Oh my

Don’t get me started. Nevermind, I’ve begun. I commence.

I am in awe. Gun and ammunition sales are through the roof. Mass murders by paranoid, delusional, right wing nut cases are all over the news and what’s worse, the foment, nay, the naked encouragement, is supplied by mainstream media. Can you say Fox News? Reckless irresponsible pricks.

Just what the hell is going on here? These asshats are shouting slogans they would’ve accused the left of being treasonous for merely whispering. Secession and revolt. Socialist and facist. They don’t understand the difference between any of these words. Stupid enough not to realize these terms can be mutually exclusive. One of these things is not like the other, like on Sesame Street. A long history of Republican conservatives manipulating the great unwashed into acting counter to their personal interests is coming to a very frightening head.

Reckless irresponsible pricks.

Where do they get these people and how do they manage to fire them up so? Oh, and have they no shame?

It’s crazy and dangerous, here’s why. They are perfectly within their rights to protest and bellow spittle lubricated invective all they want. It’s a little unnerving because it makes no sense whatsoever, but oh well. It’s the absence of logic disturbs me.

I can’t shake the feeling that we are helpless in anticipation of the other shoe dropping like a Rhode Island sized chunk of arctic ice falling into the ocean and spawning a tsunami twenty stories high. Timothy McVeigh. Oklahoma City. We know there’s a bomb and we even know where it is, yet, we have to wait for the detonation before we can do anything. We wait for the crime. The inevitable violence. We know it’s coming. We know it will be bad.

This phenomena will be the goddamn Hindenburg. It’s not just the hydrogen, it’s the aluminium skin. A powder keg. A conflagration. Oh, the humanity.

Reckless irresponsible pricks.

By the way, allow me to let you in on a personal theory. Remember all that rhetoric about financial institutions et al being too big to fail? See if you can guess what America is now. It’s a zit. Get it? Actually, it’s a volcano. We owe too much for China or any other state holding our debt to call in the marker. We go down, they go down. The casino implodes. The entire world reels in despair and confusion.

How do you like me now?

Reckless irresponsible pricks.

Drinks for my friends.

30 Responses to “Oh my”

  • Kelly:

    It is scary, i agree. It just seems like this whole thing has it’s basis in racism, but we spend our time in conversations that like you said, have no logic, skating around the real issue. I hope you’re wrong but i fear you may be right about what’s to come.

  • Misty:

    It all started with the war between the Jetsons, and the Flinstones! Soon the Jetsons clan will return home from Iraq, and be well employed patrolling our streets. They’ll stick a big boot in the face of anyone, that looks suspicious and lable ten year olds gansters for not wearing the right clothes. Oh geez I’ll never forget when I used to date this crazy guy, who had a huge arsenal of assualt weapons, and lots of drunk and drugged boyfriends. The cops had such utter respect for him. He held O.J. Simpson like charm over the boys and the cops in blue. They reveled in his power! The law, as well as our military seems to surgically select weaker opponents vs reak threats. And even then still, there is no winner!

  • admin:

    I’m sad to say it but I agree, one of the fundaments is racism. I hope I’m wrong too, but if McVeigh happened under Clinton, well, brace yourself.

  • Ralph:

    McVeigh happened because Janet Sterno burned hunderds of people alive at thwe branch Dividan compound and the shootings at Ruby Ridge.
    Reno and Clinton Killed lots of people.
    McVeigh was just an idiot.

  • admin:

    I wasn’t all that happy about Waco or Ruby Ridge but Clinton and Reno were responsible for less than one tenth of one percent of the deaths that occured under Dick-in-Bush.

    Yes, McVeigh was an idiot. One of your idiots. not one of mine.

    Checkmate. Idiot.

  • Ralph:

    On demand inflatable Bush ghost (batteries not included), rises yet again.
    Whatever dude.
    McViegh was an idiot but Reno has never been charged with murdering those people. Those people did NOTHING to deserve not just being murdered, but burned alive. The mother and her little baby boy who were murdered at Ruby Ridge did NOTHING to deserve being shot in the head. NOTHING you hear me hillbilly boy? Completely innocent women, men and children. That was from YOUR side.
    Soeteo is the same kind of filth like Pol Pot Like Clinton Like Ho Chi Mien Like Stalin Like Mao. You and your side always support despotic dictators who muder and steal so the “Poor” people can have “Freedom. The left wing vermin are out to destroy everything that is America but they will not just have it. Real Americans will not just roll over. You are going to have to kill every one of us and our families before you and your side will be allowed to turn this country into a socialist shithole dream land.
    No chess needed.
    Checkmate my ass.

  • admin:

    Boooooring! Remeind me not to pull that string on the back of your neck.

  • Ralph:

    Yeah Facts are booooring to anyone on the left.
    You’ve been served asshole and you know it.
    You are not that stupid.
    Go ahead, keep trying to pull the string in back of so many, an ever increasing army’s collective neck.
    We can’t wait to wrap those strings collectivly around your metaphoric scrawny little cowerdly necks and PULL!!!
    The next election cycles coming and it ain’t going too well at the moment for the democrats in both houses.
    Your side better get it’s licks in while it can.

  • admin:


  • Teri:

    For all those that choose to believe everything MSM tells you as not only fact, but also as the only facts, I pity you. The TEA Parties began in 2006, by a true grassroots movement, long before we put a ‘black man in the White House’. Supporters of this cause have grown exponentially since then, making it hard to deny its success, not matter what they tell you. You wanna know what’s scary? The fact that every news outlet managed to overlook that very important fact before skewing the facts. Ever wonder why MSM pits Americans against each other? Maybe if you questioned more, you could have an original idea, not something that you are told to believe.

  • Oh My, you are completely clueless. Right wing nut cases shooting people? You are a moron. The guy in upstate New York was a Vietnam immigrant. Most of the others were pissed off fathers, sons or husbands. NOT ONE of them was a right wing racist killing blacks, Mexicans or any other minority. Read the facts, dumbass.
    “The Great Unwashed?” Man, you ARE a condescending, snobbish prick. Get your head out of your fat ass and stop watching CNN, stop listening to NPR and BBC, stop reading The NY Times and GET A FUCKING CLUE.
    FOX news at the very least gives an alternative view of things that you will NEVER find in those aforementioned media.
    “The Great Unwashed” as you refer to us are the majority of Americans who do the working, the paying of taxes, the fighting and the dying for this nation.
    We see what Barry Soetoro (aka Obama) wants to do and we don’t like it…we don’t like paying more taxes to give to crackhead deadbeats, we don’t like paying more taxes so that others don’t have to work or pay for their medical care, we don’t like paying more taxes so that Queen Pelosi can furnish her govt private plane with rare art and furniture and we don’t like billions and billions and billions going to programs like rebuilding Gaza and helping the racists at Acorn.
    If you were humble, if you had one drop of humility in your fat fucking head you would see the truth and the light.
    Kiss my unwashed ass.

  • admin:

    If they’ve grown “exponentially” since ’06 it must have been a small movement indeed. It’s not a coincidence that Fox News was the only mainstream media company to endorse the movement.

    Are you aware that more turned out in any given city to protest the Iraq war in any given American city before it even began than did collectively for the entire teabagging movement?

    What about the FACT that more than three quarters of the protesters will fare far better under Obama’s plan than they have in eight years? That fact, on it’s own, is proof that you’re all hopelessly frightened idiots.

    By the way, it’s “MSN” you illiterate dipshit. MSN pits Americans against each other? As opposed to Fox News?

    The difference between us IS that I don’t believe what I’m told. I do my own research. I Make up my own mind and honestly don’t watch MSN.

    That you attempt to somehow foist Fox as a legitimate alternative speaks volumes about the shape of your head.


  • admin:


    So yeah, that guy in Pittsburgh who killed three cops?

    Eddie Perkovic was interviewed after the tragedy, and he said that his friend feared “the Obama gun ban” that he felt was “on its way.” -crooksandliars.com

    There’s no goddamn gun ban on the way or even on the agenda.

    The larger issue in this recent spate of shooting is more likely the economy and let me guess who you’d like to blame that on.

    I’m not going to walk you through this, but the fact remains that most deadly mass shootings in the US have been carried out by nutcase neo-nazi racists who feel threatened somehow by racial tolerance and it’s about to get worse.

    Wanna bet?

    Now you too want to hold up the sterling example of Fox News. In the words of Gomer Pyle, “Suprise, suprise, suprise.”

    You have no chips left after that assertion. Please exit the casino. You’re too dumb to play here.

    You say: “The Great Unwashed” as you refer to us are the majority of Americans who do the working, the paying of taxes, the fighting and the dying for this nation.”

    That’s all true. Absolutely true.

    But you continue to be duped into voting counter to your own best interests. What’s worse, when you lose elections, you pretend to have America’s best interest at heart as you protest against the very things that will benefit you. The people you talk about stand to do far better under Obama’s policies than the crap you all insist on fomenting.

    Forgive me, but this makes you at least ignorant and most likely stupid in my book.

    The greatest redistribution of wealth in history took place under the Bush administration. It went to the the already filthy rich and came from you and yours. Right out of your pockets.

    I’m simply in favor of giving it back to you. If you’re too goddamn dumb to understand that, step aside and let us help those that are smart enough to enrich the American gene pool.

    Fair warning, if you continue to spew this kind of irresponsible nonsense over and over, and you all inevitably do, I will no longer engage you. I won’t censor you until and unless you get racist or homophobic (my guess is you will), at that point I will delete you.

    If you have a legitimate point to make, even if it’s counter to what I’ve said, you are welcome. Cross that line however, and you are history on this blog.

    I hope this finds you well.

  • Ralph:

    You said:
    “If you have a legitimate point to make, even if it’s counter to what I’ve said, you are welcome. Cross that line however, and you are history on this blog.”
    That is about as vacuous and arbitrary a statement ever written by a left winger. What about tolerance and compassion you guys are always spouting off about?
    The left’s hypocrisy knows no bounds it seems.
    No surprise though and quite predictable.

    About this so called tax redistribution plan of Soetreo:
    400.00 all 100% taxable to 95% of the population. This is it?? Your leader (not mine and well over 55% of the US population), this is his plan?
    Let’s see under the evil inflatable Bush ghost, the average American with one child got 1800.00 and most of that money tax free.
    The left is all about an acceptable level of poverty for all while the right is all about just empowering freedom to be as the best you can be.
    If you suck, you die. That’s a good thing.
    It works in nature.
    While disagree with the way Atlgymguy uses really foul name calling, you do as well.
    The minuet you start calling people names and showing your emotions in a negative way, you’ve lost the argument.
    That you would seek to silence anyone while at the same time invite people to this very public blog is disgraceful.
    If you don’t want to have a diversity of viewpoints on your blog, make it a private one with passwords and all. Then you can just talk to those who agree with you and leave anyone out with a dissenting viewpoint so your socialist, totalitarian views can stay unchallenged.
    Totalitarian viewpoints like all gun owners are racist Nazis and anyone who disagrees with Soetreo’s socialist vision for the USA is a racist neo-nazi and so on and so on.
    You are pretty much wrong about that. I can say as another one of “The great unwashed” as you liberals like to say, your so called facts and figures on firearms and the 2nd amendment are pretty much all incorrect.
    There is an Obama gun ban coming. Look through his senate voting record.
    He’s down in Central America, bashing the USA and adoring the socialist dictators who are all against private citizens owning firearms. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure this all out.
    Your side fools no one.

  • Kelly:

    Ralph go back and read what the admin said. He said if you get racist or homophobic he will delete you, not if you disagree, okay? THAT is the line he asked you not to cross dude. The whole self-righteous hypocrisy thing and making a private blog just kind of makes no sense.

    On to taxes. His plan to lower taxes for 95% of the population is just that. That means lower than the PREVIOUS plan. You compare a taxable $400 deduction to a $1800 deduction under Bush and proclaim that we were better off under the old plan, end of story. It doesn’t work that way. If you earn less than 250K you will do better under Obama’s plan. Period. And if you earn more, you will pay a little more, but still lower than you paid under Reagan, who is always held up to be the paragon of virtue for all things conservative. The fact that Bush gave those at the high end huge tax cuts, as well as corporations (oil companies)is somehow NOT redistributing the wealth? Please explain that to me.

    And Atlgymguy “most of the others were pissed off fathers, sons or husbands. NOT ONE of them was a right wing racist killing blacks, Mexicans or any other minority.”

    So as long as they’re pissed off fathers, sons or husbands, no harm, no foul? And nobody said anything about them being right wing racists killing minorities. Where did that come from? The point is, we seem to be living in a time of extreme anxiety and fear which can often have tragic consequences. And too often, this fear is completely irrational as in “Obama was going to take away my guns.”

  • admin:

    Well said Kelly 🙂

  • Ralph:

    Arbitrary notions of what is and is not racism and homophobia by a not too objective person like the administrator is a recipe for more shoot from the hip liberal hogwash. Presenting it all under the guise of being some sort of intellectual effort on the part of Mike while being completely subjective and biased is why I suggested he close this blog to the public and make it a private liberal club for all of you to get together and just agree with each other.
    Because there in no way you, Mike or any other biased liberal socialist will ever convince a conservative to just be in agreement with the socialist totalitarian agenda of the Soetero administration and also it’s plans to completely destroy the USA. Hell it already has, this country is DEAD.
    We have allowed this nation to be taken over by a band of socialist cutthroats.
    This hogwash about anyone doing better who make less than 250.00 is NONSENSE.
    There is no way that taxes cannot be raised given the amount of out of control spending has been done along with an over-bloated budget. What about the over 35, almost 40% of those in the US who do not pay any income taxes at all getting money “Back”?
    These things have to be paid for. Soetero has spent in the first three months well over three times what the on demand inflatable Bush ghost did (batteries not included), but yet that’s just “Untrue” in the mind of the vacuous leftwing totalitarian. Soetero is pissing on Americas legs but is only a scant 45% who are convinced it’s raining.
    The rest of us want him to stop it.
    Also how’s all that troop withdrawal goin’ too? Not too good if you voted to have us out of Iraq, NOT going to happen pilgrim!!! We did win that war which is 100% WHY, troop withdrawal can take place but wait, where are those troops going? Afghanistan pilgrim. Hows that for irony?
    Now Soetero has been down in Central America admiring leftwing dictators and wishing on a star.
    Ohh, I despise and loath this guy. He is completely 100% anti-American and unfortunately, this is why America is dead.
    Homosexuals can get married now. Getting rid of discrimination is so liberating
    Why can’t a guy have more than one wife?? Why can’t a women marry her German Shepherd, her gerbil, her building,,,, after all is sooo,,,sooo,,,,BIG!!!
    By the logic of gay marriage all of the above should not be discriminated against.
    End of story.
    And Kelly, it WAS Mike who said that neo-cons are doing all the killing with guns.
    He even offered proff if only you send him what state you live in. Now who sounds paraniod?

  • admin:

    What evidence do you have that my notions are arbitrary? What evidence, besides our obvious disagreements, do you have that I’m not objective?

    I don’t seek to silence anyone unless their rhetoric ceases to have any constructive merit and becomes vitriol for the sake thereof, or they stray into racism etc.

    I’m not sure where you got the idea that I only want people to agree with me. After all, I’ve allowed you and people like Altguy to say what you want.

    I am here to offer my opinions, and hopefully entertain and inform. Along the way if respectful constructive debate occurs, I’m all the happier.

    Your quite adept at talking in circles, it’s like you’re not talking to us, just yourself.

    Your rant about gay marriage is pure boilerplate neocon knee jerk.

    Your last three sentences make absolutely no sense.

  • Kelly:

    Ralph we’re just going to have to agree to disagree on pretty much everything. The spending you decry by the Obama admin is necessary because of the sorry state of our economy which we find ourselves in. We can debate the cause of that but come on, anyone with any sense has to agree that our previous administration did more than it’s share in bringing down the economy. And, every economist worth a damn, on both the left and the right, agree that the way to pull out of this economic spiral is for the government to SPEND. It’s not just the left Ralph, it’s all of the economists to a man, who agree. The only ones who are whining about the spending are the POLITICIANS Ralph, those on the right who are worried about getting reelected. The problem is their argument has no basis in reality. Spend a little time and read what these guys are saying (economists). We can debate how much spending we need to do, but if anything Obama is on the conservative end of that.

    And I’m not really getting your point about the Iraq withdrawal. Am i disappointed that we may not get out on schedule? Yes. Am i surprised? No. Throughout his campaign Obama said he would get us out in a responsible way, dependent on what was going on, on the ground. He did not lay the time-table in stone. I would remind you however, that McCain as well as Bush had wanted to stay there indefinately, maybe 100 years, so the fact that we have a time table at all is a huge step forward. And yeah we’re focusing back on Afghanistan. Did you see any of the debates leading up to the election or even just turn your TV on a station other than FOx news? The guy has been very clear about his intent and that our focus should have been there all along. Bush took us into a war of his own making for personal reasons while Bin Ladin took off to the hills of Pakistan/Afghanistan. That was the real war Ralph, that was the legitimate war. Not my fault my guy gets to clean up all the friggin mistakes of the previous guy. He’s just dealing with what he’s got.

    So what is your point about the timetable? I’m a realist. It makes no sense to pull out of a situation before it can safely be done and then have a bigger problem than we initially had. (See Soviet occupied Afganistan for example). So what exactly is your point? That if he isn’t able to stick to his timetable he is a failure? You mean to tell me that if he pulled out and all hell broke loose, you on the right would say oh, well at least he stuck to his time table. That’s what i mean about being intellectually honest. Do you even have the capacity for that? You have no credibility when you are unwilling to admit that no matter what he does, you’re not going to like it. There’s no potential for real debate here.

    And gay marriage. Where the hell did that come from? It’s a civil rights issue Ralph. Sorry that marriage between two people of the same sex is so threatening to you. It doesn’t really affect my marriage one way or the other.

  • Ralph:

    As Woody sang on Cheers:
    Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, Kellyyyyyyyyy,
    About Iraq, Soetero is NOT going to be able to withdraw ALL of the troops out of Iraq. That is complete and utter leftist nonsense.
    That is just another example of Soetero’s complete and utter dishonesty and the left wing’s complete ignorance on the matter.
    Just like in the US military bases in Germany, the Philippians, Korea, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait that are all the result of past conflicts, there will be US soldiers stationed in Iraq for at least 50 to 100 years. Just like in all the other places. Of course that could “Change” as the USA continues to be a dead zone which it presently is.
    Your calling me out on intellectual honesty is laughable.
    The left is 100% dishonest and hell bent on destroying every vestige of decency that ever existed in the USA.
    Sorry to tell you but McCain although not my choice of candidate was somewhat correct in his summation about troop presence in Iraq. What you are seeing and will be seeing is what he was talking about which is a continued troop presence in that country like it or not. Just like there is in all the other places I mentioned. Soetero will not be able to withdraw all of the troops out of there because there will always be a military base of operations there. Get it?
    About Afghanistan:
    That area of the globe in an empire killer, historically speaking.
    It will kill us too and is exactly why the left is so eager to have us fight there. Once Russia and or China get involved with funding and supplying weapons to the Taliban there we are toast and all of you left winger know it which is why you are all, so eager to get the ball rolling on it so the USA can be destroyed and replaced with the new and improved socialist dictatorship like Venezuela or Cuba.
    Given that all on the left who now are so eager to follow the Soetero into that region and when the body bags start piling up as a result of his complete and utter incompetence as evidenced in his pathetic anti US performances in Europe and central America, I can’t wait to see how eager those of you on the left are willing to sacrifice on the alter of totalitarianism and dictatorial socialism so many more lives in order to prove your leader (Not mine and well over half the USA) is “Our man”.
    How foul a thing it is to all of the left have such sophistry and dishonest intentions?
    The only way we can win in that region is to kill every person who lives there.
    That ain’t going to happen though.
    There is I suppose, no sense in trying to engage anyone on the left. So does that mean we should just do as we are told and hate one another?
    It is a real shame that this nation has chosen to polarize itself.
    This is why we are finished.

  • Kim:

    Ralph, Ralph, Ralph, Ralph, Ralph, Raaaaaaalph.
    It’s become very obvious to me that not only do you not listen to what people are saying, you twist it around to fit your own agenda. It’s no wonder you are confused.

    Obama never said he was going to withdrawl EVERY SINGLE TROOP from Iraq. He will withdrawl combat troops by 2010. There will be a number of troops left there. That’s a fact. I’m fairly certain we on the Left are all aware of that and are not pretending otherwise. So again what’s your point here? Your ranting about something that has no basis.
    Afghanistan: You talk about the incompetence that will cause the body-bags to pile up etc. then, in your next breath you say “The only way we can win in that region is to kill every person who lives there”. Then, “So does that mean we should just do as we are told and hate one another?” Ralph, you are the only one hatin on people here. You hate Obama, you hate everyone on the left, It appears you hate anyone that isn’t American. And if you are American you better be on the right or you’ll also be hated. Dude, you’re just a hater.

  • Ralph:

    What other kind of troops are not “Combat” troops?
    Would that be the “knitting” brigade?
    You guy are so frightening. When hypocrisy is pointed out to you just wail and moan. You all cry foul!
    You people are so dangerous.
    Why does your side insist on robbing, raping and pillaging?
    I recommend anyone reading this to keep buying ammo and firearms.
    The danger and insanity of these people and their desires to kill or imprison anyone who disagrees with them is apparent as the nose on your faces and the people they support.
    If you have any comparative intellectual reasoning at all it is clear as day.
    Just read the posts between us.
    There is no reasoning with people whose only desire is to either or, imprison, kill and dismantle the family unit of America and replace it with the iron fist of socialism’s misery and despair.
    Get your firearms and ammo ready because if you are a real American, they are coming for you.
    I’m done here.

  • Kelly:

    Ralph, Ralph, Ralph, Raaaaalph:

    I gotta hand it to Kim, she took the words out of my mouth. (Must be genetic :)) And who’s talking about hating? I didn’t get that memo. It’s called trying to have a discussion, which admittedly can be a challenge with you.

    Once again, on Iraq. We find ourselves there through the stupidity of the previous administration so we need to extricate ourselves. No one is “following Obama into that part of the world.” We’re already there, Ralph. Is your point that it is folly to try to get our troops out or that Obama is dishonest for saying we’re going to try to do so before i turn 145? I’m just trying to follow the logic? If you would get off the websites that spend time talking about Obama’s birth certificate and things like lapel pins and his religious leanings, and maybe picked up a newspaper, any newspaper, you would know that nobody has said it would be easy, nor did he say that plans would not be adjusted based on the situation. That is a FACT Jack.

    Second, you seem to imply we have no reason to be in Afghanistan. Dude, the folks there flew planes into 2 buildings in NY and the pentagon and into a field in PA, not to mention all the other atrocities around the world. I may be a bleeding heart liberal, but i have no problem with retaliation in that circumstance. Unless you want to invite every other lunatic around the world to do the same. That whole notion that we on the left welcome some sort of demolition of our coutnry to make way for the new socialist republic of America or some bullshit is just plain weird, and stupid. You can do better than that can’t you? Enough of the conspiracy theories okay?

    Also i have a minor bone to pick with you. You keep remarking that over 50% of the people in the U.S. did not want Obama. Are you referring to the fact that a large percentage of our population chooses to sit home on election day, and therefore if you add those imbeciles into the numbers who voted for McCain, then waaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy over 50% didn’t want Obama? Again, seriously? If you don’t vote, you don’t get a seat at the table my man. You gave up your right to bitch when you sat home on Nov 20th so that line of reasoning is ridiculous.

    Okay, and while perhaps the Hugo Chavez thing is in hindsight regrettable, it’s not for the reasons you are implying. I only regret the photograph because it gives ammunition to you guys who have nothing better to say. I was more peeved because he listened to Ortega berate the US for close to an hour and didn’t say anything. Do i think that means “he hates America”? Hell no. He’s been president for 3 months and errors will be made. I don’t care what you say, he’s still the smartest guy in the room. And if we’re going to talk about our leaders embarrasing us, i offer you this, although its soooo hard to choose, there being so much material out there.


  • Kelly:

    Again, who’s talking about raping, pillaging, murder, guns and ammo? Dude, get that bump on your head looked at will ya?

  • Kim:

    Ralph, pay attention to who you’re talking to. It’s Kim this time, not Kelly. Non-combat troops are troops whose primary focus is not combat. They are there essentially to train. Does this mean they won’t be involved in combat? Of course not idiot. Again, what’s your point?
    And yes, please read the posts between us here. It’s clear to me who is dangerous and who is not.

  • Ralph:

    Who’s talking about all that stuff?, You and all the left adore murderous socialist or communist dictators like Cheves and Castro to name just two.
    That’s just who Soetero wishes to become as well and he will get there with you and the rest of the leftist anti-americans who have destroyed this once great nation to help him on his miserable way.

  • Kim:

    Who the hell is Cheves? You must mean Chavez.

  • Ralph:

    They are ALL trained to fight in some sort of combat capacity.
    It’s no surprise that you wouldn’t know squat about the military.
    Hell in the marines even the cooks will kill you quite effectively.
    I’m glad to misspell Chavez.
    That Soetero idolizes him is disgusting.

  • Kim:

    Ralph, NOBODY SAID THEY WERE NOT TRAINED TO KILL DUDE! I’m SAYING it won’t be their PRIMARY focus. Okay? Get a grip.

  • Ralph:

    Kelly. Kim, Ralph, Ohhnh!
    Kelly. Kim, Ralph, Ohhnh!
    Kelly. Kim, Ralph, Ohhnh!
    Kelly. Kim, Ralph, Ohhnh!*

    *Thanks to Rocky Horror.

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