Guess what?

If he were white, this would be over.

All that talent, all that charisma and all that intelligence. If he were white, McCain would be bucking for a cabinet post at best. “JFK” would escape the lips of Americans without hesitation. If, he were a white Christian male, just as attractive with just as much presence, saying exactly the same things and landing precisely where he does on every single issue, next. If he were white. We’d be all but finished here.

Race in your face bitches. No shit.

This sucks. They are lying to you so hard, with such desperation. If you buy it, we are laughing at you. Like hyenas, we stare and point and you wonder if the monkey is you or them. If that happens, understand you might be a redneck. Or gullible enough to be flirting with retardation. By the way, the monkey is you and them.

See, they just floated an ad that alleges Our Man prioritizes sex education in the first grade over children learning to read. That’s regoddamndiculous. It’s a bill that promotes educating young children about sexual predators. How’s that for a dirty political fucking lie? Makes Willie Horton and Kerry’s war record look Fisher Price. I dare anyone to explain this one to me.

Shameless, with a simultaneous assload of vanity. I really hate these guys.

Our Man shows up on Letterman and he’s brilliant. Detail, like Bill. A firm grip on the world and forgive me but he’s a regular dude. Likable, smart and funny. Then I see him on CNN, bright and lucid. Comfortable plumbing the depths of policy. Specific, learned and at ease.

McCain was charming. Made me laugh and threw some meat out there. He did well. We liberals are supposed to stop saying positive things about neocons. I call ’em like I see ’em. He’s still a coward, masquerading as a maverick, pretending to be an independent thinker. The truth is, he long ago lost sight of why he’s here and is now only capable of picturing the brass ring. The prize. He’s empty. He likes shiny things.

I should focus on this for a minute. Doubtfire has a friendliness deficit and Palin has the charm of a middle aged junior varsity cheerleader. Talk to her at a kegger and get back to me.

I want to tell you something. I’m just gonna say it. I relate to this guy because I’m not dumb, He’s smart and I’m not dumb. He’s smarter than me and I like that. I think you should too. No matter how stupid you are, you should at least be able to tell that this guy is way brighter than you or McCain and that should be reason enough for you to vote for him.

Haven’t we just suffered for over seven years because of our President’s stupidity?

What’s her name did her very first interview tonight as a potential VP. Charlie Gibson ABC, asked her in a glasses on the nose Ben Franklin way, if she experienced any hesitation when McCain asked her to be his running mate. She didn’t blink. She said she told Doubtfire if he thought she could help the ticket and the party, then absolutely.

She said this, as opposed to asking, even of herself, if she could function as President of the United States. It appears as though it never entered her cheerleader brain.

And for what it’s worth, she had no idea what the Bush Doctrine is.

Her calves were hot though.

Drinks for my friends.

10 Responses to “Guess what?”

  • flifishun:

    Charlie threw “existentially” out there a few times. I don’t think she had a clue.
    “I’m, like, so ready to lead”

  • Solsarosso:

    If he were white AND didn’t have a name that rhymes with Osama. People are idiots. Good call on the eensy-weensy no-big-deal distinction between “helping the ticket” and being the mothafuckin’ president of the precariously perched US of A.

    Ever see the movie idiocracy? What the fuck, we’re already there. Sarah Palin IS a shiny thing. I’m so horrified.

    Make mine a dirty stoli martini.

  • admin:

    Haven’t seen it, I’ll check it out. Thanks.

    Coming up!

  • flifishun:

    Idiocracy- reallly great premise for a movie, not great movie. But you’ll get the idea. stars Luke Wilson from the Royal Tenenbaums(GReat Movie!) if your into that kind of thing.

  • Solsarosso:

    I disagree flifi, I think it’s great movie. You have to let it be completely dork-ball cheesy and go along for the ride. It’s an intelligent film done in a dumb way because it’s about stupidity. I think you’ll get it, M 😉 Mike Judge is a great social satirist. Vastly underrated.

  • admin:

    I think you guys are talking about Bottle Rocket. Drinks?

  • Solsarosso:

    Haven’t seen Bottle Rocket.

    Pay close attention to detail when you watch Idiocracy.

    Yes please, make mine a triple – I need something to knock me on my ass so I don’t have nightmares about Sarah Palin skinning and gutting wolf pups.

  • Monica:

    I totally support having a black man for president. I can’t wait for Senator McCain to lose this election and have something fresh for a change. After 43 white guys,why not have a black run things? I have no problem with it. I also hate what I’ve been reading in the magazines and newspapers that Senator Obama is a Muslim.This is bull. He has stated many times that he is a Christian.

  • admin:

    Cross your fingers.

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