My 9/11 blog

I’m sorry for the loss and the tragedies and the lies. It did affect me personally, but it turned out ok and my fiancee was safe. She was there and she was a flight attendant for one of the airlines. Scary for about forty minutes. I’ll take that and be grateful. That’s as far as it went for me and mine.

I am thankful.

We are no longer together but I’m happy she still roams the earth. Talked to her today.

Drinks for my friends.

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  • Tad Dunbar:

    My friends, I have been voting Republican since I turned 18 in 1972. My Mom and Dad have both always voted a straight Republican ticket, and their parents voted Republican before them. We loved Bush the 4th and Ronald Reagan. If Nixon were still alive, I would kiss him on the mouth. Hell, I’ll kiss him on the mouth now if someone wants to go dig him up. The point I want to make today, though, is that for the first time in our lives, I and my entire Republican family are ashamed of our Grand Old Party. We are sick to death of the lies and the lack of principle on the part of Senator McCain and Governor Palin. Last night over a nice family dinner we had a discussion and I was shocked to find that, like me, everyone in my family intends to vote for Obama in November. Even crazy cousin Jimmy, who has lice. So there you go. And to all my fellow Republicans who still intend to vote for the former hero McCain, let me warn you : the more you attack Obama the stronger he becomes (sort of like Obi Wan Kenobi), and the more Republican voters like me and my family will switch and vote for him! So stop attacking him for God’s sake. Or, keep attacking him. I forget…

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