It’s just the craziest little thing

We can target you by your cell phone and vaporize you. Level the entire block you’re on within ten minutes. A half an hour tops. Almost anywhere in the world.

Your mother was here. She didn’t have much to say. She left abruptly. Poor woman. Tragic underbite. Find her a stock car racing dentist. Ha. I know at least one.

We can’t pay our bills.

People run and just can’t seem to hide. Sometimes I have to get involved. Know them as I open them. Like books of blood, wherever you’re open, you’re red.

I stole that. From a master.

It just keeps coming.

“Boil, boil, toil and trouble”.

Canned tomatos.

“Ring around the rosy,
A pocketful of posies.
ashes, ashes.
We all fall down!.”

Everything’s fine. We’re doing great here. Who’s asking?

These days it’s like driving a beater. Nothing to lose. Park it anywhere. Abandon it if you need to.

As an undead, it’s comfortable. Anonymity is currency. Ignorance is bliss.

The DOW plummeted today like the breasts on a ninety year old mother of sixteen with double D cups upon being released from her bra. Like hanged men. Golf balls in fishnets. Get it? Fishnets?

India and Pakistan have long been less than fond of each other’s smell. So of course, terrorists from Pakistan really stiirred the shit in Mumbai last week. Just so you know, both countries have nukes, they hate each other and America hasn’t provided any incentive or example to behave at all.

“Things are great. Couldn’t be better. Better, start this again.” -Agnes Gooch

My idea of comfort food these days is Vienna Sausages and Cheetos. I like that cranberry juice without the high fructose corn syrup.

In the meantime, Our Man is assembling what was known in the 70’s and 80’s as a “Supergroup”. A dream team if you will. Hillary and Bill as Secretary of State? That’s good shit right there. They wonder aloud whether he can harness and control a stable of such strong and talented runners. Horses. I have not a single reservation. Not a single doubt.

He will make mistakes. Not yet though.

Big Bad Bill acquiesced a dowry and nine points to get his wife this gig. Obama gets to check Bubba’s ass if he wants. He can ask for a cough while he cups Bubba’s balls. He will request more than one deep breath.

This is a man that knows exactly what he’s doing.

Flat earthers that would lament the number of personnel invited to serve from the Clinton administration should be advised that those years were of unprecedented peace and prosperity. Literally, like nothing America had ever seen. Those who aren’t interested in that as a jumping off point can blow me.

The days of Don Rumsfeld, Condi Rice, Mike Brown, Henry Paulson, Tommy Franks, Paul Bremer and George Tenet, incompetent sycophants all, are over. Clearly not as concerned about his own ego as he is the future of his country and our world. The wind of their wake on your face as they leave the gate.

It is competence above all else. All the big brains that the ignorant love to make fun of. You will not be invited to join this team unless you’re whip smart. Unless you can bring it, you can’t come. It will be a formidable braintrust.

Who knows? The climate is mad. Hell may experience it’s first frost on inauguration day.

Everything seems to be falling apart and coming together at the same time.

Oh boy.

Drinks for my friends.

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