I’m really starting to think about a party

Other progressives I talk to still think Obama is playing political rope a dope on health care.  I certainly hope so, but  I’m not so sure.  Even if he is, I’m thinking he’s waited too long to get off those ropes.  Reading Matt Taibbi’s latest screed in Rolling Stone this month has given me very pregnant pause.  The battle may have been conceded before the bell ever rang.

I may be needing a late term abortion.

It is clear that Republicans, a wholly owned subsidiary of the health insurance and big pharma lobbies, is beyond uninterested in any kind of reform and determined to sabotage anything that poses the remotest threat to the dirty filthy game as it is played today.  It is painfully obvious that the clueless demagogues of the once Grand Old Party are determined to turn a deaf ear on their very own constituents.  Instead, they actively participate in efforts to mislead their own into opposing what is in their best interest.

They do so with an expert acumen of fear and lies.  Same as it ever was.

Prick bastards.

In effect, the GOP as a whole gives far more of a fuck about the filthy lucre arriving in wheelbarrows, some $1.4 million a day, as well as the four lobbyists for every one of their sorry elected asses there to buy breakfast, lunch and dinner, than it does for it’s own, who’s burden would be refreshingly and deservedly eased by any real reform.  Nice trick.  Those who need it the most, lied to so consistently and efficaciously, that they rage and rail against it.  Nearly as impressive as it is disgusting.

Loathsome of those elected to represent the people, odious of the stupid bastards who choose to march in lockstep instead of asking the obvious questions.

Man I hate these guys.

Republicans realize the war of dumb ideology is lost.  They have raped the pooch, stolen it’s food and it’s rhinestone collar.  They seek then, to win a battle.  Any battle and this one happens to be on the field.  Kick the pup into submission.  It matters not that a battle won could cripple the nation for whom they pretend to fight.  They swing haymakers because subtlety, skill and discipline are lost to them.  The devices of decent, compassionate warriors are no no longer available to them.  No longer familiar.  They punch wild and awkward, not caring that landing such blows, will cripple both fighters.

The backs of every middle aged, middle class American will break.  The fabric of our great society will tear and rip and eventually be rent asunder by greedy stupid fools who want only to be reelected.  Pigs at our trough.  Plutocrats.  Glenn Beck can’t manage to spell the word much less comprehend the concept.  Oligarchy.  He understands we are rushing towards it but he’s too goddamn dumb to get that it’s coming from his own people.  It comes from his right, not our left.


Sometimes people admonish me me for my invective.  I understand.  I’m a little outspoken.  A little harsh.  Can you blame me?  These people are idiots.  Dumbshits.  Unable or unwilling to think for themselves.  Unwilling or unable to do either, means you should sit it out.  If you still choose to participate, you qualify for my wrath.  Blow me.

With profound regret, I’m here to tell you that thus far, the Democrats are perhaps just as pathetic.  Cowardice and cluelessness.  Instead of hearing and ignoring the populace, they are deaf dumb and blind.  A new friend on facebook called it a paradigm hurricane.  Wow.  Crazy accurate.  It’s clear neither party understands it at all  and neither party cares enough to try.  We are steaming full throttle towards a humongous clusterfuck.  A paradigm hurricane.  Nobody at the brake and too many at the switch.

If we don’t explode on the way down, the fall will kill us.

The time has come for a third party.  A new one.  All existing ones are just ineffectual enough to escape notice.  We need a new religion.  An agnostic one with a human Deity, like Carol Burnett or Gore Vidal, he’ll die any minute so I’m thinking Lewis Black as VP of whatever.  This is fucked up.  We rose up and elected this man and I’m beginning to get slapped across the mouth with the idea that it didn’t matter at all.

Nothing is about to change.  Nothing at all.  Fuck me.  I’m beginning to wonder if violence isn’t the only answer.

Drinks for my friends.

7 Responses to “I’m really starting to think about a party”

  • Max:

    A couple of weeks ago, I rang up and ordered myself a ‘medicare’ card. Then I rang a doctor and went into to see him.

    Just because I could.

  • admin:

    Good for you. Cheers.

  • Jana:

    Well said. And so very disheartening.

  • admin:

    Thank you and thank you for reading.

  • Misty:

    Max, I never knew that you were so, introspective & resourceful. I still have an extra open bedrooms out here at the house in California. But I am no phat cat sugar mama, so you’ll need to mow the lawn and do your own laundry and stuff. What you would do in your own room is not of a concern unless it greatly infringes upon me, or others.
    I’m a demogod in the kitchen. My tongue is burning, I chopped up homegrown tomato’s with avacado, and mixed that with Old Fashioned pepper jack, cheese,yep then dipped in
    Ranch Doritos. Orgasmic. I’m Hot.
    Breathe! The breath of life. Karma yeah, that’s what the Bible says; “an eye for and eye,”. Best to be rock sturdy, down here in the lower worlds. Rolling Stone, I want to go on a candy run. Hi David, uno dos tres. Candykimmieizme. Yep, I live in the heartland of foreclosures, and yet I know.., not one human being who has actually scored a modified loan to avoid foreclosure. U haul Inc.., is making a killing off of, you know the simple working stiff. Me and you. Fking eehh, I’m practically a Canadian, Travers city, MI. was’nt their a rock star, whom this hot blond guy, once had a crush on. Who iz he? I think; I know. But? Shit though what a political force the gays could really be, and already are. Like a labor union. Saying something like you deliver us up same sex marriages, and we will roll, not only our cash flo, we will Rock your fking vote. Otherwise we do our laundry somewhere else. Canada. Nasty, crazy, sexy, cool. Alcoholics anonymous, and NA aren’t bad groups. They have power, and untaped potential. Several long standing friends up in the Bay Area, I know should go but they loathe the people in those organizations. I’ts like facing yourself in multitudes. An ugly awakening, scary morning in the mirror. Millions of others starring back shaking, right at you. What a political force yo think?. Grit your teeth; just do it. Stay awake with me, Rock Steady; and party babee. O.K. What about people like me, disabled visionary artists. We know we are It. “The force is with us”. Party. Excuse me I need to go read about shit on Cheney, shit on DJ who, and hear some gossip about Brittany.

  • Temy:

    The pen is mightier than the sword…unless the sword is resting on your jugular. heh.

  • admin:

    Yes mam, what can I get you?

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