I gotta wade in here…..

I have no problem with Miss California’s answer to the question put to her on same sex marriage. I disagree, but it was an honest answer. I don’t think she was particularly inarticulate; she was plain spoken and sincere. She did the best she could, I’m fine with it.

Having said that, I’ve long maintained that the legitimacy of same sex marriage fits succinctly and logically in the context of civil rights, obviously a much broader issue. I heard Dennis Prager say the other day that it can’t be a civil rights issue because there is no difference between a black man and a white man but there are profound differences between any man and any woman. It’s not an entirely weak point, he’s on the nose about substantial biological differences at least.

But that’s easy. And weak.

What a firebrand.

Maybe he wasn’t deliberatly being intellectually dishonest, but his argument is just that. I think it’s stupid. The most salient flaw being a presupposition that homosexuals choose to be homosexuals. I’m here to tell you that they do not. They will tell you the same. Individuals have no more control over who they are attracted in terms of gender, than they do over whether they end up with an innie or an outie.

Some of these things do go together.

I cannot wait for the day when science bears this out so people will shut the hell up about it or at least look ignorant.

I want to talk about the instructions posted at the trash chute.

I started to tear the laminated sheet from above the very well maintained, door to the trash chute. Right away I knew that was a mistake. I’m no longer twenty five years old. Stainless steel handle with a locking lever handy to your thumb.

If I ever get to design my own house, I’m going to include a dumbwaiter.

The Rules:

1) All trash bags must be placed inside the chute.

2) Do not leave trash bags on the floor.

3) Do not clog the chute. Use smaller bags.

4) Do not leave recycalable boxes or bags on the floor.

I have some observations I’d like to share. First, rule #2 is really just an extension of rule #1. What they are trying to tell me is to make sure I put my bags in the chute. In addition, they caution me that my bags are not welcome on the floor. In a sense, they posit that the only place for my bags, is the chute. Well, inside the chute.

I understand and agree with where they’re going with this. It’s the only place I really want to put my bags.

I’m a bit of a rebel but so far, there’s no conflict here.

I’m just a little troubled by how fucking stupid they must think I am or maybe how dumb the people around me are. It gives me pause.

I’m not looking to go in there swinging a Hefty sack full of holes, filled with yogurt, cat litter and rotting meat. Are they worried about that? I hope not. It’s this tiny little room just off the elevator.

I’m happy to follow the rules. They make sense.

Drinks for my friends.

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  • Now I’m curious about Ms.Cali’s answer to that burning question.

    I have never been able to see what the problem is with same sex marriages. Why should we care who someone wants to love & spend their time with? Should be a non-issue.

  • Ralph:

    If we allow same sex marriage because it is a civil rights issue. Then why deny people the right to have mutiple spousal marriages? Marriages between a woman and her horse?(Catherin the great comes to mind).
    A man and his faithful dog?
    A women and her building?
    A man and his hamster?
    A man and his son?
    An Aunt and her nefew or niece?
    I mean if you make special rules that re-define marriage as the gay marriage thing does, then it’s only fair to include bigamist, bestial and every other kind of imagined union if you follow the resoning behind changing marriage and it’s meaning.
    If it does come to pass as the norm and not the exception, everyone who is married in a traditional hetrosexual setup should get a divorce.

  • Kim:

    “If WE ALLOW same sex marriage because it’s a civil rights issue.” The wording here says it all really. Who is WE? And why do “WE” have the right to make laws that control the way others live their personal lives? Why is it that “WE” believe whatever religious view “WE” have should be the law of the land. I get the whole religious side of the argument. If that’s what you believe because of some religious reason, I’m cool with it. But why would you think it’s okay to project that belief onto others? It just does not make sense. Why are conservatives always talking about it becoming the “norm and not the exception”? Seriously, what are you afraid of? Do you actually think the gay to hetersexual ratio will change if “WE” allow same sex marriage? I really don’t think so.
    And Ralph, seriously how many people do you know are taking up a stand to marry their horse, dog, building, or hamster? That’s just ridiculous. But guess what, if they did want to do that, it doesn’t effect me or the way I live……….so why should I care?

  • Kelly:

    Re: Dennis Prager’s comment: Not following the logic. The differences between black and white AS WELL AS male and female are all physical differences. But blacks and whites, and males and females are afforded the same rights and should be treated the same under the law, regardless of race, regardless of gender.

    And Miss Cali, though i disagree with her 100%, she answered the question honestly and she has a right to her opinion. It is not fair to pose a question to someone and then turn around and call her vulgar names because you don’t like the answer. I was more offended by what Perez called her than what she said.

    And lastly, the whole woman marrying a building, man marrying his son and the list of ridiculous scenarios that are held up as a reason why we can’t allow same sex marriage (the “where does it end” defense). Aside from the fact that this is a retarded argument, I’ll play along. I would just mention that a building or an animal or a child don’t have the ability to consent and are not afforded the same rights as an adult male or female. To be married, there have to be two consenting adults, end of story. Civil rights issue, plane and simple.

  • admin:

    Seriously Ralph, give me a break.

  • Ralph:

    What about a whole slew of consenting adults say, 12 or 15, one man, 11 or 14 wives, all married all consenting all happy and children, children everywhere all needing socialized heath care, welfare and of course, public education K through bachelors.
    Sounds like a liberal heaven really.
    Since when in the world of the liberal’s reality does it say a child cannot have an opinion?
    Such opinions have been the basis for the ACLU’s defense of NAMBLA.
    Seems to me that a civil union afforded all the same rights as a marriage should be just fine but NOOOOOOO!
    There needs to be special rights afforded gays, lesbians and those in between known commonly as, “gay-bains” or “les-ays”.
    I guess if you’re a “gay-bain” or “les-ay”, you can’t say totally “I do”, I suppose they need to say something like “Aye, Aye”.
    But seriously, a marriage is what happens between a man and a woman. Period.
    Anything else is something else. Civil union, thing of ours, whatever, but don’t call it a marriage.
    Bottom line, if you open this door, you got to open the door to the rest of it.

  • admin:

    Nope. That’s dumb. You’re boring.

  • Ralph:

    It may well be dumb but the heart of it is all true.

  • Ralph:

    You have to allow the other stuff if your going to allow gay marriage.
    It’s what’s for dinner.

  • admin:

    It’s what’s on your plate, not mine. I honestly don’t imagine stopping adults from legally exchanging vows with buildings, pets or children being a problem at all.

  • Ralph:

    Well Mike your post that should sum it all up pretty much for anyone who wonders if the left wing (of whom you are an example of), is or is not intent on destroying the moral fabric of this once great nation.
    Not only will this nation never recover from the Soetero administration’s 14 trillion or so deficit owed to the Chinese, Europe and the Russians, but we are sliding into moral decay the likes of which will make gayness normal and heterosexuality abnormal.
    The USA is DEAD, GONE, KA-PUT.
    Thanks Bush and Soetero and thanks to America for being so stupid and dumb allowing these crooks to take us all alive.

  • admin:

    In the words of Uncle Chester Cheeto “blah, blah, blah……”

  • Misty:

    Ralph, Curiouse; where are you with your guns when the American borders are continuosly being trounsed. Big Man?

  • flifishun:

    Ralph and his straw men.

  • David:

    A dead horse obviously.. but Ralph.. thank you my dear man for making it saliently clear that your dislike of the direction the US is heading might actually have a positive effect!

    If all the miserable, whining, hateful, judgmental, ignorant, undereducated, inane and pathetic people like you (i.e. those who insist on blaming the “moral” decline of the western world on any one given factor) hate social equality, justice, fairness, a living wage, and an end to corruption and nepotism, why don’t you all go move to you’re own little utopian island of hell and leave the rest of us to run the world. If WE were not so busy trying clean up all of YOUR messes and destruction, I suspect that the entire PLANET might be a much happier and healthy place to exist.

  • admin:

    Thanks 🙂 and amen.

  • Ralph:

    No David, you’ve got that one backwards.
    All of the immoral, educated beyond their intellectual means, Marxist, Mao/Stalin worshipers need to go to their own island where you all can have marry your dogs, children and only men with men and women with women.
    It will be a progressive utopia.

  • admin:

    He is consistent.
    Consistently retarded.

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