We hardly knew ye?

Today the DOJ, in support of the DOMA  (Defense Of Marriage Act), issued a brief using language invoking pedophilia and incest, eerily reminiscent of the vituperation vomited by the religious right ad nauseum since the dawn of the cerebral cortex.

Puns intended.

So much for change.

I don’t care if Obama was aware of this or not.  The only acceptable action here is swift, unambiguous refutation.  Obama and his administration need to get in front of this crap like yesterday.  It’s not just bullshit, it’s madness.  Best case scenario is Obama talking about this before I get out of bed.  The time difference alone gives him a hell of a head start.  Time to show me something Mr. Fierce Defender.


Let this pass at your peril.  Hope will turn to doubt.

While we’re on the subject of Our Man, I was none too thrilled by the glaring omissions in his remarks in front of the AMA today.  It was a good speech, but no substantive reckoning that big pharma and big insurance are hopelessly infected by avarice and therefore ground zero for reform and regulation.  No mention of what an inefficient, bureaucratic clusterfuck the FDA is.  These items are at the very root of the problem and no reform has a chance at efficacy without force being brought to bear on them.

Blowing up balloons with holes in them.

The sad truth lies in the why.  Along with the AMA, pharmaceutical and insurance companies are championed by some of the biggest and most influential lobbying cabals in Washington.  If there were stars on K street or Pennsylvania Avenue like Hollywood Boulevard, two thirds of them would be dedicated to these filthy bastards.  For all you sniveling morons who live in such fear of communism, here is a bonafide  Red Menace for you.

Welcome to the plutocracy.  This thing is way bigger than just stubborn Republicans.

Along with energy, campaign finance reform and the military industrial complex, these are the windmills I expect Our Man to be tipping.  That’s why I voted for him.

We loves us some Bill Maher.  Maher said the other night in his New Rules segment:  “…..I’m glad that Obama is president, but the “Audacity of Hope” part is over. Right now, I’m hoping for a little more audacity”.

Me, I’m looking for those balls of zirconia  I thought I glimpsed on the campaign trail.  Dude, please don’t Jimmy Carter us.

Remember how I was pissing and moaning about pumps on lotion and soap bottles not long ago?  Well, for the record, adding water to any of the soap dispensing ones is pretty viable.

Sometimes I think all Americans are either corrupt or stupid.  Often both, but rarely neither.

Drinks for my friends.

10 Responses to “We hardly knew ye?”

  • David Lee 3:

    Yeah, that’s poopy, he should recant asap.
    Glad to see you haven’t lost your objectivity, I was getting worried at one point.

    By the by, I was going to mention in a previous post that I had been mixing water with/conserving on pump soap bottles for decades now. I’m glad that you see the validity in such packaging now.

    Beck’s please.

  • admin:

    Objectivity requires constant care. Thanks for playin’.

  • Temy:

    Ima with you there. But did we really think “we” were electing something other than a politician?

  • admin:

    I was kinda hoping for a different kind of politician. I supported Kucinich to begin with.

  • ugh. it’s sickening, really.

  • admin:

    So far I’m just really disappointed.

  • Tony:

    Even as I cast my vote for Obama last November, I had a really bad feeling that he wasn’t going to be able to get anything done of much substance. Because he’d have to take on K Street, and don’t let anybody fool you, K Street still runs the show.

    Nobody will be able to successfully tilt those windmills, until you clear Washington D.C. of corporate lobbyists and lawyers. Here’s what would begin to convince me that someone in Congress had real cojones.

    A piece of legislation that would forbid corporate donations to candidates running for a federal office.

    Until something along those lines is done, I’m sorry, but I’m just not convinced that calling your Congressperson and bugging them about anything is going to do much good.

  • admin:

    It sucks.

  • Misty:

    I was wrong in regards to ‘Don’t ask don’t tell policy”, after a bit of thought I realized we can’t have State sanction Gay Marriage, then deny these Gays their rights and benfits, which comes with Military Service. I guess, I’ll either have to go gay, or learn to live with the knowledge, that not all people view and live life and have sex, the same way that I do. Or Don’t, care too for that matter.

  • admin:

    Good thinking I think.

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