I need an air sickness bag

Newsflash for you right wing, neoconservative fear mongering, Red scare foisting douchebags:

The word “czar” is an adaptation by journalists, the mother of which is a necessity for brevity.  It’s merely colloquial.  Contemporary parlance, a euphemism at best for an adviser appointed by the president whomever he or she may be.

The idea that this is some novel and pernicious design on the part of Obama and his administration to foment communism is fucking absurd.  If this douchebaggery were visited upon liberals, we’d recoil in horror,  feeling our intelligence raped and our sensibilities violently maligned.  Then we’d call bullshit on it.  We would do this immediately because we’d understand it to be really fucking stupid.

But you know, the great unwashed just sucks that shit shake through a straw and ponies up for a month’s supply.  How is it so many asstards exist, live and breathe in America?  What kind of people are we growing here?  This is ridiculous.

Dumbya had 47 of them there dastardly czars.  Obama has 32.  The shorthand usage first occurred under Nixon and really came into it’s own under Reagan.  Drug czar, energy czar etc.

And, don’t you know, the communists kicked out the czars.  Look at my thumb, gee you’re dumb.  Not just misdirected, but extraordinarily fucked in the head.

Again, fear and desperation championed by Beckerhead and The Human Shitsmear.  Congratulations  you dolts; a little kool aid with that shit shake?

“Right-wing extremists live in a politically parallel world where everyone they know believes the same as they do. They don’t like established facts so they come armed with their own.” ~ Gary Younge ~

I’m a little worn out these days by circumstances other than politics, but this kind of crap still really chaps my ass.  Again, that such a bullshit meme is allowed to penetrate into the mainstream baffles me.  How and when did people become so goddamn dumb?  Is it something in the water?  Didn’t we manage to get most of the lead out of the air and out of paint on children’s toys?  Insipid, callow and shallow.

Worthless and weak.

Some 25% percent clung to Dumbya ’til the very end.  Even after the shit hit the fan.  To this day, the volume so overwhelming, the proverbial fan is so clogged with gore that a vapor of ozone from it’s failing engine rises above it all to sting any inhale over the heavy pungence of rotting sewage  About the same number stood by Nixon.  It is safe to assume that at least one of every four people one encounters might just be so intellectually challenged that truth is tertiary.  These people don’t understand just how stupid they are and in fact take an ignorantly sanguine pride in and of.

I do the best I can but it’s not good enough.  Cultures bleed.  Dogma is relentless.  Indoctrination is all the sudden ripe and healthy.  Into the mainstream miasma and malaise, racism and bigotry, afford white heat as we are confronted with society’s lowest common denominator marching ignorantly in numbers exaggerated while boiling and seething only to direct blind stupid hate into an otherwise honest and logical national discourse.

We are polluted by this phenomena that has only dared to rear it’s ugly head because for the first time in a decade, the inmates have lost control of the the institution.

What do I do?  It just keeps coming.  Every onslaught more illogical and less rational than the last.  With every 24 hour news cycle it gets ever more ludicrous and uncouth.  Nancy Pelosi stands up and warns us in no uncertain terms that it’s all leading to violence and the retards mock her and accuse her of stoking the very fire of violence she cautions us against because she brought it up.

We show up with fire extinguishers so they bust out with napalm.

We’re not really interested in harming anyone and they are happy to  reduce us all to carbon.  They just don’t care.  We do.  Therein lies the rub.

They are crazy from fear and confusion.  We are worried for humanity, justice, compassion and humane equity.

None of it makes any sense beyond the fact that they are blind shithouse stupid.  You go Patty.

Drinks for my friends.

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  • waid sainvil:

    So many amongst us choose not to use their thinking capability; and at times it can be frustrating to watch. Now, i simply smile then go to the nearest bathroom and throw up.

  • Junior'sGhost:

    I have a feeling that the endgame is going to play out something like this:

    Some loose cannon, probably hailing from Glennbeckistan or somewhere withing walking distance of the Oklahoma City Memorial, goes postal in another federal institution of some sort. Maybe it will involve explosives. Maybe it will involve firearms. Maybe the losses will be staggering or maybe hundreds will arrive home to their grateful families just thankful to be alive.
    Of course, thorough investigation of the social and online contacts of the perpetrator will reveal ties to the very worst that the vile heart of the extreme right-wing can offer. At which point the spin-meisters running the gamut of neo-con intellegencia from Fox to EIB to Drudge will do what seems to them anyway to be the next, logical step.

    They will blame the carnage on the liberals.

    Yes, throw this motley crue back in time 14 years (all apologies to the band), and they would all be trying to make us swallow the crock that Billary not only supplied Timmy n’ Terry with enough Anfo to choke a Ryder van but that they were also kind enough to lend them a getaway vehicle.
    You would probably want to cover the eyes of the children in order to prevent them from seeing what happens next because the blowback from all corners in the direction of the little house that Karl Rove built will be excruciatingly brutal.

    I really, really, really, pretty please hope that this nightmare doesn’t come to pass and the those nut-jobs on the shrinking and shrieking right can continue to endlessly make themselves look the part of the utterly and hopelessly stupid fools that they are without inspiring copious bloodshed.
    But I remember my short walk past the inch-deep reflecting pool last year, the horrendously misshapen yet miraculously productive tree still shedding little round seeds. I remember seeing the chairs all lined in neat rows and columns.

    I remember seeing the little chairs.

    I remember the little ones.

  • admin:

    @waid: I should try that.

  • admin:

    @ Lovelylola: Thy’re already to pin the racism and incitement on Pelosi!

  • kit:

    In the 8 years that GW absorbed many death threats, where were you Nancy?.. oh ya…. race card….discussion closed.

  • admin:

    Death threats are up over 400% percent since Dumbya. Hello paranoid, far right, Christian racism.

    You must be new, and ignorant.

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