A hit piece and a suprise ending

When the going gets weird, the wierd turn pro.

Dedicated to the memory of HST.

This whole thing is about to be a screaming, hungry, five year old nihilist with a full and oozing diaper, in a Burger King, sporting a flamethrower as well as a bleeding ass rash. It’s about to get regoddamndiculous up in here. Wait! Add swarming cockroaches. Rednecks and roundheads will go full tilt boogie as they realize they are going to lose their country to gasp! Liberals and a negro.

Let us hope that is the worst of it.

Yesterday, Doubtfire went after Our Man for outing Joe The Plumber and invading his privacy. You’ve got be fucking kidding me. I got nothing here. Not true, I have lots. Nothing usable though. Vitriol and utter open mouthed incredulity. Flames and super powers. Fucking fucks. The only thing I have to say is, who’s the idiot here? Him or you? Maybe Joe the Plumber? All of the above.

Yup, Nailed it.

My microwave has a whale in it. Sounds like that anyway.

I wanted to let you know that Michele Bachmann is a shameless cunt. Congresswoman from the sixth district of Minnesota. I’ve watched her on various networks spewing the worst kind of smack you can imagine in a painful Fargoesque, Minnesota dialect not unlike Moosewoman’s. She smiles and her grin is toxic. Venom and caustic fluid flood her bottom lip only to hang in snot like threads from her chin.

I’ve rarely been witness to such stupid coming from such an ugly human mouth.

“The issue before the American people is……Sarah Palin and her qualification, She easily has more qualifications than Senator Biden and Senator Obama put together if you look at executive experience, she’s been in an executive position for TWO YEARS” – Michele Bachmann on Larry King Live

Alaska ranks forty eighth in population, even when the territories are counted. Nobody lives there.

I bet I could learn to run the 7-11 in two days.

“Bachmann on Friday told MSNBC’s Chris Matthews that Barack Obama is not the only anti-American member of Congress. “The news media should do a penetrating exposé and take a look. I wish they would. I wish the American media would take a great look at the views of the people in Congress and find out: Are they pro-America or anti-America? I think people would love to see an exposé like that,” she said.” -dumpbachmann.blogspot.com

Can you say Joe McCarthy? I gleefully share with you that to date, her opponent, El Tinklenberg, unfortunate name aside, has raised nearly half a million dollars as a result of Bachmann’s splendorous stupidity.

Here’s more:

“[Pelosi] is committed to her global warming fanaticism to the point where she has said that she’s just trying to save the planet,” Bachmann told the right-wing news site OneNewsNow. “We all know that someone did that over 2,000 years ago, they saved the planet — we didn’t need Nancy Pelosi to do that.” -TPM

On the gay community and same-sex marriage: “This is a very serious matter, because it is our children who are the prize for this community, they are specifically targeting our children.” — Senator Michele Bachmann, appearing as guest on radio program “Prophetic Views Behind The News”, hosted by Jan Markell, KKMS 980-AM, March 20, 2004.

“Yesterday in a House hearing on the financial crisis, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) spoke on what caused the situation. To make her point, she read from an article called “How A Clinton-Era Rule Rewrite Made Subprime Crisis Inevitable,” written by Terry Jones in the right-wing publication Investor’s Business Daily.

The article criticizes the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) for pushing “Fannie and Freddie to aggressively lend to minority communities.” Jones goes on to say that Clinton was misguided to push “homeownership as a way to open the door for blacks and other minorities to enter the middle class.” -thinkprogress.org

Like this shit is Clinton’s and black people’s fault.

See a pattern? It’s like Republicans welcome women as leaders, so long as they show potential for beauty queen of the right wing. Lockstep demagoguery. Douchebaggery. Counter to their very interests as a vagina owners. I guess they be whacky Christians first and foremost.

Oh my.

Can I tell you I just had an image of Cindy Stepford McCain going all cougar on Ann Coulter? I swear I’m not gay. I just had to wash my hands.

I am a carbon based being. So are most of my friends.

There’s more than a few among us that are based upon another element. Silocone? Like the Horta from the original Star Trek. Not like us at all. Rolling, emotional pizzas, longing for mother and in tremendous pain. Silicone based life forms.

That shit’s not right.

If feces were among the elements listed on the Periodic Table, I suspect one would need look no further.

Concentration of wealth.

“Redistribution of wealth” is what they sing about these days. An awesome example of opposite day, counter truth and pure bullshit. They piss and moan and lament that it’s socialism. Couldn’t it theoretically be the redistribution of our wealth back to us?

The literal intent of Republicans and Neoconservatives has been exactly that. The concentration of wealth. No more dramatic in world history than the last six years. Trust me, it’s true. Don’t make me do the math because I damn well will.

I can’t toss a pebble without finding exemplary ripple, proof, of what has been taken from us and distributed among the wealthy. The Middle Class is an endangered species. Like it or not, everyone needs the Middle Class. A republic cannot thrive or even survive without a robust but ordinary, honest and hard working majority. We are way too top heavy and beginning to lean trepidatiously.

I may have made that last word up.

Unfortunately, Hell hath seen the fury of America’s middle class and frankly, from Beelzebub on down, they aren’t impressed. Yet.

There is gorgeous irony in the Republicans lamenting voter fraud and elitism. Cause for rage when they throw RACE into the mix. Fuck these fucking ignorant cracker clueless bastards that haven’t been able to taste or even smell the shit sandwich they’ve been gnawing on for the last eight years.


This shit is ridiculous.

***Now, pay attention. There is a reason I’m about to tell what I’m about to tell you and I get to it before the end.***

I began writing this particular blog on Friday evening. I spent some time on it last night with the intention of finishing this evening. Most of you are are no doubt aware, a typical impetus for my writing is quite often disgust. I do a lot of name calling, often employ crude and vulgar analogy, both in the interest of levity and entertainment. It’s cathartic, but all in the spirit of good clean fun.

Never have I remotely suggested physical harm be visited upon those whom I choose to rail against.

At least I hope not and if I did I bet it was funny.

You should also know that I have the ability to censor any and all comments left on brainspank. I’ve always chosen to let people say anything they like, utilizing the function exclusively to eliminate spam. I welcome dissent. I actually wish more people would disagree with me.

Since launching brainspank in December of last year, there has been only one exception to this. An individual calling himself “Trueblood” became so hateful, incendiary, vicious and alarmingly bigoted, I was forced to consider deleting his comments. I was torn, so like a true coward, I left it for my readers to decide.

It was unanimous, everyone who weighed in thought I should censor this guy. Since then, that’s exactly what I’ve done.

Predictably, the tenor of Trueblood’s comments devolved into pure hatred and threats of a personal nature. Whatever, I’m a big boy. I went on deleting and ignoring them and he eventually faded away. Today I recieved another message from Trueblood and I must admit, it gave me serious pause. So much so, I had to actually stop and give serious thought as to how to handle it.

One of the reasons I tolerated Trueblood for the time I did was I believed it was in the interest of my readers to see first hand that these kinds of people are out there. I’m allowing his comment this time around for that reason and for one far more important. To expose this individual to the authorities. First thing tomorrow morning, I’ll be contacting the Secret Service and providing them with his e-mail address etc. Up to them to determine whether he’s committed a crime, I cannot in good conscience, decide for myself that he should go unnoticed.

His specific words today and his pattern of behavior in the past, lead me to wonder just how imbalanced this guy is. I do know he’s dancing at the edge of both fear and rage.

For now, you can find his exact words in the comments of my last blog entitled “It’s True” posted on October Seventeen.

I wouldn’t mind hearing from you all on this.

By the way, former Secretary of State Colin Powell threw his weight behind Our Man today. Thought I’d leave you on a positive note.

Drinks for my friends.

10 Responses to “A hit piece and a suprise ending”

  • Betty Tarkinton:

    I’m going to find the guys comments and read them. There are a lot of dangerous people coming out of the woodwork lately. The latent racism in this country has been awakened by McCain’s smear campaign against Obama. It will probably get worse.

  • Betty Tarkinton:

    Oh yeah, that comment is not to be ignored, especially when we know that the KKK is still very active. They were at the the debates in Mississippi but were not wearing their usual attire. They no longer wish to be easily identified.

  • admin:

    Thanks for the support. Thanks for reading.

  • Fuck you Mike:

    That I have to resort to such tactics just to get into the conversation and that you would wish harm me as you did in the beginning, remember yoiu said you wished to beat me up?
    Forgot about that didn’t you?
    Well now Let me say emphatically I wish no harm what so ever to Obamma.
    The harm is going to come in the form of carnage and destruction that an Obamma administration is going to foist onto this nation.
    I have no idea how I will survive this as do many americans.
    That I had to resort to such retoric is in my mind a true represetation of the facist mind of the rabid Obamma suppoter typical of the moderator who wishes to along with the marxist leader he so worshops, destroy this country and trun it into a nation of emaciated wimps like him.
    Fuck you Mike.
    And fuck Obamma and all who support him.
    But i personally do not and will not do him any harm what so ever.
    I’m not into violience really.
    He is not an american.
    He is a new world order shill.
    You all have just fucked this nation hard and from which I feel we will never recover.

  • If you have to resort to such conversation to get into the conversation, doesn’t reflect kindly upon you. That’s a tactic a petulant preteen would resort to in order to get attention.
    You’re worried about what an Obama administration is going to do to the country? *ahem* HELLO?!?!? I guess you think the quagmire that we’re in now, is a fucking bed of roses????

    As for fucking up this nation from where we’ll never recover….Bush probably already did that…or have you been hiding under a goddman rock?

  • flifishun:

    Michele Bachmann has crazy eyes.
    The term “anti-Americanism” has become very popular. It rolls off the lips of many conservatives with great ease. No one in the media seems to question its use.
    Chomsky says the term “anti-Americanism” comes directly from the totalitarian lexicon of the Soviet Union, when dissidents were accused of “anti-Sovietism”.

    Anyway, I went the Obama rally in St.Louis.
    Waited an hour and half in the middle of a line that was literally a mile and half long.
    I have the photos to prove it.
    Very diverse crowd.
    Nothing but good vibes from everyone around me.
    I’ve never seen anything like it for a politician in America. 100,000.
    Obama-“All I can say is, Wow!”

    McCain held his event the next day in the St.Louis burb town of St.Charles.
    Think Republican National Convention but with more women and children.
    This was a ticket only event that drew a “packed” crowd of about 3000.

    Mike, I see what you mean about Trueblood.
    A regular Jimmy Sunshine.


  • solsarosso:

    Having read all pertinent comments, I am finding it somewhat difficult to reconcile “I hope someone shoots (him)” and “I wish him no harm whatsoever”. What an ass. I’d like to see this guy locked in a room with Michelle Bachmann and both of them given a lot of bad acid. Can you imagine how scary she would look on acid?? Call it aggressive-hippie wishful thinking.

    On that note, I’ll have an absinthe.

  • raindancer:

    Seriously, who is Palin? She smirks and attempts to hide her own shock at her new position, she can make no sense of McCain.
    She has gone against McCains stance on Gay marriage. Her reason?

  • admin:

    You try to justify your bigoted vitriol by sang you were forced to “resort to such tactics just to get into the conversation”. Piss up a rope, I’m not buying it. You’re a coward.

    For the record, I never said “I wished to beat you up”. I did say that if you said to my face some of the things you said on my blog I’d probably punch you in the mouth. What you said about Obama is profoundly irresponsible and without a doubt, far beyond reprehensible.

    You very well may be dangerous.

    Guess what? If you were to repeat your last sentiment to me in person, I’d swing as hard as I could and you’d have asked for it.

    Your next comment will be a detailed apology and a sincere attempt to convince my readers and I why I shouldn’t turn your racist hateful ass over to the authorities.

    At this point, I have every intention to follow through tomorrow. Consider yourself lucky I had such a busy day.

  • From the previous thared, since the Field is out enjoying himself like he should this weekend.”What do you think that Black folk are going to do if Republicans get “their” country back? After bringing guns to where the POTUS was, telling talk show host that when you say the N-word 11 times reload, deficating on Dr. King’s memory and making it a joke, do you think that black people are going to get on their knees and pray? No they just might act 100 times worst than the Tea Party and they would be justified. For almost 5 years the WHOLE media and Republicans have been treating minorities LIKE SHIT. Do you think that Blacks would bring guns to a Republican’s rally? Would Hispanics? How about Gays? You get back what you put in the universe. Republicans Karma don’t look so good.”Kid, they’re banking on this to happen, so they can finally live out their fantasies of “protecting the nation” by engaging in color-aroused Ku Klux Klan-style genocide, this time on a far-wider scale with implicit backing by the government.The moment us Negros and any other minority groups show up at the U.S. Capitol with guns in tow is the moment the rest of America shows its true colors and replicate the Rodney King beatings and Oscar Grant’s murder nationwide.Of course, it will genuinely fuck the U.S. and leave it sucking wind as a second-tier nation dangling over the precibice of falling into third-tier status. After the bloodlust dies down, the entire nation will begin to resemble Kentucky, West Virginia and the other southern and Appalachian states — a bunch of poor bastards who let color-aroused bloodlust blind them from their reduction by the Powers That Be to nameless, faceless commodities that can be used up, discarded and replaced at will by the Don Blankenships and Massey Energies of the world.”Goobers are always yapping about what America “affords” you, especially us unappreciative black folks.Even though they hate the government.”Because they expect blacks to put on their “happy darkie face” and express unending gratitude for the meager scraps that come their way, courtesy of the ever-so-benevolent White Man: “yassuuh” “thank yuh suuh” “i’s delited fo dis suuh”It’s what they want to hear. They want themselves to feel superior to those poor little Negros, again.

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