Cacti in my anal cleft

If I don’t close a few deals tomorrow, we all may be killed.

Gotta pay the rent and peanut butter by way of index finger is getting old.

Meanwhile the asstards of the GOP have decided that Sotomayor is so very experienced, possesses such an elaborate history of jurisprudence, that her confirmation must be delayed until after the end of the Mayan calendar, as they need to study her every move.  They prefer her confirmation hearings begin sometime after the world ends in 2012.

What exactly do these men of lust, greed and glory hope to accomplish here?  Don’t know about you, but they look like dickheads to me.  She’s gonna be confirmed you assholes of the flat earth society.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, another right wing, homophobe, bigot loses his shit and goes off on innocents with a gun.  This guy’s done time just like the last uniquely American tumor.  You know by now DHS distributed a report a few months back warning against this specific conflagration.  The Republicans piled on and forced an apology out of Janet Napolitano.

How rigoddamndiculous does that dance look today?  Looks like under Obama, DHS might have a chance at efficacy.  Might just be the most prescient and important thing they’ve ever done, you know, that report that predicted all of this.

Fucking Republicans. Can’t figure out why they’re not embarrassed.

The frontline of the GOP is the Human Shitsmear, Sarah Palin and some human salamander named Newt.  The bench is Guy Smiley (Romney), McCain and John Voight.  Can’t figure out why they’re not embarrassed.  Rounding out Republican leadership is Michele Bachman and John Boehner.  Mr. Everglow and Mrs. Dipshit.  I understand now why Republicans pretend to stay right with God.  Hypocrisy is in their blood and they are not then, easily embarrassed.

Still can’t figure out why they aren’t embarrassed.   They have become parodies of themselves.  Not a single original thought, plan, strategy or policy.  Nothing but anti.  Nothing but no.  They just don’t get it.  The weight of circumstances and the gravity of right now is barely in their periphery.  They wander through fields and ditches without any concept of consequence.  Not a single Republican is thinking about anything beyond itself.

Rome is dry.  Rome is a tinderbox.  Rome is about to burn and you assholes can barely be bothered to get off the phone.

Wake the fuck up you Republican moderates.  You think you got no place to go other than Independent?  A lot of us will be inclined to join with you or at least work with you if you can behave.  We’ll hold it against you but we won’t throw it in your face.

Let’s get on with it.

Drinks for my friends.

11 Responses to “Cacti in my anal cleft”

  • Ralph:

    True wisdoms from Mike, a true Marxist, anti american left wing whore.

  • Misty:

    Entertainment at it’s finest. THNX

  • admin:

    We can always count on Ralph.

  • Funkmaster Chris:

    Wow. So, one psycho kills an abortion doctor, and, according to you, the whole Republican party is a bunch of homophobic assholes.

    You know that American Muslim guy who just murdered the soldier at the Arkansas army recruitment center?

    Applying your logic, every Muslim living in America is a anti-American, Al Qaeda loving murderer.

    But I wouldn’t use logic like that. You want to know why? Because I’m not a stupid, brainless, moronic fuckwad like you.

  • admin:

    “a stupid, brainless, moronic fuckwad like you.”

    That’s me allright.

    You nailed it. Good job.

    Methinks he doth object to the broad brush of my stroke.

    I’m here to remind you that identifying with the Republican party is getting ever more precarious.

    The party “leaders” are just that. A bunch of homophobic assholes.

    “Because I’m not a stupid, brainless, moronic fuckwad like you.”

    Evermore precarious.

  • Funkmaster Chris:

    Identifying with the Republican party is getting ever more precarious? Wow, that certainly sounds like a threat. Are you going to pull out your rifle and start gunning down anyone who holds an opinion that differs from yours?

    By the way, speaking of “homophobic assholes”, I’m sure a smart guy like you is aware that Obama believes that marriage should be only between a man and a woman. Maybe he should be worried about his precarious position, too.

    Ever more idiotic.

  • admin:

    Sounds like a threat? Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean everyone’s not out to get you.


    Thanks for playing.

  • Funkmaster Chris:

    I like the way you just skirt around issues that you are unable to deal with. What about Obama’s belief that marriage is just between a man and a woman? What about his continuation of “don’t ask don’t tell” (a Clinton concept)? If I were to use your logic, that would make Democrats “homophobic assholes” just as you claim the Republicans are. You’re a rank hypocrite, and too dumb to realize when you’ve painted yourself into a corner.

    Fucking Democrats. Can’t figure out why they’re not embarrassed.

  • admin:

    Why don’t you read back a little? You’ll discover that I’ve dealt with these issues already.

    Checkmate is not nearly that easy.

  • Funkmaster Chris:

    You mean this?

    “I gotta tell ya, Obama’s absence on all issues gay, specifically Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, is pretty disappointing. He was unmistakably upfront about being a fierce defender. He’s dropping this ball. A civil rights ball that he needs to account for. This is big picture stuff. Us heathens deserve to know. No free pass here, dude.”

    No mention of his belief that marriage is only between a man and a woman. No talk about him being a “homophobic asshole”. No mention about democrats being embarrassed. All you can come up with is “pretty disappointing”.

    In other words, you are a hypocrite who lives by a double standard. Really weak cop out, dude.

    Platinum producer? Yeah, right. And I’m the Queen of England. You’re just another angry, bitter, hate-spewing loser hunched over his keyboard writing a silly little blog that no one pays any attention to.

    Have a nice life, Dickspank.

  • admin:

    Tell us how you really feel.

    Obama has consistently said he opposes discrimination of any kind and specifically mentions gays and lesbians. his opposition to same sex marriage hardly qualifies him as a “homophobic asshole”. No double standard here, I said it disapointed me.

    Read the credits to Everclear’s “Sparkle and Fade” or the Empire Records soundtrack. See if you can guess my name.

    For what it worth, I have well over 100,000 reads here.

    Angry? Sure. Bitter? You bet.

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