I implore you.

We have a situation here.

An issue I’ve struggled with for some time.

It concerns someone who’s not necessarily welcome here. On this blog.

An interloper, if you will.

I dislike the idea of censoring anyone. But this guy is not only relentless, he’s agonizingly redundant. He’s a bigot. A racist. Incendiary for the sake thereof and some kind of narcistic asswipe.

I’m pretty confident he’s not serving any public good. Nothing beyond or above prurient. He does not desire to enrich or enlighten. His impetus is to damage. He cares not to inform because he has nothing to say.

What do I do with this fire on my stove?

Did I mention he’s an insufferable dipshit and I gave up actually reading his comments some time ago?

Anyway, here we are.

I get hundreds of reads a day on average, but not many comments. This will require your participation. What would you have me do? You have three choices.

You need to actually vote by commenting. I’m not kidding. I want to hear from you.

*If you find yourself unfamiliar with this subject, it would behoove you to read the comments left by an individual calling himself Trueblooded on just about any of my political blogs in the last few months.*


A. Kick this dickhead out of the pool, he just stands there and pisses. Are we gonna wait for him to shit himself?

B. Fuck it. He’s an asshole, but let him have his daily vomit on your blog.

C. I cannot be bothered to give a mad fuck. Bitch.

D. Bacon tastes good. Kill him.

Talk to me.

Drinks for my friends.

16 Responses to “I implore you.”

  • suzie Q:


    Thank you for posting this blog.

    I think you’ve been putting up with him because you are a reasonable and reasoning person, with a mission. You want your work to make a difference in the world, with your writing and with the thought and discussion and hopefully extending action you intend to initiate. You recognize we are in grave trouble in the world, in this messed up country, and you know some sort of community can happen in the context of these discussions and this is your contribution to that. Given that one of the problems with the world, the country we live in, is censorship, you’ve been refraining from stopping this asshole from “speaking”. It’s an honorable hope.

    But a false one, with regard to him. I think some people, like this one (if he’s a person, and I have my doubts) are not interested at all in what we are interested in, nor in your integrity. He doesn’t contribute, he detracts, constantly. I think it’s likely he makes it an unpleasant choice for others to consider posting. He’s foul, and foul mouthed. In short, he’s nothing but a troll. Which means we have to consider: Do we pay his rates, or tell him to fuck off, so we can:

    –think together
    –talk together
    –figure out what to do together

    Or keep wasting precious time dealing with his sickening racist, sexist, homophobic, classist, stupid, criminally insane, posts?

    I hope you dump him and anyone else who obstructs community and treats others with disrespect. Don’t worry about him–He’ll find someone else to mess with.

    The public discussion can be good for us to see, for future reference. It should be part of your permanent archives, since it will happen again, from someone else, or the same shit-head…

  • The Conquest:


    I love bacon…

    Have you ever witnessed the slaughtering of a pig? You wanna? Because I wouldn’t mind… 🙂

  • admin:

    Suzie Q, my guess is you vote A.

    Conquest, did you want to vote?

  • suzie Q:

    Woops–Yes, yes: Aye for A!!!

  • The Conquest:

    Yep, D!

    If that cannot be arranged, I’ll settle for A.

  • Tony:

    You already know my feelings on this subject.

    I’ll have to go with A. As much fun as it is to watch someone shit themselves repeatedly by the side of the pool, we’re all busy people. Do we honestly have the necessary time to take to try to stop him from pissing in the pool as well?

    D might be wicked fun, psychologically pleasing, and overall beneficial to humanity, but it’s still illegal. At least if you’re somebody who still cares for concepts such as the rule of law.

    I’d say adios and think no more about it. You’ve been more than tolerant, and considering this particular instance, were I Catholic, I’d recommend you for sainthood.

  • U ? Authority:

    IFfin’ day nuttin’ pos-tive or cree-a-tive ta say, den deir ass’ are out dove da puel, tell dem ta shut ta *uck up, and ta go home!
    Divisive diatribe gains nothin’.
    Hasta la vees-sta, baby.
    Best wishes thoughts peace prayer’s your way and to your’s.

  • reiyalight/ Rev. Wright:

    I’m, a.k.a..Doberkim, X Rai, Dolphkim, many more: Blood needs to be put on strict restriction, for hate and abusive talk. He has abused your hospitality and any attempt of friendship. I’d have appreciated hearing about whats happening in his life, and that of his business and family…,He is coming from a place many of us do not know, though he made little attempt, to inform us of his struggles, or accomplishments. Perhaps you should give him four months time out. If he returns, with a sincere desire to communicate, well that would have to be your call. Every ship must have a captain!

  • Egotuus:

    D, if not A

  • Truthfully, that’s why I’ve only read your blog, and not commented. It’s like when you go to somebody’s house and there’s a drunk guest at the table who’s cussing people out. You want to say something, but it’s not your house, and you don’t want to disrespect the host.
    But as with disrespectful guests….you throw them out on their ass and if you’re feeling charitable, call em a cab.

  • He’s had his say. He’s adding nothing to the discourse, only spewing shockingly horrendous and offensive statements that make you wonder if he’s an avid banjo picker whose mommy is his auntie and daddy is his uncle. Thank goodness these cretins (he’s likely of Appalachian origin) only make up 9% of the population, some of whom may even be alright, but many of whom continue to be a thorn in the side of America; racist, backward, horrible excuses for human beings/Americans. True Americans strive for the basic tenants of our Constitution, equal rights for everyone. Yes admin you did that when you first let him speak. Yes we need to know that these people do exist. Okay we got it. Now give the creep the boot.

    vote – A

  • Cherie Thomas-Wood:

    I haven’t read anything written by this person but doubt I’d be phased. Call me jaded as I’ve heard it all in my 60+years. Also, I fall back on Freedom of Speech eg. I might not like What someone says but will defend their Right to say it! And Yes, Ignorance does breed Contempt!! In time don’t they just fizzle out or become Politicians?

  • reiyalight/ Rev. Wright:

    Whipshit, Trisshit, seem to have given out my email address to department stores. I don’t dress like that please don’t give my (e) dress to anyone else. I don’t think you over used the word hover. But in general woman, don’t like beauty marks referred to as moles, and woman don’t have adams apples. If you see a confused bag lady speaking in tongue, out by the entrance to Ralphs, in Sun Valley it may be me, don’t run me down with your red scooter!
    That park, over by you is awsom, do you take walks over there? I didn’t set that last week, the air was so f’d though ya know? Geez talk about oxygen thieves!

  • Philet:

    I picked up on this matter on myspace and read some of the comments you’ve alluded to. For what it’s worth, I’ll go with “A”. For all the reasons you mentioned, his “comments” don’t serve any reasonable discussion or debate. In fact, they stop any true discourse because they’re so evil, so bigoted and ignorant, they become a spectacle in themselves like dead animals burning in the middle of the road. He’s just a low-life vandal, a punk on a mission to make things look and smell rotten. Yes, he’s pissing on himself in public. That’s a perfect analogy. But, in the end, this asshole is one sick dude. One shouldn’t engage with a delusional sociopath. He’s like Rev. Wright, the crab in the bucket. Time to put ’em both in boiling water!

  • Trueblooded:

    None of you can dispute anything I’ve said.
    You offer nothing but excuses and same vacuous re-speak from t Obamma-nation.
    Obamma-Nation offers nothing. His banner of change represents lies, dishonesty and Maoism.
    Please tell me SOMETHING, ANYTHING, that can be gleaned from the MFJ’s website that proves the above statement wrong.
    I’ve been through this asshole’s website and there is NOTHING there that even suggests anything good for this nation.
    I’ll say it once and I’ll say it again, SOCIALISM AND EGALITARIANISM IS BULLSHIT, which is what what Obamma-Nation, the magic negro is all about.
    Like I said, prove me wrong, point for point.
    Fuck your chain-smoking, stuttering, no good socialist fuck leader. My money is mine not some sort of slush fund to be re-distributed to people like the ones on this blog who feel I should be penalized for working hard and saving money. I have one graduated, one in college and two to go and I don’t need Obamma-Nation’s foul fingers picking the pockets of my kid’s college money which is why I work as I do.
    Fuck you all of you and your no good leader who wish to destroy everthing I’ve worked for these 36 past years.
    Once again, they put down the wrong horse this weekend.
    Too bad.
    About being censored , well I found this blog through a craigslist ad. An open invitation. The left is all about stifling and putting down my any means necessary, anyone who disagrees with them, (see the “fairness doctrine”), all of your desires for censorship are no surprise. That you all can’t handle the truth is but prefer the nursery rhymes your leader spins and will silence anything or anyone by any means is nothing new when it comes to speaking about totalitarians. You may think I am a racist, but you are all far worse, you are all nothing but a bunch of Maoists.
    Fuck all of you.

  • crazy like a fox:

    Urgent; I have a situation here…, do you like the name Que-Drea Van Ray? R u o.k.?

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