Just, you know

Is it a good thing that stupid people don’t realize they’re stupid?

If it’s good, who exactly is it good for?

The stupid? Yes. For them at least, it may be good. Like a handicap you’re not aware of. Everyone allows you a certain amount of trespass you wouldn’t normally be afforded. Because you’re stupid.

What about the rest of us? These fuckers can be dangerous. They cause traffic accidents and bar fights. Power failures and endless wars. They are the chronically dim. Forever in twilight. They bring us grief on a scale that is overwhelming when compared to their actual prowess.

What do we do with them?

We need for them to own their stupidity. If they understand they’re stupid perhaps their expectations will be lower. I think the logically inept ought to be given handicapped placards so they’re not circling endlessly in parking structures. I really like that word ‘placard’.

Stupid people should board early at the terminal. Seat the drooling fucks first so the rest of us won’t be disgusted or inconvenienced by their confusion.

Stupid people should not be allowed to write checks in any retail business. They don’t understand the common courtesy of having most of it filled out beforehand and they’re instantly confused with writing out the total numerically as well as in english.

Maybe they shouldn’t have checking accounts. Maybe they shouldn’t be allowed to drive. I wonder if we shouldn’t set cognitive benchmarks for people to be able to take advantage of some of life’s privileges.

Like if your IQ isn’t at least in the triple digits, you’re not allowed to drive or operate heavy machinery. Ever think we might be better off if both members of a couple were required to write a few paragraphs with nothing less than complete sentences before being allowed to reproduce?

I know that last one was rough but c’mon. Where are all the dipshits coming from? They come from other dipshits. Don’t be stupid. Please. They are breeding!

I’m in favor of taking their cell phones away.

I know we can’t impose such rules, but the dipshits really piss me off. They vote. That worries me. They are chronically underinformed and unable to process what little they’re able to take in. They dress funny. Then they sit in front of you on a yellow light while waiting to take a left and the oncoming traffic has ceased. I’m never suprised to see a McCain or Bush bumper sticker.

Either one of those is an idiot’s flag. I adore that they are proud enough of their guilelessness to wave a freak flag so ostentatiously. I’m impressed by more than any other idiocy, the abject hubris of not understanding just how dumb you are.

Inevitably it ends up being a gift of lesson for most of us.

They give us something to rise above.

Is there a way that we can keep them away from us and among themselves while still allowing them access to Ralph’s and Starbucks?

I’m not looking to punish them. They can’t help it.

I just don’t want them around me. Interacting with me. I don’t want them to touch me. I’m confident they hardly ever wash their hands.

Hot dogs are flavorful and they’re special too.

Drinks for my friends.

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  • U ? Authority:

    Stupid is as stupid does… .
    N[othing].C[hildren]. L[earn]. is B[eneficial].
    What quality education?
    We can’t have that, for an informed citizens is dangerous citizen.
    History is about to repeat, hang on….

  • X Out machine forced oppression:

    Hello my friends…,Choclate flavored wiena’s on the 4 th of July. They melt in your mouth not in your hands, so much fun. Candy, cause I’m a yankee doodle dandy, nine or ten years young. Candy cane flavored penises, and X rated friends.

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