Not next to nothing

So Newt Gingrich declares he’s not a citizen of the world to applause by the most prominent collection of misfit toys ever to gather on an annual schedule.  John Voight, the same whackjob who melted down on public airwaves a few years back over his superstar daughter Angelina Jolie’s estrangement, called Obama a false prophet and told us America is weaker.

Newt also told them the brand new economic plan has already failed.  This, despite news today that ten banks are set to repay almost ninety billion in stimulus money.  This,  despite it being way too early to tell.

This blog is for you Lo.  I understand that Objects in Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear.  The big picture is far more convoluted than most of us know.  It is far greater than the sum of it’s parts.  Both sides have bodies buried and there’s no innocence in Washington; I am not a Nuclear Playboy.

It’s just that people like Ralph Nader and Dennis Kucinich, whom I adore, have no real chance at influencing seminal policy, much less posturing for the highest office in the land.

You see this administration as a glass half empty.  I’m not ready to go there yet.

When was the last time a President of the United States told Israel in front of the world, in an Arabic Muslim nation, that her actions were intolerable?

You graciously offered an article on the similarities between Bush and Obama for this particular context:

Ironically, it’s context that Will is ignoring.  Just about every speech by Bush that Will cites took place inside our own borders.  I commend him for his research acumen, as he’s painstakingly culled all these examples of congruence from over six years of lexicon, far more muted and less specific than that of Obama’s single speech in a Muslim country delivered to Arabs.

It’s a manufactured duck and weave befitting a high school research paper.  No score here Lo.  Your man Will has written a fluff piece.  I’ve taken it upon myself to post an edited version of this critique on his blog.

You know I hope, that I have immense respect for you.  Thanks be that you’re far better informed than most.  I wonder if you haven’t taken the wrong fork on your philosophical/ideological path.  You’re energy and intelligence is lost on wanna be demagogues  like Ralph Nader who only run for office out of hubris and the obstreperous notion they may upset a close election.  If Ralph Nader truly wanted to make a difference he would position himself politically to do so.  Perhaps an earnest and sincere attempt at a cabinet position or a prominent non-profit.

Ralph Nader may be as full of shit as the next guy.

And you my dear, would be better served by getting on board with a society and an ethic that is changing.  Just because I support Obama, doesn’t mean I can’t bitch at him.  It gives greater license to do just that.  See last night’s blog.

I’m not, by any means, hook, line and sinker.  He’s not perfect, I own that.  But in a few short months he’s managed to fundamentally change the way the rest of the world looks at us.  Take the recent elections in Lebanon as an example.  The amount of influence he brought to bear is debatable but there’s no denying he brought some.  This is big stuff.  He’s the best thing we’ve had in a very long time.  Work with me here.

Don’t look away, there’s plenty to see.

Drinks for my friends.

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  • I respectfully disagree. Those who don’t get taken in by the 2 party system (really one party, the Capitalist Party) must show support and vote third party. I could not vote for a candidate who campaigned on continuing the war in Afghanistan. He’s made good on that campaign promise, too. He’s also dropped bombs on civilians in Pakistan. There are other reasons I could not support Obama, for example, not allowing third party candidates in the debates. How democratic is that?

    Here’s another take on the Cairo speech:

    I don’t know who Wil is, he left a comment on a post on Dandelion Salad with a link to his take on the speech. I thought it was interesting enough to share with you.

  • admin:

    It seems, my old friend, that you are what I’m looking for.

    I have problems with all these things but they have a powerful inertia that has been fueled by time and abject ignorance.

    They will not be ended in a day nor will they be slowed in months.

    Were you to read back, you’ll see that I sincerely wish we had anything beyond the broken two party system you accurately describe as singular.

    I believe we are a plutocracy. Simple.

    I’m trying to tell you that I believe our best bet is to focus on this man who is young and smart. A man elected because things were very bad and even the lowest common denominator was thirsty for change.

    The world is a terrible place. The answer lies in bringing ourselves to bear on this man. You cannot deny he has done historical things.

    The will of the people is what matters. This human, more than any other who had a chance at being elected, is the one most likely to respond to our collective voice.

    It’s never easy to get humankind to behave. His administration is the best we could hope to work with. This is what we have and that’s the way it is.

    The time has come to do our best from the inside out and I think we should be at least a little glad about it.

    Much respect Lo.

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