NASA Sucks! -by Josh

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

NASA Sucks!
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For those who haven’t been following the evolving NASA/Steven Colbert controversy, let me briefly recap. NASA recently decided it would try to increase public interest in the International Space Station by holding a contest to allow people to vote online and choose a name for a newly built section of the space station. Brilliant self-promoter that he is, comedy-show host Steven Colbert mobilized his large viewing audience to try to get the section named after him. At the end of the contest period, “Colbert” had the most votes by a huge margin. However, the contest rules stipulated that NASA reserved the right to name the section themselves, and last night they rejected the public’s wishes and instead named the section “Tranquility”.

I’m sorry, but I’ve got to call it like I see it. NASA is a bunch of pussies! What possible harm could be done by naming the section “Colbert”? Instead the end result of the whole fiasco will be to reinforce the stereotype of NASA as being filled with a bunch of self-important, humorless eggheads. And what could be better calculated to decrease public interest in the space agency than to run a contest soliciting public opinion and then reject the overwhelming public choice? Come on guys, its not rocket science…

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  • Misty:

    Thanks Josh, at least you haven’t forgotten us the reading public. In California, Housing prices are plummeting, we are experiencing an unusual glut. In the central valley, like Merced county they built a lot during the boom. Now these houses are setting empty, or selling for under $100.00. These prices haven’t existed since pre 1980’s Places like Dos Palos, Atwater, Los Banos, and the town of Merced, forclosures have been crazy. Will the banks have to drop APY to zero on the dollar, as they did in Japan. Well I don’t think will happen, but anything is possible in these times.

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