Guess who’s introducing shit to the fan?

Why that would be our man. The Little Paste Eater. Dennis Kucinich introduced thirty five articles of impeachment against Dumbya in the House o’ Reps last night.

He’s already delivered a carp in newspaper to Darth Cheney. Cheney had it deposited in a dumpster far from his residence and shot the man who delivered it in the crotch with an antique blunderbuss. There were reports claiming his footwear was very pointy that afternoon.

I would not deign to tongue the sack of the esteemed Paste Eater myself but I can be counted on to pitch in for hookers and booze. I’m good like that and everyone knows a man needs his balls licked now and then. I’m just goddamn giddy over this. Kucinich rocks.

Didn’t see it on TV today. After all it was really only about illegally spying on us and lying about every aspect of the war.

I understand Britney is contemplating having her vagina removed.

Did you hear McClellan is gonna show up before the House Judiciary?

Oh, and the second part of some Senate intelligence report came out last Thursday saying pretty much the same thing.

It’s nuts. One of the most logical reasons to leave Iraq is that there was a complete absence of logical reasons to show up and do what we did. If you sincerely believe the world is safer, you’re an idiot.

If you think we’re fighting them over there so we don’t have to fight them over here you’re not being intellectually honest with yourself and you might be an idiot.

If you believe you’re better off than you were six or seven years ago, you’re rich and most likely greedy. Or, you’re an idiot. Not mutually exclusive terms by the way.

If you think the health of the planet is not being influenced by the fact that their’s too fucking many of us you’re being intellectually dishonest with your bad self. Good chance you’re an idiot.

If you’re of the opinion that John McCain is going to do anything other than add tonnage to your financial burden, you have ‘assfasia’. A condition where one’s face resembles ones ass so closely that the bowels are confused as to which way to move. Same diagnosis if you’re of the mind that he has a clue about what to do in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan or any country that starts with a U.


I’ll be urging you to eschew obfuscation and avoid being stupid until early November.

Drinks for my friends.

6 Responses to “Guess who’s introducing shit to the fan?”

  • Tony:

    As regards to Kucinich- when in doubt, always count on an Ohioan to stir the shitstorm.

  • Oh, I totally trust McCain with the economy. Everyone knows that engaging in contractionary fiscal policy by balancing the budget, while of course we are pouring billions into a war, is the best way to pull America out of the recession. Numbskull.

  • You can fill a book with the impeachable offenses committed by this administration. And that’s just the stuff we know about. Kudos to the paste eater.

  • Max:

    Hey Micheal,
    I think I read some of this in my DIY Psychiatry book in the chapter titled “diagnosing idiocy”.

    “I would not deign to tongue the sack of the esteemed Paste Eater myself but I can be counted on to pitch in for hookers and booze.”

    Gold just gold.

  • CHRIS:

    HEY MIKE HOW are you doing ? Haven’T SEEN YOU SINCE HOOTERS GIVE ME A RING . Where are you watching the debate?

  • admin:

    Hey Max, thank you very much.

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