Opposite day

Dick Cheney.  Dick fucking Cheney.  Man I hate this guy.

His very existence is hyperbolic.  Nothing he says or does weathers the ideal of truth.  These days, he’s a cartoon.  A rictus grin barely filled by crooked caramel teeth, lips pulled dry over an ugly mouth spewing lies and nonsense with the foulest of odors wafting from a lying maw.  Unfortunately, as any of the astute understand, he wasn’t always so toothless.  So laughable.  Thank us all for the end of of his nightmare.  The end of ours.

He led us into the shame of torture, the tragedy of unjustified war and the blanket, abject stupidity of neoconservatism.  A sociopathic charlatan that gives proof to the lie, the lie that if uttered often enough, is believed by the masses as well as the propagator.  He championed the stupid and lured them towards disaster.  With hubris and avarice and without any conscience or responsibility.

In an interview taped on Friday, that appeared today on, hold your breath, Fox news, Cheney called the investigation into his administration’s use of torture, “intensely partisan”.


He went on: Calling the “enhanced interrogation techniques” used on terrorist suspects “absolutely essential,” the former vice president deemed any decision to launch an probe into the possible illegal use of these EITs an “outrageous political act” and a “direct slap at the CIA.” -Huffingtonpost.com

When I was a kid, my friends and I had a label for people who could lie so effortlessly that they obviously lived in their own world where sugarplum faeries danced and everything they thought or believed was valid merely because.  That label was, “Fucked In The Head”.  As in, Dick Cheney is Fucked In The Head.

This guy still amazes me.  He seems to honestly believe that the Obama administration should be knocking at his door for advice on how to keep us all safe.  Nevermind the glut of evidence that an event like 9/11 was imminent and actually occurred on his watch.  Nevermind that history will show definitively that the stain of torture was spread over America’s reputation worldwide at the behest of Cheney’s office.  Nevermind the secretive fuckery the office of the Vice President, including Dick Cheney his own self, engaged in to conceal torture.   Nevermind that once that failed,  Cheney’s office rushed to justify torture itself.

Nevermind that the sonafabitch lied over and over and over.

Fuck this guy.  Prosecute his fat white, crooked toothed ass.  He is a criminal.  He is fucked in the head.  This is not right and I dare anyone to defend him.  Guilty.  Guilty of the worst crimes there are.  Sloppy, stupid and without conscience or shame.  Fucked in the head.

So transparent.  So one dimensional.  How does this prick sleep after the role he played in wrecking us so?  The Haliburton scandals and their subsequent enrichment.  The list is long and vulgar.  I really can’t bear to revisit it on your behalf.  It’s insane.

There’s more.  He said the launching of an investigation,  “offends the hell out of me,”  Oh really?  He’s offended?  This guy is fucked in the head.

I’m offended.  This remorseless jackass goes on national television, Fox fucking fixed news, and whines and waxes offense after all the evil he’s perpetuated and the all the fatuous and maniacal lies he’s visited upon us?  I’m offended.  I’m disgusted.  Who the fuck does this lying, black souled asshole think he is?  Who does he think he’s talking to?

Dick Cheney is uniquely, singularly and exclusively, an American piece of shit.  A monster, a horror we allowed with our laziness and apathy.

He would never have been allowed to manifest without a significantly sizeable and hopelessly stupid demographic.

Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.  Bitch.  Yep, our fault.  Big surprise.

Do us both a favor, when you click on my blog here at brainspank.org, there is a long list of categories on the right hand side.

Scroll down and click on Dick Cheney.

Read about his evil and destructive deeds.  I’ve taken great care and no small amount of time to document them.  Immerse yourself.  I did it because I couldn’t stand it.

I did it because America has no greater enemy than Richard Bruce Cheney.  Osama Bin Laden makes this piece of shit look Fisher Price.

Man, I hate this guy.

I’ve been doing it for years.  Learn about my detestation for him and from where it was borne.

I’ve been doing it because he fucking sucks.

I’ve been doing it because he’s a rotten molar in America’s head. Because he’s an egomaniacal, shameless bastard who has no integrity, no record of accomplishment, no reason whatsoever to lend any credence to anything that spills out of his ugly goddamn mouth.

Dick Cheney is toxic, a poison that demonstrates but one imperative.  The imperative is that the cancer be removed.  Cut it out.  Remove it.  If thine eye deceives thee, then pluck it out.  By all means.  Rid the body of the malignancy.

“In the interview with Fox News Sunday, which was taped on Friday, Cheney insisted that newly released documents from the CIA proved that the use of torture on terrorist suspects were instrumental in preventing future attacks (a claim that the documents actually say is difficult to make).”  -Huffingtonpost.com

The truth is, the heavily redacted documents prove nothing except what actually happened was far uglier than what we’ve been told.  An even bigger shop of horrors than Abu Ghraib hinted at.  We abused prisoners.  We tortured them without compassion and certainly without mercy.  We beat them to death.  In our name, they were tortured and beaten to death and Dick fucking Cheney is offended because we we want to know why and how?  Who the fuck is this guy?

I think we should force a molten glass rod up this guy’s piss hole and ask him what offends him so much that he can go on national television and spew this crap.

Fucked in the head.

I’m offended.  Fuck you Dick Cheney.  Justice should include you tasting your own blood right before you die.

You sir, are excrement.

Drinks for my friends.

6 Responses to “Opposite day”

  • David Lee 3:

    He is less than excrement. Once I tried to remote-view him & attack his pacemaker. He had a heart attack a day later & my karma suffered immensely for about a month.

    Totally worth it.

    FUCK HIM & ALL who admire this rancid P.O.S.

  • admin:

    Thanks for contributing.

  • Big John:

    His lies did not fool everyone. He and Bush out right lied time and time again, some of us knew it, they knew that some of us knew and they didn’t give a damn. They walked around with that fucking smirk on thier faces, gloating. How on earth they ever evaded impeachment is beyond my comprehension! They both along with others in his cabinet should be in prison at the very least!

  • admin:

    “They should all be in fucking jail” -Sean Penn

  • Misty:

    The clerk at the 7/11 told me he originally had wanted to be a security guard, and a security guard at the Great Mall told me he thought it would be great to arrest violent criminals; and child abusers. So what is the hold up?.
    Very Scary Cheney comes out of hiding, I’m not referring to his daughter Lynne, apparently she is openly gay. His, sudden open apperences all over the place; particularly with the right wing media, indicates that the Haliburton corporation, & Bush team has effectively shored up their take. They are’nt sweating much. Notice how gas prices are a bit cheaper, for the paying American public. What ever!
    “He is she and she is me and we are all together; come together right now over me.”?
    Please don’t get me wrong: I’m sure it would have been cheaper, along with the right thing to do had Americans just invested in alternative renewable energy. We could have had Gore, for president. Somehow the voting public determined that the Dems and RIPs are both playing both sides of the fence. So dauahwa a judge decides we get Cheney and Bush.
    This is serious, time, we start building a viable third party. I don’t dislike President Obama. Hawaii is a nice place to live. America will need more than a confident smile, most of us won’t be experiencing long days in the sunshine again, anytime soon.
    Get this I must be channeling Diego Rivera, the famous artist, or perhaps Jerry Garcia, “The Grateful Dead”. Huge fan base they have. Remember that riff, between Tom Petty and that Fleetwood Mac chic, Stevie Nicks. Ever hear all the rumors about her, a lot of shit said over that excellent song they did together. “You come knocking at my front door”, something about look me in the eye; stop dragging my heart around. Excellent song. I suspect Tom Petty was pleased enough, inspite, of the slight, to him. He never asked us to get involved that I know. Who are we, though, God? Really who do we think we are always full of opinions, and harsh judgments of others. Visions of Peace n’ my head always, the Dream. The enemy, exits stage left, no threats…, My Expanding consciousness. You do your thing and I’ll do mine, I don’t wish to step, on your toes, greed, is a black hole, we’ve been down before. The Awakening. Daylight, will visit us again, get ready. Like Hendrix said “there must be some kind of way out of here.

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