Maybe it’s the economy stupid.

It’s not so simple.

See, the war in Iraq is the eight hundred pound gorilla in the elevator. We wage this obtuse war on credit. The thick residue of it’s flesh, lives maimed and lost, and insane amounts of money will all be borne by families, taxpayers in and of the future.

You and your children, for a very long time.

It’s dumb. Egregious. Irresponsible.

One half of one million dollars a minute.

The dumbest shit I’ve ever paid attention to.

I paid $4.33 a gallon for gas today. Sixty fucking dollars to fill it up.

Two of the assholes running for the highest office in the land are endorsing a suspension of federal gas taxes for the summer as long as you don’t attempt to fill up while wearing white. An idea that would further jeopardize the rotting infrastructure in this country as well as as jobs that rely on federal contracts generated by those taxes. In the scheme of things it will save you enough to buy an extra loaf of goddamn bread.

One candidate points out the folly of such a suggestion and says it’s not a policy that will save you money, but rather a gimmick to make the other two more electable. They piss back by saying it’s further proof of his elitism.

How fucking stupid are you America? One candidate is straight with you and the other two pander shamelessly.

I paid $990 dollars for a root canal today. It was a molar and it felt like I was getting my head pierced. Over two hours in the chair and I still have to go back. We’re not done drilling and filing in my skull. Next time you’re feeling down about your subprime loan, sit with your mouth open like you have a flip top head for two hours.

I did get some vicodin out of the deal.

Foreclosures are at the their highest rate since the Great Depression.

There was a time when we were the smartest, most progressive and wealthiest country on the planet. In seven short years we have re-emerged as the dumbest country in the most rapid economic and ethical decline on that same planet.

I have long aspired to maintain an open mind. Only now, I’ve developed an ever increasing empathy for those “liberal elitists” that simply walk away from a conversation that begins with any extolling of the virtues of one George W. Bush.

The failings of this man and his administration have become a litany so considerable, to document it would be an exhaustive and agonizing career; suffering the worst and most unaccountable human idiocy, day after day. A really pissed off life. Biographers of Dumbya are about to own the highest suicide rate. Over dentists even.

I’ll do it for $50k. Seriously. In a heartbeat. Bitch.

Five years ago yesterday, “Mission Accomplished”. What a retard. What a gaggle of roundheads. How’s Louisiana? Anyone?

And then we come to today. Just like yesterday. John McCain is alive and well and still running for President. He is a hundred and eleventeen. His wife is an appallingly rich, steely eyed fembot from Stepford who’s face has been in the garage more often than any AMC Pacer still on the road.

Dumbest car ever, by the way.

Forgive me. What I’m trying to get to is this. How the fuck is Doubtfire a legit contender? This guy is a doddering ass with indefensible positions on the very policies Americans scream about in poll after poll. Could it be that the Democratic panoply under the big top is what’s somehow infusing his carcass with buoyancy?

Well, that would make us jackasses, wouldn’t it?

Drinks for my friends.

8 Responses to “Maybe it’s the economy stupid.”

  • U ? Authority:

    NCLearningB-4, now, is mandated.
    new Gen-zing, prudently vegetated.
    Do not mess with these “minds” of Mensa,
    try common sense, just proves you densa?
    Go ahead, build the “field of dreams”,
    property confiscated, a legal scheme.
    Other’s are in the field of running,
    check them out if only for funning.
    Abominable, snowman?
    Atrocities, gas prices?
    Gen-o-cide, dis-infectant?
    Hunger, McDonalds?
    Shocked, only “other’s” with tasers, dude!

    Drink ’em while ya still can.

  • My best friend and I were talking about the suspension of the gas tax. The infrastructure is already crappy….I can tell you as a person that walks on a regular basis that the streets need to be fixed….and now that I have a job where I can afford a car….I can’t afford the fucking gas! I guess it’s the transit pass for me…..
    I think Clinton and McCain were separated at birth…or some sick version of the Coriscan brothers…
    I really don’t care about who’s elite or not. I don’t care about the words of a candidate’s pastor. I want to know which candidate is going to actually do the goddamn job when they get in office, and get back to the U.S. of A some semblance of respect from the rest of the world,
    I don’t want a candidate I can drink a beer with. I want a candidate who’d opt for the Chablis, with a side of foie gras, and be so intelligent that being it their mere presence would make me feel intellectually philistine.

  • crazy like a fox:

    The gas tax break, they are wanting to dole out for the summer will help the mega gas guzzling people. I’m thinking Humvees owners who need to tow large boats and water craft, so they can have fun, fun,.., while people are dying in Iraq. Tit, will hairly affect people like me because I live with in my means anyway. And every time we stand in line to buy gas, ching a ling ling who profits, not me, that fo sure! To begin The revolution, should be where do we drop our dimes, I’m thinking get your dental work done down in Mexico,
    their upper class citizens, usually do universities, in the U.S. then go back across the border where its cheaper to set up shop.

    ON the subject of our borders, and that I myself have many, many aliases, while we are busy cleaning up Iraq. Of course the catholics would never allow illegals to go fight the war, not to mention our government which is in collusion, with corporate America. McCain is Condi, and Cheneys’ Bitch, but McKy D, is to stupid to know this..,the above mentioned work for crapo Americas interest and profiteering on the backs of whom ever is stupid enough to be an American tax payer. Ho Hillary works for the Interest of Israel, her big Billy is heading rapidly into senility!
    This nation, will be taken over, by foreign entities, where Democracy will no longer be the rule of law. The citizens so are busy standing in line to buy…,and won’t even notice! Educate yourselves, then Immigrate out for its too late, to get the F out, thats what I say!

  • Trueblooded:

    This country was never a “Progressive” Nation.
    If you don’t like the gas prices, blame the fact and i mean FACT, that there hasen’t been any new oil wells drilled or refinerys built in the last 30 years.
    Blame the “Progressives” that are running the Democratic party. The enviromentalist elitist fucks who are bringing this country to it’s knees.
    We need to drill everwhere we can and built refinerys.
    We also need to have a single refining standard by whice all fuel is processed.
    This will bring fuel back down to affordable levels and is the ONLY THING THAT WILL WORK.
    Everything else is bullshit cooked up in the minds of nit-wits like Obamma-Nation and his ignorant supporters who believe we can do better by shutting down thew very thing which has made this nation great which is an economy based in an ability to support itself through abundent affordable energy.

  • crazy like a fox:

    T/blood, There is no shortage of petro, I’ve lived amongst the wealthy they drive huge vehicles large enough to tow, they boats, and yachts. Not to mention huge fancy R.V.s all over the place. I never hear references to rationing; hello, do you? Most retail outlets, ship, and boat almost all that America consumes, via fossil fuel usage. We don’t need a temporary taxes holiday, for the fossil users. We need to use way less gas, for the purpose of being an independent self sufficient economy.
    Instead of taking in the ass, from crap-ass corporate America. Were I agree, the government should get their filthy hands out of your pockets. They have been elected, and hired to do the job of running and monitoring the country. But these elected officials refuse to be of the people, or for the people. They’ve got there nose, in the economies and policy’s all over the fuck’n planet, where they see profit for the clueless elite. And for this America will go down! We are in revolution mode, here, and you’ve clearly chosen the side of the clueless.., I’m glad to hear your children are heading for institutions of higher learning perhaps, their will be hope of a minute infusion of enlightenment to future generation of yo familia. Progress is a word referring to actions taken for positive change, versus starting shit, and pretending to be oblivious to the fact that we allowed, the 911 attackers in for a given reason. To give, the military complex, and corporate American an excuse to establish a larger presence in the middle east.
    Your issues with people of color is infantile, and pathetic. Your a big baby!

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