You know, Scarlett Johansson……..

is ridiculously hot.

What we have here, is a letter. A forged letter. A letter penned by our CIA at the behest of our White House.

The letter was intended to allow Dick-in-Bush, both hands empty of WMD, to save some face. Oh, and to continue propagating the fear so masterfully wielded ’til now.

This, after unilaterally invading a sovereign state that posed no threat to us. The neocons were looking to avoid the visual of nothing but empty sand running through their fingers.

Of course, there’s the eighty billion dollar oil surplus in Iraq. Wanna bet who gets that? I bet we won’t hear shit about it after tommorrow.

There are laws on the books forbidding any American intelligence agency from distributing false propaganda or disinformation in any territory controlled by the United States including, of course, all fifty states.

A guy named Tahir Jalil Habbush, chief of Saddam’s intelligence.

A Pulitzer winning author who wrote the first real book detailing events behind the curtain of Dick-in-Bush, “The Price of Loyalty” (January 2004), about Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill. Good book. The tip of the iceberg.

He wrote another book. It’s better than the other one. “The Way of the World: A Story of Truth and Hope in an Age of Extremism”

What is known:
The Bush administration ordered the CIA to fake a hand written letter from this guy Tahir Jalil Habbush to Saddam hisself. The letter details all things that never actually occured. It was meant to be proof that Hussein was pursuing the production of nuclear weapons AND that there was a direct connection between Iraq and al-Qaida.

The “memo” was dated July 1, 2001. It was written late in 2003. It says that 9/11 hijacker Mohammed Atta “received training in Baghdad for “attacking the targets that we have agreed to destroy” but also carefully noted the arrival of a “shipment” from Niger via Libya, presumably of uranium yellowcake, the sole export of that impoverished African country.”

It’s complete bullshit. Beyond an elaborate falsehood, it is an egregiously distorted fabrication with nothing but a symbiotically enhanced affair between avarice and malice as impetus and catalyst. I may have just puked in my mouth a little.

Man, I hate these guys.

This all happened on George Tenet’s watch. He, along with Franks and Bremer, recieved the Presidential Medal of Freedom. These two facts make Tenet a pock-faced scumbag.

Ladies and Germs, this is your government. This is your government on greed and lust of all things power.

At this point, I’d like to invite any backward ass Republican to explain to me what concerns he or she the most. Just what, beyond this little snippet of potentially embarrassing information, might cause unrest among you?

Is it oil?
Sorry, they fucked that up.

Is it the economy?
Sorry, they fucked that up too.

The enviroment?
Bad news boys and girls.

Health care?
Ehem. Whoops?

National Security?
Fuck me.

The entire geopolitical dynamic from debts and deficits to human rights and respect?
Um. Fuck. Me.

Drinks for my friends.

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  • David Lee 3:

    & now do you STILL think WTC7 makes any kind of sense?

    namaste my friend

  • David Lee 3:

    I forgot,..
    what about the anthrax revelations?

    I’m drunk as fu*% & my butchery of the proper construction of English phrases is bar none.

    I started trying to invent my own language long ago & have forgotten all the etiquette – forgive me…

    but I’m still as pissed off & with you on this.


  • admin:

    Nothing is so obvious as this abject foolishness. WTC 7 is a symbol of denial. A lesson in the effectiveness of plausible deniability. A monstorous ruse.

    A symbol of America as willfully ignorant.

    A pandemic of stupidity.

    Evidence of just how fucked we are.

  • Reiyalight1: Can your man Rick play Jesus, for our Broadway production of La Bible?

  • Reiyalight1: I’d like your man Dan to play the role of Joseph. Actually I think red snapper is prettier than Scarlett. There is this picture of her in a sparkly red low cut outfit, Hot enough 4 sure; is she gone? We need her for the Virgin Mary. Look her, and Dan will never even have to actually have sex. He looks very virginal himself. I’d like Deanne to be both biblical consultant, and play the role of a boogieing black winged angel. Can she dance?

  • Reiyalight1: See this pict here is the one I’d like superimposed over a portrait of Hunter, this picture will be opposite of you, or something like that. He most likely has knowledge of the inner workings of the Bible, so he can be your 1st assistant.

  • Reiyalight1:

    Hey Hunter, Can you see near the beginning the star of David? Vin Rock’n Roll 4 ya!

  • David Lee 3:

    We are so deeply & widely fucked (must be someones’ stance) right now without lube.

    They eased us into it years ago by using a little lube & just putting the tip in..little by little, bit by bit deeper & deeper with less lube every year since JFK was axed. Now it’s becoming obvious that what is happening is nothing less than the rape of a once proud & great nation.

    But I have hope.
    I do see people waking up all over.

    I am still compelled. The truth is a compelling force & it cares not what anyone’s’ opinion is. More often than not, the truth usually fuckin’ hurts like a bitch!

    Boiled down, it seems the two main choices are either love or fear.. It is getting easier everyday to see what side someone is on (is it not?).

    Thanks admin: I will have been blogging, leaving comments about, proselytizing & yelling at people about WTC7 for almost 7 years now (Come late Oct). The first 3 years were the worst. Imagine how alone I felt & how crazy people would look at me (like I’M crazy!) during that time when Fox was the rage & we were all whipped up.

    namaste you bad motherfucker

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