Dos Sweet and low

I like to look people in the eyes. I will look you in the eye. It’s important to me. On the street, I come up on you, you don’t nod back you don’t respect me so I don’t care about you at all. Fuckhead.

My name is Myrus.

The wind whistles through my house.

All the time.

I won’t paint you for that. We just have no reason to respect each other. Neither of us has earned anything from the other. Understand that if you look at me like that again, I will not stop until you’re on the ground and I’m kicking your head. You lost me at hello.

I can’t believe there’s no grape soda. I like Glenn Miller. I keep my hair pretty long. I find it makes me stand out. I don’t dress to stand out. Clothes are a simple choice, there’s no commitment. They fit so you wear them. I don’t care about clothes. I like cologne.

You look at me like that. Again. I tilt my head roll my eyes, stare you in the face and smile. I walk at you with my left hand behind my head and my right extended for a shaking.

I take your hand smiling, I pump it friendly, pull you to me while I chop with my left fist for as long as I can hold you up. I draw blood right away because I’m wearing my rings. My rings give me confidence. I beat you so bad you fold. The blood is exhilarating.

It happens pretty fast after that and I realize I’m in the Country Store. A bar. Local dickheads like to answer their phones and shout to their wives they’re at ‘the store’.

I look at Cecil behind the counter and his grizzled stupid fucking chin that looks like a pair of tiny balls. I loathe his chin. He tries to smile to reassure me but I see his stupid teeth and swing right at them with a fake marble ashtray. Overhand right.

It ended up in my hand. I don’t know where it came from. I fucking nailed him right in the mouth with a brick.

I use my left hand and the rings.

I’m sure I break everything on the front of his head. Cecil goes down gulping and bleeding. I fucking hate his chin and stupid fucking grey Members Only jacket. He wears it over his sawed off flannel, he rolls up the sleeves of the dumb jacket and puts the pussy collar up.

Douchebag. He has an elastic sweatband around his head sometimes.

His name is Cecil. My name is Myrus.

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