Edwards moistens stinger

It goes without saying, as an enthusiastic supporter of John Edwards, as someone who believes in him and his message, I am profoundly disappointed with the news today. I feel for his wife, his family and his miserable self.

I will always insist, regardless of an individual’s political affiliation, or anything else really, that private life should remain private. Doesn’t matter whether it’s a public figure or not. Absent crimes with victims, it’s simply not our business.

I’m disgusted by the sensationalism and exploitation that has no doubt just begun to gather volume and velocity.

The train has left the station.

I refuse to judge any married man or woman who would stray. It’s not my place and I’m confident it’s not yours.

Nonetheless, reality is unrelenting, so my anger and disdain are acute and I’m plenty pissed off. As David Gergen so adroitly pointed out on CNN, he knew exactly what he was doing as he sought the Democratic nomination for President of the United States. Were he to have prevailed in that contest, we’d be witnessing the comprehensive implosion of Democratic hopes for the White House as well as a severely deleterious shitstorm for the party.

Irresponsible, wreckless and reeking of hubris.

An incredibly dumb move.

I do believe his intentions to help Joe Six Pack and the less fortunate, were and are sincere, but I’m furious over such selfish and stupid judgement.

It’s almost certain that his political aspirations have come to an abrupt end. I believe it is the least he deserves. He was clearly willing to jeopardize the entire future of America in her most dire of times and that really, really sucks. Therefore, so does he.

Did he endorse and probably encourage torture? Did he send thousands of Americans and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis to their deaths for a lie? Did he flout our Constitution? Did he deliberately break the backs of our middle class by further enriching the already filthy rich?

The answer is no.

He ran a spotless campaign.

Would he have made a good President?

My opinion is absolutely yes.

It is abundantly clear however, that he doesn’t deserve to be the leader of the free world any more than George W. Bush ever has.

That is a fact that saddens me more than you know.

Fuck me, this sucks. It’s gonna leave a mark. It’s gonna leave a stain.

Drinks for my friends.

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  • admin:

    I’ve just watched the interview on ABC.

    This Woodruff guy needs to shave both directions. Yes, I understand who he is.

    I’m comfortable questioning the sincerity of Mr. Edwards having watched his testimony on ABC. He is lying to us. Not sure about what.


  • Reiyalight1:

    http://www.huffingtonpost.com/politics/………… McCain Dazed and confused on this is a good one!

  • fusoid:

    The noble bull dies too big a death in the ring for the cowards watching from their seats. (mangled Kerouac quote….)

  • Reiyalight1:

    Married creeps have always showed an excess of unwanted interest in me when I am alone. Way more than single dudes, this is probably why females are attracted to the bad boys. For me it was necessary to have a man to intimidate the unwanted advances of all the horrible creeps out there. Like I say mostly creeps that have wives, or several children. The art of Intimidation is necessary for survival; when you are a female.

  • Yes, he’s now a sleazeball….but that shouldn’t detract from his political message…and it’s still a slight bit better than some of the current administration’s lies and secrets….


  • Tony:

    A goddamned shame. The man was actually speaking to the real problem in this country. That there is such a thing as class, and that ours isn’t winning the battle.

    The shame lies in the fact that when it came to class, he left his on the bedpost.

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