Tres Sweet and low

My best friend is named Suede. His real name is Rod but that’s gay so we call him Suede.

My name is Myrus. Rod also gets called Def Leppard and Dave Mustaine from time to time. His name is Suede.

I get home and it’s so goddamn quiet. I’m clomping around the place because I’m pumping and it’s too fucking quiet. I hate the quiet. Maybe I should get another dog but it never ends well. I regret beating a man sometimes, but dogs make me cry. I’m really not so good with animals and suffering.

I can’t have them around.

I fire up a little Maiden. Grab me a PBR.

That’s how it started but not where it’s ended up. Human’s make me glad. Animals don’t know. People do. Even the most innocent human wears far more sin than any of God’s other creatures. Animals are innocent.

Human beings are guilty.

The wind should shut up.

I hide my rings and wash my clothes.

I’m Myrus.

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