Yeah well…….Ain’t that America

I gotta tell ya, Obama’s absence on all issues gay, specifically Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, is pretty disappointing.  He was unmistakably upfront about being a fierce defender.  He’s dropping this ball.  A civil rights ball that he needs to account for.  This is big picture stuff.  Us heathens deserve to know.  No free pass here, dude.

The sand dollar is underneath the stairs.  The blue juice is in the pantry.

So this is how it happened.  I gather they wanted Palin first and her staff gave the nod.  The fundraising dinner for the Senate and House Republican campaign committees.  The premier GOP money event of the season.  I don’t know if they have another name for it or not.  Anyway, they then discover somehow that Palin was never made aware of the invitation.  Um, yeah, allright, so then, they can’t get a confirmation from Palin.  So they ask Newt.  He jumps on it.  Newt goes on to immediately stick his own ass in his mouth by calling Sotomayor a racist.  They walk it back a little but can’t get word from Palin.  Newt walks it back too by saying he shouldn’t have called her that because he doesn’t know her.

So, Newt’s back in because Palin is being a cocktease, so Newt goes on television and says that Sotomayor might not be a racist but says racist things over and over.  Then he says she’s a “racialist”.

They work out some deal where they both will speak.  Then, Palin delivers some speech that was blatantly plagiarized.  Sheezus.  The GOP announces finally that Newt will be Mr. Keynote and Sarah will hopefully be in attendance.  They went on to acknowledge that Palin could maybe eclipse Gingrich in a popularity contest.

I got a degree in cartography.

Sarah shows up and commands copious limelight.  Steals the show by all accounts.  By the way, the speech she plagiarized?

Wait for it……

She lifted it from an article co-authored by Newt Gingrich in ’04.

Fuck me running, not even I could write this shit.

These are the stars of the Republican Party.  Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich.  The new Arsonists Laureate.  Their best and brightest.  The party of Lincoln.  That’s sick.  These two are empty.  Shallow, callow and retarded.  They have no idea what Americans want or need.  They don’t care.  That they haven’t bothered to figure it out is evidence enough.  That this is the best they have is outrageous to me.  Newt and Sarah are a low budget slasher flick that isn’t even funny on any level.

The good news is that more people label themselves Independent these days than Republican.  I got no problem there, at least until we see what they  become.  It could go either way.  From not so judgmental libertarian to deranged, fascist, Lutheran Nazis.  The great unwashed are migrating and that is cause for concern.  We must track them.  No need to shadow them in their own habitat.  No tranquilizer darts or tags with chips.  The science and technology of demography is now at our fingertips.  No chance we’ll lose sight of them.

This country’s bowels are percolating.  We may be on the verge of giving a shit.  I’m more than inclined to applaud the demise of the Grand Old Party but they will show up somewhere.  There’s that and the truth that chaos covets a power vacuum.

These are interesting times.  Better pay attention.

Drinks for my friends.

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  • Kelly:

    As much as i enjoy watching the GOP in death throes, it does worry me because we need a strong second party for this whole checks and balance thing. Eventually someone, somewhere will get their act together but it won’t be from the Palin/Cheney/Newt wings of the party. It will be the moderates who can win back the massive shift of independents many who are really Republicans looking for a home. Maybe we’ll see a whole new party emerge from that group and the aforementioned idiots will go off and become their own irrelevent party of neocon bible thumpers.

    I’m disappointed too about Obama backing away from Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. I just gotta believe that he doesn’t think it’s the right time to ignite the culture war in the midst of the healthcare debate, economic debate, etc., etc. Maybe next year after these things recede somewhat. It’s about political capital too. He has priorities and right now it’s healthcare and the economy so that’s where he’s going to throw his muscle. I’m willing to be patient for the time being but definately will hold him accountable as time goes on. . . . Thanks for writing.

  • U ? Authority:

    When all the oppressed, and suppressed stop fighting each “other” for their particular cause, and identify that each cause is about Civil Rights then perhaps as a united front for Personal Freedom, the change will happen.
    Til then it’s working well for “authority” that we “other’s” are split. Devide & Conquer.

  • admin:

    It worries me too, I talked about it in a previous blog. I’m really hoping for the moderates to regroup and take control.

    I imagine you’re right about Obama and the gays, but it’s no reason for us to take the pressure off. The polls are very solid in favor doing away with Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

  • admin:

    Right on the money my friend.

  • Misty:

    Don’t Ask Don’t tell, is an excellent Policy. You apparently have’t lived in the mist of the Gay agenda. Or maybe you have? Don’t get me wrong. As you stated earlier Mike, this is about civil rights for a minority. I support Gay marriage, I view marriage as a contractrial agreement. and, I support seperation of church and state. I can’t stand the religouse right. In these times, in our society marriage is usually not about religion. Simply marriage is pursuit of happiness, this is a Liberty that should be shared by all whom care to participate. But we don’t need to have the life styles of others shoved down, our throats at the work place.

  • admin:

    Actually marriage become nothing more than a contract specifically for how assests will be divided upon divorce.

    And I sincerely doubt the demise of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell will foment the shoving of lifestyles down anyone’s throat. You need to do better than that to refute the idea. It is discrimination the way it’s enforced.

  • David Lee 3:

    Did someone newt in here? I ask cuz It’s kinda stinky.. Like someone long ago disgraced is somehow returning from the political dead-kinda stinky.

    ~Remember what he did to his wife who had cancer? & that’s not the 10th of it, a real p.o.s. in my modest opinion.

    A Smithwicks please my good man.

  • admin:

    Naw, you get a white russian extra heavy vodka. I smell it too.

  • Misty:

    I’m so busy, I almost forgot my name. Great Flo between you and Lo though! Marriage is exactly what you’d stated State sanctioned rights, which by denying gays the right to marry is also denying their civil rights. I’m o.k. with gays, just don’t like to think of Army barracks being innondated with sexual behavior. Better at ya later, just like Lo, I’d like to think.

  • admin:

    I think even inundated is a stretch since the ratio is probably one or two in twenty.

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