheap ass shot, insulting to the peeps.
    What; we are only what we consume? Are we different brand names depending on our sex or skin color or which part of the country that we reside in? Is she subliminally saying no jobs but no shortage, of brew? She is a Ho!
    This is why she is viewed by me as an elite snob. Present yourself like the person that you actually are; would you? What think your, sophisticated, beyond our comprehension?
    We have the mental capacity to discern, those politicians whom intend to represent, that which is good for the nation, and our collective well being.
    She didnt need to dumb herself,down or pretend for anyone! If they see us as stupid, fools rest assured they will continue to treat us as such. Absolutely nothing new to learn about the three presidential front runners. I’d like them put an iota, of effort to learn more about us, and what we truly value, and what crap we just won’t tolerate. I’m sick of corporate America and its emcees, like Hillary trying to dumb us down, and define us according to their own profit margin.

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