So here we are

Two weeks to go.

“The sun has gone down and the moon has come up,
And long ago somebody left with the cup,
But he’s driving and striving and hugging the turns,
And thinking of someone for whom he still burns.” -Cake

Limbaugh has rendered judgement, he’s determined that Colin Powell’s decision to both endorse and vote for Barack Obama is entirely about race. Despite Secretary Powell’s rather eloquent and thoughtful oratory on the matter, Rush Limbaugh, The Human Shitsmear*, has unilaterally declared a Four Star General, Former head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Former Secretary of State, Colin Powell, to be fool enough to only see the color of a man’s skin. Fuck you Mr. Limbaugh, your days as a right wing clown entertainer are almost at an end.

Desperation on the part of McCain Palin has devolved, as predicted, into racism, fear mongering and lies with enough girth and mass to cast a damp an ominous shadow. It’s disgusting and reprehensible. It is not however, what I genuinely fear.

What I fear most is larceny. Twice, America has seen the Presidential election wrested from it’s hands by brazen zealots masquerading as mid-level election officials. Citizens assumed they were there to serve at our pleasure and protect us from the very thing they perpetrated. Katherine Harris and Kenneth Blackwell. Florida and Ohio respectively. Republican insurgents. American Traitors.

Fucking google them.

Understand the balance of power in this once great nation is more important to those who control it than you can possibly imagine. They will do anything. Whatever it takes, to exert prerogative and ultimately hold sway over the precariously fragile and all important sum of influence. Not merely in corridors hallowed, but in your minds and evil willing, your soul. They will blacken it as much as you let them.

Forgive me but Michele Bachmann has kaleidoscope eyes. She’s fucking Stepford spooky to a degree that makes Cindy look Fisher Price. I wish a pox on her campaign. Pustules on her supporters. Man I hope she loses her seat. I hear her opponent’s coffers are spilling over due to her recent windfall of ignorant fuckery. Wanna bet she goes away for a few weeks?

Two women, poignant examples of blackened, horribly charred souls. If you’re a regular reader, you know of at least a few more. Ann Coulter still draws breath. It’s getting ugly out there. Watch your back and pay attention.

Understand that I’m making fun. I do so because I can’t help it.

If it makes you laugh, it’s because it’s true.

See what I’m saying?

Drinks for my friends.

*new nickname alert

3 Responses to “So here we are”

  • flifishun:

    “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds”
    -Albert Einstein

  • Michelle:

    I have a question that maybe you might be able to shed some light on……..

    But…. before I ask I will let you know how I came across your blog……..

    I am currently taking an Election 08 class at a little private school tucked in the mountains of Vermont and we were asked to follow a blog to help us better understand some of the difficult questions that may arise while we are trying to inform ourselves, in order to make a well educated decision come election day.

    So, I have been following along with your blog for just about a month and often wished I had put my two cents into the conversation…..

    So……. Here goes nothing……

    My question is…… How is Obama suppose to act in front of his audience?……. I ask this because I have heard the word elitist been thrown around an awful lot when describing Obama’s character. I wonder how he is suppose to act. If he stood up there and used slang and dressed not in a suit….. What adjective would then be used to describe his character? I have a few that come to mind…

    I wonder this as the race card continues to be used by the McCain Party. So, if Obama stands in front of us and speaks eloquently while wearing a suit he is an elitist..?.. but if he didn’t portray himself in that manner what words would then be used to define his character?

    I guess I would like to know how Republicans/Conservatives/McCain would like Obama to act?

    By the way…..
    The margarita is fantastic…..
    thanks for the drink

  • admin:

    While I’d be the first to admit that Obama occasionally lapses into a mode that is a little proffesorial, I’m of the opinion that he otherwise hasn’t put a foot wrong.

    In this quintessential ‘damned if you do, damned if you don’t’ scenario, he’s chosen to be himself. It’s obviously working. The Republicans would rather have him act any other way than he is. Were he to use slang and dress more casually they’d most certainly call him a phony and it would likely stick.

    The elitist charge, as ridiculous as it is, is simply all they could come up with. If you think about it, similiar characterizations were used rather effectively against the past two Democratic candidates.

    Thanks for reading.

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