A silver lining

We shall overcome.

The difference in hard numbers between those who voted against fair and equal rights for gays last time around and this time, prop. 8, is staggering. Encouraging.

20 plus points in two thousand as compared to four points this time. Talk about a shrinking violet. You thinking what I’m thinking? Do the math.

Progressives need to start pushing for a ballot initiative post haste. We need to get one on the ballot every election cycle. It’s a matter of time. The seismic upheaval we witnessed in this election has not begun to run dry of portent. Nope. As of this writing, it grows and gains strength. The downtrodden realize that their voice is legitimate and vital.

Fight fire with fire. Watch the jaws of the bigots drop as we push to put this issue on the ballot over and over until enough die off and allow us the majority we need for one of the last and most important civil rights issues to prevail.

Walk right out into a brand new day.

The tyranny of a majority is near to being obsolete.

The irony of Mormon culpability in all this rocks my planet. That these sick, sacred underwear wearing fucks, take it upon themselves to inject their archaic moral standards into modern American life is beyond audacious. What possible reason could such pious idiots have for the steaming hardon they brandish exclusively for homosexuals?

Just who the fuck do you think you are?

The extreme ends of their cult, the sick and disgusting fringe of their dogma, would make your average Southern Baptist blush and run to refill his flask. Revoke their tax exempt status for the role they played. They waded into politics and it should cost them. I’m sick and fucking tired of religion intruding into public policy and politics.

There is no religious bureaucracy in this country that isn’t guilty. They should all have their tax exempt status jerked away. I will tell you that the very idea religious institutions in this country deserve to enjoy any autonomy at all is ridiculous.

Money may be the root of all evil but money and religion are synonymous.

Tony Perkins from the Family Research Council is an asshole. He and his ilk are a dying breed. The racism and discrimination he and his organization espouse are near obsolete. I’m not reluctant to share with you that I despise this prick and all his misguided minions.

Organized religion is mankind’s single biggest mistake.

The single most positive thing human beings can accomplish in my lifetime is to walk away from this absurd idea of Santa in the sky.

“Two men say theyre jesus one of them must be wrong” -Mark Knopfler

Drinks for my friends.

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  • This is absolutely my hottest button.

    Aside from the Golden Rule, and some beautiful music, it’s the greatest hoax in the history of human existence.

    I could take up pages and pages of comment on this, but it is my hope that some others will become engaged first.

    You tryin’ to fire me up? 😉

  • Religion is business, and should be taxed as a business…I never understood tax exemption because you’re a religious group….if that’s the case, then every citizen should claim their homes as places of worship….
    If that happens, beer night at my house would be considered bible study….and I shouldn’t have to fork over any taxes if my guests donate to the beer fund!!!

    Religion never brought man closer to god…it just brought man close enough to another man so that THAT man could steal your goddamn wallet!

    I’ll keep my money and buy shoes….

    I’ll have some red wine…I’m in holy communion with my liver…..

  • admin:

    Yup. Fuckin a.

  • kyra:

    This prop 8 nonsense is hot button for me too. If the people in this country minded their own damned business once and awhile, the world would be a much happier place. Sick, sad, and pathetic. Bigotry is indeed live and well and it tuns my stomach. I don’t know where people get off thinking they can dictate how other people live their own lives. If it doesn’t affect you, look the other way. Who they hell do they think they are denying other people’s happiness?

    As for the church, I never understood why churches weren’t tax exempt either. The Pastor of my own church admits that his church is a business. Churches couldn’t run without collection baskets and pledges. Catholic streets are lined with pure gold.

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