It’s true

Doubtfire was indeed funnier and somehow more caustic than Our Man at the Alfred E. Smith thing. He did very well. Props. His jokes were better, his timing superior and his sword sharper. Very funny.

Reminded me of the McCain I had reason to admire some eight years ago before he was beaten and left to die by the side of the road at the hands of the neoconservative trifecta of Rove and Dick-in-Bush.

He understands he’s got nothing to lose. Poor bastard.

It seems insane to me that I considered voting for him then. I did though, I thought about it. I remember standing in the shower considering it. We Democrats are silly like that, all pie in the sky for logic, sensibility and integrity.

Maybe that’s who he was back then, I don’t know.

History will see tonight as a dignified swan song. A brief whiff of the man he used to be. Sweet to be reminded of a man who has since lost his way. Well, kinda.

Our Man did just fine. Somewhat more self deprecating, a bit more humility, a blade not as sharp and ultimately less funny. Oh well. Can’t win ’em all. Water under the bridge.

Man I want this to be over. There is so much to be done. So much needs to be jerked from the now and put right for the future. Our future. Time is wasting. Atrophy. Deterioration and effects deleterious. Players and clowns and people not serious. Oh, the humanity.

Joe The Plumber, who’s not a plumber, evinced by Doubtfire twenty one times last night. Not a plumber, under a tax lien and not enough capital to buy a business worth only about a hundred thousand dollars. He would actually benefit from Obama’s tax plan.

It get’s worse. He compared Our Man to Sammy Davis Jr., yeah, his tap dancing skills. On top of all that, he looks to me like Joe Sixpack and Madame Skinhead procreated. Say it ain’t so Joe!

Good God you people are fucking stupid. It’s like when you’re really baked, you’re not sure if you said it or thought it.

I’m sure I saw it.

“It perfectly sums up the entire mythos that this conservative populisms functions on……….there’s this tremendous gap between the mythical creature “Joe The Plumber” and the actual real life guy. It shows that the modern Republican party etc……..are so much more invested in a caricature of ordinariness than they are in actual real life ordinariny people…..” – Christopher Hayes, Washington Editor of the Nation magazine on MSNBC with Keith Olbermann.

I think this brand of obfusicatory bullshit should serve as McFuckstain’s actual reckless and desperate legacy. Just like Dumbya and all the rest of the flat earthers. Begone you fucks. Enough is a fucking nuff.

And you thought I was gonna be nice.

Drinks for my friends.

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  • David Lee 3:

    My new nickname for McCain is “blinky’.

  • flifishun:

    Christopher Hayes is right.
    Joe the Poser, completely caught up in the myth… of himself. Truly believes “I will be wealthy soon, if the damn liberals would just stay out of the way”. Fully prepared to vote against his own self interests. What a tool.
    I’ll be at the Obama rally tomorrow in St.Louis, taking pictures and taking in the circus.


  • Mark:

    McCain and Palin are trying to sell you on their candidacy in the same way sub-prime mortgage companies duped their victims. The difference is that this time, it’s the whole country that will be in danger of foreclosure.

    Don’t make the mistake that Obama has this election won. The people must vote on November 4th. No complacency, my fellow Americans. We can’t afford it. The only way we give ourselves a chance to claw our way back to greatness is to make sure you get up, get out and vote. If you registered recently, just take some time to verify that you are still registered. We can start down the road to healing the wounds of the last eight years. It starts with sweeping clean the debris of failed ideals and poisoned policies, and you, my friends, are the broom. Let’s start sweeping.

  • Fuck you Mike:

    Fuck you all.
    I hope someone shoots your nigger leader

  • Is that all you’ve got to contribute to the conversation? Because frankly, it would’ve behooved you to to keep that to yourself. The racial slurs are getting old, and just proves that this country really needs to evolve past this crap.
    Instead of lashing out, how about examining what the hell you’re afraid of?

  • admin:

    Read the new blog.

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